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I'm looking for a good selection of quality, "period" or retro-looking cabinet handles, either a local store, catalogue or website. I've seen what they have at Restoration, but wasn't satisfied. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.
Raissa (2/00)
An excellent resource in Berkeley is Ohmega Salvage on San Pablo; they sell interesting architectural/finishing elements from salvaged buildings among other sources. Check out the yellow pages listings under "Salvage Merchandise" for similar businesses. Also, a wonderful mail order catalog is Renovator's. They sell all sorts of hardware, most of which is much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill merchandise. I took a quick peek at their cabinet knobs and drawer pulls and they have a nice selection. A great mail order catalog for you to obtain. Their number is 800-659-2211.
Yes! I know the place! Head for Bauerware in San Francisco. It's on 18th at Noe, I believe, but it's also in the book. The whole store is cabinet handles, and they have some great ones.
Really beautiful architectural hardware including doorknobs, weathervanes, cabinet handles, more, can be found at E.M. Hundley in San Francisco: 617 Bryant Street 415-777-5050
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