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2008 BPN Nanny Survey: Comments about Rates & Hours

The Parents Network > Surveys > 2008 BPN Nanny Survey: Comments about Rates & Hours

14. Any comments / input on the questions above? (monthly & hourly rates, hours worked, etc.)

"We have two kids, but her primary role is with our younger child. In order to keep things uncomplicated, we negotiated one pay rate with her ($16/hr) whether she is watching one or two of our kids. The rate is higher than she would have received by just watching one of our kids, and since she is only watching one of them most of the time, she is actually making more than she would have."

we do a nanny share where our nanny watches two children all week. She works 45 hours per week but I only use her for 33 of those.

Our share situation has her caring for 2 kids for 20 hours per week and for 1 child for 20 hours per week.

"We pay based on an hourly rate ($10/child, 2 children), but in practice we don't count hours, we pay $465/week and the other family pays $400. We pay $15/hour for extra care in evenings or on weekends (usually 1 child)"

"She also gets a paid hour lunch, included in the 37 hours above"

"have never had to pay overtime, but we would if she worked over 40 hours per week"

"we pay a different rate after 6pm, usually 14.50/hr for evening care"

i don't know how many hours she works for other families.

the above rate includes state and federal taxes

"We do not need overtime,. otherwise we would of course pay for it"

"nanny share with one other family. we use her all week, 9 h/day, other family 3 days/week 9 h/day"

Our nanny is also a full-time grad school and is only available part-time

"This is a nanny share and care takes place at the home of the nanny. there are 3 families, total of 3 part time children, most days only 2 children, some days 3 and some days only 1."

"i recommend being VERY specific with what your needs are up front (i.e. cleaning up after the children, bathing them every day...)"

"I'm not sure of you count hours per child or not, since there are 3 families in my share."

We are doing a share with another family (2 babies total)

We pay less per hour ($15) for two children on those occasions that she cares for our older child as well than a two-family share rate which is easier to handle when it's divided between two families.

"A real life saver, I have a web cam however, and check in frequently throughout the day."

we pay under the table

you get what you pay for

"she's an energizer bunny - even though she works a full schedule with us, she still squeezes in a few hours a week with 2 other families! but she is great about always giving us priority if we need extra hours"

our nanny's schedule changes depending on how much my pilot husband is gone. so it could be as high as 20 hours or as low as 9.

"Not clear how nanny-share families with more than 2 families should answer, hope the answers make sense (we have 3 families with 50%, 30% and 20% respectively)"

we negotiated a monthly salary and pay our nanny $11 extra on Mondays as she works an extra hour; not sure how many people have a monthly arrangement (versus weekly or hourly)

we pay her extra for evening or weekend work

My nanny watches my daughter 3 days a week and my son and daughter together one day a week. The other days my son is in preschool.

we share with another family who uses her part time

rates for multiple children vary by same family vs. different family. #hours/week varies slightly over the month. Didn't do as much of a reference/background check on our nanny because our close friends we were sharing with (one of whom is a pediatrician) had been using her for a year and had already done this "This was a nanny-share, with one other family for about 2 years. Our children were infants to over 2years old, we recently enrolled our child in a Montessori school, as did the other family. Nanny was full-time for both families. She has a valid drivers license and is a legal citizen."

"We also pay a monthly toll fee of 25.00 a month per family & monthly gas mileage @ .40 cents a mile. (zoo, park, habitot)"

it is a nanny share arrangement

"#7 is confusing. 40 of our 50 hours are shared, 10 are our kid with her by himself. so should my answer to #7 be 90 or 50?"

"she started as a live in. She also does a decent amount of housekeeping, errands and cooking."

"WE pay taxes, too."

We got really lucky with our caregiver :)

"I would say happy -- not somewhat happy, and that yes, not everything is perfect. We couldn't find anyone for the days/hours we needed, so we settled. Also, we would pay overtime, but it has never come to that many hours."

