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2008 BPN Nanny Survey Results

The Parents Network > Surveys > 2008 BPN Nanny Survey Results

Total Responses = 880    Survey conducted April-May 2008

Weekly or Hourly?

8. Do you pay a weekly salary or by the hour?

Hourly Rates

10. If you pay by the hour, what is the TOTAL hourly rate your nanny is paid? (Please give us the total, not just your family's part of the rate.) Notes:
Hourly rates that were well outside the average appear to be cases where the nanny is paid a flat rate regardless of how many children are present. For example, the $27.00/hr rate for one child was a case where the nanny was caring for the family's three children, and would be paid the three-child rate even if only one of the children was present.

As with previous BPN surveys, some people mis-read the question and provided only their share of the nanny's rate for 2 and 3 children. We assumed this was the case if the 2-child or 3-child rate was LESS THAN the 1-child rate. In this case we multiplied the rate by 2 or 3 to get the total. (This was not done where the 1-child rate EQUALLED the 2 or 3 child rate. In nearly all these cases, the nanny was caring for the children of only one family, so she was being paid the same rate regardless of how many children were present.)

Weekly Rates

9. If you pay by the week, what is your nanny's weekly salary? Note: One response was omitted because the weekly rate was $18.00 but the number of hours per week was 45. We didn't know how to interpret this.

Hours worked per week

11. How many hours does she typically work for your family per week? (for live-in nannies, include only 'on duty' hours)

13. If she works for other families, how many TOTAL hours a week does she work?


12. Do you pay overtime (more than 40 hours / week)?

12.b. At what hourly rate is overtime paid?

Comments about Rates & Hours

(see Summary of Results for a breakdown of responses to questions 9-13.)

8. Do you pay a weekly salary or by the hour?
9. If you pay by the week, what is your nanny's weekly salary?
10. If you pay by the hour, what is the TOTAL hourly rate your nanny is paid?
11. How many hours does she typically work for your family per week?
12. Do you pay overtime (more than 40 hours / week)?
13. If she works for other families, how many TOTAL hours a week does she work?

14. Any comments / input on the questions above?

Comments about Duties & Policies

(see Summary of Results for a breakdown of responses to questions 15-17.)

15. Which of the following duties does your nanny fulfill?
16. Which of the following things does your nanny receive?
17. What is your policy about the following things?

18. Anything else you'd like to add?

Taxes, Withholdings & Reporting

19. Do you report your nanny's earnings to the California Employment Development Department (EDD)? (for state disability & unemployment insurance -- see

19.b. If you report some of the earnings, what percentage do you report? Is there a particular reason why you don't report earnings? If you report the earnings, please give us details (do you use a filing service and which one, etc.)? Was it hard to find a nanny who wanted to be paid on the books? Anything else people should know?

20. Do you report your nanny's earnings to the IRS?

21. If you report the earnings, do you WITHHOLD federal and state income taxes from each paycheck?

22. Do you pay the nanny's portion of social security and medicare (in addition to the employer's portion)?

Additional Pay for New Baby

29. If your nanny was working for you when you had another child, how much extra did she get paid when the new child arrived?

29.a $ extra

29.b From what hourly rate to what?

Other Notes:

  • Some people mentioned a higher one-child rate when nanny was watching only one of the two children. Example: "15 for one to 16 for one, 19 for 2".
  • Several people noted that they only paid the higher rate when the nanny was actually watching both children.
  • Several people had twins as the "new baby"; in these cases, the total paid per hour did increase, but it was more in line with a 2-child total than a 3-child (from 3 different families) total.
  • A couple of people mentioned a flat rate of $5/hr for additional siblings


    30. Does the nanny receive a year-end bonus?

    30.b. If so, what is the amount and why? (e.g., $xxx, x days/weeks' pay)

  • Most people who pay a bonus said they give it at the end of the year or at Christmas.
  • A few people said they give an additional bonus on the nanny's birthday. In this case we used the total yearly bonus.
  • Many respondents gave a dollar amount and explained it was "about 1 week's salary" or the like. In this case, the bonus was categorized as "1 week's salary" rather than a flat dollar amount.
  • Nanny shares: most people reported only the bonus they pay, which is based on what the family actually pays the nanny each week. Therefore a bonus of $100 may not reflect the total bonus the nanny received.
  • Many people who paid a bonus also gave the nanny (or her children) a gift. Examples: plane ticket, trip to Disneyland, additional paid time off over the holidays, gifts for her children.
  • Some people commented that they didn't give a bonus to a nanny who had just started working for them, or gave only a small amount, but planned a bigger one for the next year.
  • Responses that were not counted: haven't decided yet, giving a bonus but don't know amount, paying for accrued vacation or unused sick days, paying for health care, paying for nanny to go with us on vacation, giving her extra money ocassionally as needed


    31. Has your nanny ever slept over to take care of the kids?

    31.b. If yes, how much per night extra do you pay?

