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T-shirts For Tie-Dye projects

Deos anyone know where you can buy cheap plain white T-shirts, kids sizes, for a paint-it-yourself project? Thanks! Raissa
Hi, I was just at the fabric store (used to be Vogue Fabrics) in the Emeryville shopping mall near Trader Joe's. I bought a plain white t-shirt for about $3.50 in a medium size which fits my 4.5 yr-old with room for shrinkage. They have adult sizes and fabric paints and pens too. Another thought would be the www.onehanesplace.com catalog. Haven't checked them specifically for children's tees though. Denise
I'd highly recommend Dharma Trading Company in San Rafael (4th Street). Their number is (415)454-5535. They also have a website (sorry, I forget the URL). They give a price break on larger quantities, and usually have a choice of t-shirts availabe (weight/quality). Leslie
A couple of years ago, my son's preschool teacher bought some for a play the children put on. I think she charged us $2/shirt and got them at Target or Costco. I think she said they came 3 or so to a package. If you can get them in packages of multiples you'll probably get a better deal. Fran
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