The Nanny Network did the backgound check for us

She also does cleaning work. Most of the time she's at home my son's sleeping. We have a nanny share and our nanny's weekly salary is for two children.

"Nanny takes care of her own kids at the same time: a 4 month old, a 2 year old and sometimes her 4 year old. Sometimes she also takes care of other kids, but not at all full time."

I share with another family one day a week and they have the nanny on the other two. Occasionally we share another morning.

"We pay $14/hour for the first 8 hours of any day, plus $15 for any time over 8 hours. We offer four days paid sick leave and undetermined vacation time."

"Sometimes we hae done overtime i she's had a full week, or a very long day. WE usually pay time and a half."

"Altough we pay her an hourly rate; she gets the same amount weekly whether we are on vacation, or she is sick or needs a day off. We have guaranteed set # of hours a week."

our background check only includes the $25 Livescan thru the department of justice. We would never pull up her credit history for example

We also have a nanny share where she watches our child and another families' child. We each pay $9/hour. She receives $18/hour.

"This ranges a lot, as she picks up additional night time sitting jobs from families with whom she has previously worked. They are not regularly scheduled."

"I pay her $16 an hour, but also a fixed travel for every day of $10. If she does evening babysitting, I pay this also. So it really increases the rate per hour that I pay."

"we pay $16 per hour, and payment is made weekly by check. my wife and I interviewed other nannies who wanted to be paid in cash, which was an inconvenience for us. prior to our current nanny, we had another nanny for two weeks, which didn't work out."

She is also a p/t dental assistant

"Since we have an au pair hired through an agency, and since au pairs are technically here on cultural exchange programs, they earn minimum wage, by law, minus the estimated value the family provides in room and board. So it's hard to compare exactly to a local nanny who one would hire by the hour."

Our nanny watches the kids in her own home; one of the kids is her own daughter.

"She primarily takes care of 1 child but sometimes cares for both of our kids when my older child gets home from school before I get home. The pay rate is the same though as it's not very much time that she has 2 kids. But this pay rate is to account for her caring for 2 kids for a short period each week. Also, we've given her a raise each year."

Number six should be 16.50 - 11.00 times 1.5

"Our nanny started at $14 and hour, then we went up to $15 an hour (trial period of one month); then gradually increased her hourly rate by one dollar, so now she makes $17/hour and is worth every penny."

"We also pay taxes and medical (Kaiser), since she has been with us for so long (6 + years)"


"We pay taxes in addition to hourly rate. She has guaranteed 40 hours/week regardless of what hours we use. If we go on vac or have a sick child, she gets paid 8 hours that day."

"The nanny takes care of both of our children 3 days/wk, the other family uses her for a fourth day."

"In response to question 4, we did nothing to hire her because our first nanny left so suddenly and we need an immediate replacement. To our benefit, she is amazing and no references, etc were needed."

We actually pay a daily rate of $100 based on a 9-10 hour day.

The two children our nanny cares for are twins.

"w/re to #7, I don't know, but I do know that she adds hours with others... so maybe 50?"

"might be interesting to track number of folks who pay over the table, under the table or some combination."

"We pay $130 per month for our nanny""s health insurance as well as 2 weeks of vacation and 2 weeks sick time"

"I let a couple friends ""piggie back"" on my time and pay my nanny additional $. I don't currently have a formal nanny share but my son likes the company and my nanny likes the extra money so it works out fine."

"We pay the same every week, but this amount is calculated by the 17.5 hours she works times $19. If she works extra hours, such as weekend evenings (usually 2 per month), we pay $19 per hour. She sometimes has one of our kids, sometimes 2, but we keep the $19 rate regardless."

"#7 - she works for a chain store nights and weekends, not another family."

We pay her pretty generously because we know she is more than a nanny -- she's a great influence on our son and exposes him to many wonderful things.

We pay her $10/hour plus we pay Fed and State income tax and issue her a W-2.