    33.b. If yes, how was the experience (e.g.,payment arrangements, time on/off, would you do it again? etc)

    Paid Days Off

    Respondents were asked whether they give paid days off, and if so, whether the days are broken out into holidays, vacation days, and personal days (48% do this), or given as a yearly total (19%).

    35. How many PAID days off PER YEAR does the nanny get for...?

    35.b. --Or, these are all lumped together and are equal to....

    Notes: For Paid Holidays, we assumed that two people misunderstood the question, because their responses were "20" and "25" paid holidays per year. These were not included in the average. For Paid Sick & Paid Personal, someone responded "100" to both questions; these were omitted from the average for the same reason.

    Sharing a Nanny

    About two-thirds of respondents said their nanny takes care of another child in addition to their own, either at the same time or on different days/times. About half of the respondents said that there is at least one other child present when their child is being cared for by a nanny. People commented that sharing a nanny allowed them to work part-time, or to be able afford a childcare situation where their child received more attention. Many also said that they found friendship and support from the other families in the share.

    40. Do you share your nanny with another family?

    40.b. If you share your nanny, what is the arrangement and is there any advice you would give people who are considering this option?

    Many people commented that for a nanny share to work well, it is important to get along with the other family and agree in advance on policies and pay, and to be flexible.

    41. If you're in a nanny-share (nanny watches your child and other child(ren) at the same time), could you answer the following:

    a) How do you split the time between houses? (50%/50%, 100% at your house? etc.)

    295 responses

  • 100% includes six responses of "90-98%"
  • Other splits include 75/25, 60/40, 80/20
  • Several people said that the split varied depending on parents' schedules.
  • A few people said they started out with 50/50 and reverted to 100% at one family's house.
  • Some shares do 100% at one house but then rotate to 100% at another house after some agreed-upon period of time.

    b) Does one of the families pay more or less for having the kids at their house more often?

    c) When you take your child to the other family's house, how much EXTRA time per day does it take you to get your child there?

    42. Any comments / advice about doing a nanny-share?

    Kids starting school

    43. As kids get older and start school, the logistics of having a nanny can become more complicated. Please let us know how you made this work. Did you double up with another family? Did you have to find a different nanny (how did you find them)? Was it harder to find a nanny for these situations? Did you pay your nanny more/less per hour if they only do 4 or 5 hours after school?

    Firing a Nanny

    47. If you have ever let a nanny go (fired, mutual decision, change of childcare needs), how was that managed? (E.g., what kind of notice did you give? Severance pay did you give and why? How did you explain it to your children?)

    Nanny's Country of Origin

    52. What is your nanny's country of origin?

  • Responses that provided a non-US country of origin but also noted "US citizen" were counted as US. (there were 2 of these)
  • "Tibet" includes "Tibetan from India" and "Tibet/India"
  • Many responses included "Mien" with Thailand or Laos.

    Languages Spoken

    53. What language do you communicate in with your nanny?

    Zip Codes of Respondents

    59. What is your zip code?

    Months employed?

    1. For how many months have you employed your current nanny?

    Note: the survey did not allow for more than 99 months (about 8 years) and there was one response that was "99".

    How did you find your nanny?

    2. Which of the following BEST describes how you found your current nanny?

    Nanny Agencies

    3. If you used an agency/nanny service, which one did you use and how was the experience?

    Comments about the Survey

    64. If there is something that you think we did NOT cover in this survey, please feel free to add it here!

    Notes about the Survey Results

    The survey was conducted from April 24 - May 14, 2008 among members of the Berkeley Parents Network (BPN), which is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Responses were anonymous and no identifying information about respondents was requested or collected other than zip codes.

    Total responses were 886. On the day the survey ended, there were 21,443 BPN subscribers. We estimate that around 25% of our subscribers (5,400) have children under the age of three, which is the most common age group to hire a nanny. We estimate that about 20% of these parents (1,080) use a nanny. Therefore, we believe this survey was completed by around 80% of our subscribers who currently have a nanny - a great response rate!

    Results omitted:
    We omitted 6 survey responses where no hourly or weekly rates were provided and "number of months employed" was also blank.

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