"Just ""Thank god for BPN!!!"" We love this gal, and wouldn't have found her without you."

"She charges $18.00 for two kids in same family and $20.00 for two kids from different families so the rate varies depending on our share arrangement. So to answer #4 above, I averaged."

"Very difficult to find a part time nanny for our twins. We looked at shares, but they did not benefit us because (1) most were not open to shares for three children and (2) we ended up paying essentially the same rate as for dedicated in home b/c of the increase in the nanny's rate for multiple children."

I think she also does some weekend house cleaning . . .

"Our nanny uses her own car to transport our two younger children (e.g., from school), run errands, do grocery shopping. I think this is a big factor in deciding how much to pay for services."

our nanny is overpaid ($4500 a month plus free separate guest cottage and free utilities (except phone) she gets 2 weeks paid vacation. BUT she has different hours every day depending on our needs (although always only 45 hrs a week) and she cares for 3 children and does the bulk of the driving as well as the cooking. She does not get healthcare or other benefits but her employment is all above board in terms of taxes. We paid taxes and SS on her wages.

"Our pay rates ($15/$20) are based on an assumption of a 45-hour week so it's calculated to include OT. Her actual base rate is therefore a little lower. For ease of communcation, we just say $20/hour (or $15 for one)"

we know that our 2 day a week nanny does other work when she's not with us but we're not totally clear on what that is beyond some house cleaning.

"Re #4 above: Our nanny brings her daughter with her to care for our child. We pay her $9 an hour, with the idea being that if she was taking care of two kids it would be $18 an hour, but the other kid is hers, so she really only gets paid $9 an hour."

"Our nanny also did a myriad of other things such as cook dinner, clean, do laundry - she was amazing and always willing to go above and beyond - hence the higher rate. We actually offered to pay more to keep her."

"In addition to her weekly salary I add $20 - $40 in ""Expense money"" -gas, etc." She also does cleaning jobs on the side

"over-time is paid normal rates, 13 for 1 and 18.00 an hour for two children" "We have a nanny share with three children. While we pay by the hour, we commit to the number of hours per week, so even when on vacation, we pay her, on holidays, and she gets 7 paid days off per year."

Nanny does not drive nor speak English.

she also has daytime use of our car for her personal errands while my kids are in school

"in addition to weekly salary, we provide 10 days of paid vacation (on an annualized basis) and ask that 5 of those days be coordinated with our own family's vacation" "salary doesn't include add'l payments - gas allowance, meals, admissions to events, and other bonuses or perks as appropriate."

"I do pay overtime if I go over the 50 hr/week mark -- usually time and a half. But our ""base"" is 50 hrs/week because of my commute time to/from work. Also, I'm going to give her a $1/hr raise in July, her 2-year anniversary with my son."

My nanny works on the babys schedule so she works when the baby is awake.

"We do share her with family and a few friends on an as-needed basis, at which times she makes $12/hour per family"

Your questions don't seem to accomodate for multiple kids in care. Our share care involves 2 families and 3 kids. Our payment arrangement is not quite as basic as questions above.

"for question 4, i answered for parts a, b, and c, because there are times where she watched different number of kids"

"I'll note that I hired my babysitter at $15 an hour originally and gave her a raise to $16 when she asked, after 1 year."

"Add a field for nanny shares! We joined an existing nanny share, so we did not do the background check, references, etc., as the other family had already done it."

"The nanny also cleans houses 2x per month (not ours), and babysits for another family (not part of her regular hours with us and the family we share with) a few times per month."

"We have two kids, one is in school full-time three days/week, so we pay her 22.00/hour when she takes care both of them."

after 6 pm is considering babysitting and paid in cash

We share with another family for 12 of our hours per week. Originally we shared with another family the whole time--but they dropped out and we couldn't find a full time replacement.

one child

"we pay her by the hour, but with a minimum of hours agreed at the beginning : 35 hours for me and 40 for the other family"

we also pay bridge tolls

We also pay fuel $20 per week

The above number 20 hours for the other share family are hours worked during our 35 hours. The nanny works for both families not more than 35 hours per week total.

"Not sure that Q. 5,6,7 accurately portray our situation - our nanny is live in and works 50 hours but is paid weekly salary, that's why there's no ""overtime"". Then in addition, we have a nannyshare, and she watches another family's child alongside ours for 35 hours a week. So she works 50 hours total but for 35 it's jointly with another family and for 15 it's just our family. The other family pays her $10/hour for the shared time for 1 child and $13/hour for 2nd child if part of share. If it's not shared they pay $15/hour for 1 child, $18/hour for 2."

"Although we pay for care for 2 children, 90% of the hours are spent with only one child as the older one is in school."

As a part of the au pair contract our au pair can work up to 10 hours a day or 45 hours a week. Our au pair basically works during our business hours (8-5).

"we pay our nanny a lower rate, as this is her first nanny job."

Our main nanny works 4 9 hour days a week. We have another nanny for Fridays. We pay the second nanny $15 an hour for about 8 hours on Friday.

"We pay our nanny monthly salary of $1,500.00"

"we share our nanny w/another family: our nanny takes their son to montessori and watches him and their baby one hour in the morning, then has my infant son and their infant daughter 8 hours, then picks the older son from montessori, and watches their two children an additional hour. We pay for 40 hours, they pay for 50 hours, and if there's ever a day when she has all 3 kids, the rate is $25/an hour (we pay a little less)."

"Hourly rate includes us paying her taxes -- i.e., $12.50 + taxes."

"At times, she has worked up to 50 hours a week for us. Just not right now."

"We're in a ""share"" situation: the nanny takes care of our baby and the host family's baby (they are 4 months apart in age). We are using the nanny 4 days/week; the host family does 5 days/week. Recently -- one month ago -- the host family adopted a new baby (it was unexpected by them; they weren't looking for another child) So now we have the nanny caring for a newborn along with the 2 1-year olds. We still pay the same rate we always have (10/hour); however, we feel we may need to pay about 1 dollar less as the new baby gets older & uts more demands on the nanny (and thus our child gets less attention). But for right now, we are so happy with the nanny that we are continuing to pay the same fee we did when she only cared for 2 kids."

Our nanny is male.

"We started out paying our nanny $13/hour. After 1 year, we gave her a raise to $14/hour."

"You might ask which days of the week the nanny works, as ours is off on Mondays"

11.50/hour is inclusive of taxes

"Not sure exactly how many hours she works for other folks too, so 45 is a guess. I think it varies per week b/c sometimes she babysits at night and sometimes she doesn't."

"My nanny holds another job as a caregiver. she works there 3 days, I don't know exactly how many hours."

"She has never worked more than 40 hours in a week. If she did, I would determine the proper overtime pay."

"we are in a sharecare situation. our nanny cares for our baby for 28 sharecare hours and in addition to that she cares for the other baby for the remaining hours to add up to 42.5 hours. though she does not earn overtime, she is paid for 45 hours per week by the other family/28 hours per week by us on salary. she typically has 1-2 days off per month that are paid because of our families travel schedule. we feel this is quite fair. and we feel that paying her $22.00 an hour for 2 children is above the usual rates. but this is what our nanny asked to be paid."

The overtime question is unclear. I don't pay overtime because our nanny has never worked it. But I would if she were ever to work more than 40 hours per week.

We pay 38% by check plus State and Federal taxes then she gets 62% under the table.

"We have agreed on an hourly rate of $14 for 40 hours a week, but if she works less than 40 hours, she still gets her regular, full salary."

Our nanny gets a monthly stipend plus free room and board in a seperate cottage apartment- I added the stipend plus rent rate to assess total wages...

We were part of a nanny share. Our family needed fewer hours than the other family.

We have twins. We also get one free night of babysitting for the weekly rate. she also does some other small part time jobs not related to child care but limited hours (5hr/week)

salary basis...if we do not need her (ie we're on vacation/out of town) she is paid the full amount. she gets paid sick time (same as SF new law) and paid holidays. she can request non-paid vacation.

I pay a weekly salary of $600 regardless of how many hours/days she worked UNLESS she worked more than 40 hours at which time I pay her hourly. The pay rate does not change.

We have had our nanny 5 days a week (50 hours) and on 4 days (40 hours) and are down to 3 days (30 hours) as we transition our son to daycare. Also hourly rate may be influenced by whether the nanny is documented or undocumented. Ours is undocumented.

"Mine does laundry for the whole family and leaves the house spotless (sweeps, does dishes), which is what put her above anyone else we've ever had."

"it is a nanny share situation, we pay 10$/h each familly and overtime with only one kid is 17$/h"

it's a give and take situation.

"the rate of 16/hr was for my kid, another family's kid, and the nanny's own kid. she took care of the 3 of them at our house 4 days/week. this did not include splitting the bill 2-ways for lunches and snacks she made for the kids and herself."

"she also helps my kids, 9 and 12 with school and runs a writing workshop and book club with other kids at my house."

"dont know re other fams - she has them for sure. She is our ""morning manager"". 2 hrs x 3 days = 6 hrs/week"

some of the hours she works for us are shared. she'd also like to find more hours for a total of about 50.

"We also share our nanny with one other family full time and then an additional family for two other half days. Not sure if you want this info, but thought I'd add it." She is paid hourly but unless we go significantly over (e.g. ask her to come early / stay late) we pay a flat rate.

"Additional benefits: 2 weeks paid vacation, gas reimbursement of $40/week. No paid sick days. I pay her the same amount, regardless if she has one or two children. Easier math."

"We pay her taxes as well, so the rates in #4 are gross, not net. (Her take home pay after taxes is slightly less; our expenses are slightly more.)"

We pay the same hourly rate even if she works more than 40 hours. We guarantee 40 hours of pay even if we are on vacation.

"It was a nightmare....used my car, wrecked it...there should be some form of licensing and liability insurance for nannies"

Nanny also works at a preschool

For Nanny Share (which we do occassionally with this nanny) - she charges $17 for each child. $8.50 each per hour

"She will shortly be leaving us, to be able to work M-F, only. She works one weekday morning plus Sunday."

Thanks for doing this! I look forward to seeing the results.

She works 40 hour week--sometimes less

"while our nanny is hourly, she's guaranteed and paid for 45 hours a week whether she works or not"

Our nanny works only for our family (one child) and she brings her small son to work with her as well. This helps her with her childcare expenses as well.

"My son started ""preschool"" two mornings a week, and I had to still pay my nanny for 40 hours to keep her even though she does not work 40 hours now."

Some families in our nanny share pay different rates as we have all given her small raises over time at our discression.

I have no idea if I'm paying her the right amount and would like feedback from other families on what they pay! thanks!

"Au Pairs are required to work ""up to"" 45 hours per week for their basic stipend of $170 PLUS room, board, use of cars, two weeks paid vacation. ""Overtime"" would only kick in after 45 hours."

"We've never needed her more than 40 hours a week, so we've never paid overtime. If we did use her that much, we would."

"I found this nanny because a friend had already employed her and asked us to share. Initially, I didn't realize the ""share"" family was as flexible as they were, but we configured a great situation with times that reflected our different work schedules and with kids alternating houses, as well as time shared and time alone with nanny."

"we were fortunate to find a wonderful person to charge so little. she was paid ""under the table"" so we couldn't claim the expense on taxes, but our daughter loved her and her daughter. (she just moved away and now we use a daycare)"

"We actually pay our nanny by the day. ($75 for an 8-9 hr day) Thought the hourly rate is relatively low, we guarantee her at least $225 per week even if we are travelling and she doesn't work."

"We provide paid vacation and holidays. We provide 100% paid for health insurance, vision and dental. We provide her with a W2 at the end of the year. This has helped her obtain a green card and ultimately her citizenship next year."

"we calculate so that she receives the $14/hour after taxes, but we always talk about that she gets $14/hour - I don't know if that changes my response to question 4 or not"

"Our child care provider works for at least one other family one full day per week, and she also babysits her neice for free."

"This nanny provided a copy of her fingerprinting paperwork, license, updated her CPR Infant/Adult Certification at our cost. We had spoken for a month prior off and on until she decided she would accept our hours - not more a full-time position. She does teach childrens classes on her off days of the week as well."

We pay by the hour rather then flat rate for overtime

nannyshare with 2 other families

"This is our third Nanny and they all get lazy after a while. They are all young and do not view this as a career, thus they are rather unprofessional from time to time."

We have flexible hours (start and end time) but guarentee 40hrs/week

"I haven't ever done 40 or more hours, just guessing on the overtime."

"We pay $350 per week and the other child from our nanny-share pays $350 per week. We will be adding another child soon, and the nanny will earn $900 per week total at that point."

I have a son in preschool in the morning. She takes care of the baby from 9-4 and then she also takes care of my son from 2-4 p.m.

"She is typically watching my child and one other, thus making $20 an hour."

"in question 6, it's $20 for two kids OT and $12 for one kid OT ."

"Although we pay hourly, we have committed to paying for 20 hours even if we use fewer than 20 hour or if we go on vacation."

"Nanny share, two kids total."

she works in the evenings as a sitter for another family (she used to be their nanny) for 4-8 hours a week. when she sits for our three in the evening we pay her $20 instead of $18.

We are in a nanny share.

"so far, you haven't asked about paid vacation or other benefits she receives."

"We have a set 9 hours that she works 4 days/week for us. If she works more hours, we pay accordingly at the end of the week."

the nanny never works overtime so we don't pay overtime

she works set hours with the condition of working longer or outside of scheduled hours when needed.

"Our nanny mostly looks after our 9 month old, as our two older kids (4 and 6) are in school. However, one day a week she stays all afternoon and plays with the older ones, and on school closed days she has all three. She only occasionally has all 3 on her own, because I work from home and am usually around, or will take one of the older ones with me on errands etc."

We paid her the same rate whether I needed her for 3 days or 5 days per week (when I first came back from maternity leave I only worked part-time for about a month). She never works more than 40 hours so we don't really have an overtime issue...

we're part of a nanny-share and it's great.

I pay $10 an hour and the other family pays $10 a day So 2 kids $20


"She began working 21 hrs per week then 28 hrs for a year and now she works one day a week. She began at $13. We did not give paid vacation, but we paid her whether or not we were in town."

"We give our nanny expense reimbursement $20/wk (or more if necess), and pay OT after 47 hours (i.e. if we are late getting home) of $20/hr"

For #4b - $17 for 2 kids from the same family but $20 for different families We have just given her a 5% raise after 1 year's service; new rate will be $15.75/hour for one child and $21.00 for 2. We pay employment and social security taxes on top of that.

Occasionally she'll do extra evening babysitting

Question 7 -- She works 35 hours a week for us. Is this what you're asking? Unclear. "She brings her own child, so this is a ""nanny share"" in which she only gets paid for watching one of the two children."

She often works more hours during our busy seasons. We pay extra when she picks up kids from school in her car.

We tip her on top of her hourly fee.

"there are shes and hes amongst nannys, but not reflacted in the questions... otherwise, good survey"

She works Mon./Tues for another family and Wed-Fri for us

"All of the $$ amounts are not gross, but net pay. We give her casual gifts here and there when we can. We went by our general good feel and intuition in hiring her, along with her great reputation in the community. We didn't use any of those linear/uptight background checking things, and are very comfortable with our decision-making process. She's the best and we (and our child) are incredibly lucky that she works for us."

We share with another family

"We share a nanny with another family. We have one child and they now have 2. For the first two years (with only two kids in the share, we negotiated 8-4:30 M-F for our hours, but if we go over, we just pay the same hourly rate. The other family negotiated 8-5:30 as their hours, which means for the extra hour (from 4:30-5:30, they pay the one child rate unless we still have our child there)."

"Our starting wage was $12/hour during the ""trial"" period of 3 months. After that, it's gone up steadily once per year, to the current rate of $14.50/year."

"We guarantee a base weekly salary and pay that amount regardless of actual use (ie if we use less time). If we use more than our agreed upon amount, we pay hourly for time above the weekly salary."

We do a share - she works for both families at least 18 hours per week with 2 kids and another 9 hours with 3 kids

"She also gets room and board. She works long days, 3 1/2 days per week, two days with two kids and 1 1/2 days with one kid"

We were in a Nanny Share. I calculated the total weekly pay as $1950 for both families. nanny cares for both children full time together

"Her rates vary by number of children: $10 for each child with 2 kids, $9.50/hr for 3 kids."

Of the two children she minds (both mine) one is in school from 8:30-3:00 each day.

We pay a guaranteed weekly amount based on 50/hrs a week. Additional hours are billed as above.

"We pay our nanny an hourly rate, however, she is guaranteed 50 hours per week, so she earns the same amount every week. So I am not clear if that is a hourly or weekly salary, according to your questions above."

"she brings her son so the rate we pay is a share rate, but she doesn't get more than we pay her since it's her own son"

"We do a nanny share with our nanny AND her child, so the $10 rate is a share rate."

"We pay her the same amount each week regardless of our or her time off, but more if we use extra hours (at the same hourly rate)."

We are in a nannyshare where we pay $9 and the other family pays $9. Her one child rate is $13/hr but we have not used her on her own. We share her for 20-25 hrs a week and currently she does not have any other families so she works a max of 25hrs/wk for 18$/hr in the nannyshare.

Nanny works part time (mornings) at a preschool

"we share about 4 hrs a week and don't pay less money during this time and the other family also pays her 13$ with or w/out the share. she doesn't discount for them for sharing b/c they provide her with few and scattered hours. we also didn't insist on a discount for the shared hours since we are getting a good rate for 2 kids already, it benefits our older child to have another toddler playmate a few houra a week. in the past in the share we paid a discounted rate but it was too comlicated b/c the hours were not consistant"

"Our nanny sometimes babysits for her former families, but it is irregular."

"We paid a weekly salary that was based on an hourly salary, but guaranteed a certain number of hours."

"share situation - we use 30 hours for our daughter, the other family has her full time for their son...i'm not sure how many hours exactly they use"

We started the nanny a little low at $13/hr with the guarantee of giving her $1 more at the end of the year. We have given her $1/hr raise each year.

She also babysits in addition to the above hours so I don't think it is uncommon for her to work 60 hours per week

"We give 2 weeks paid vacation (separate from our vacations though we try to coordinate), pay her for days we don't use her (when we're on vacation, for example), & give her a 2 week pay end of year bonus"

"The weekly amount is for two children in the same family. We share the nanny with another family (one child) who pay her an additional $500 a week. OT is not paid since we never require it, but would be paid at an hourly rate of $15 per hour for our two children."

"We share a great nanny part-time with another family. When we hired the nanny, we observed her with the other child and spoke to the original hiring mother."

"$18/hour is pre-tax. If we declare taxes, she charges $20/hour."

"We also pay three weeks paid vacation, seven holidays and 5 sick days. We also pay for her phone and taxes."

it's a nannyshare just to be clear so 2 kids full time

Her work with us was in addition to her regular job

wording of 4 is confusing. or maybe it's the way the form fields are laid out.

"We don't pay formal (defined) overtime, but we pay her much more than her hourly rate when she babysits for us."

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