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Memory Foam Mattress Pad

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    Feb 2004

    Hi. I read the BPN's previous postings looking for places to buy memory foam mattress pads and $$$, but I couldn't find anything. I'm hoping someone on the list can help steer me in the right direction. I looked at the mattress pads at Bed Bath and Beyond, but they didn't look that much different than egg cart foam. They had another brand but it was quite expensive. In fact, it was more expensive than the quote I got from Famous Foam Factory in Albany. Someone posted to the list recently about memory foam mattress pads:''Internet prices are generally lower than in stores, and by comparing prices we got a good deal.'' What sites online did you use to comparison shop? Does anyone have a favorite site for this? Another slightly related question is this, does anyone have a favorite website in general that you use to do your comparison shopping? beth

    I saw a memory foam mattress pad available on I recently purchased a camera from them, and I am very pleased with it. You can get incredible discounts on certain items, but be forewarned that the cheapest items are usually ''factory refurbished,'' i.e., returned merchandise (that's still in excellent shape). If you don't care about that aspect, it's a great web site. Carrie
    I purchased a memory foam mattress pad (queen size) from they run from $30-50 depending on size. Shipping was around $5. We like ours but it takes awhile for the smell to go away. lopez
    Re: Comfortable mattress (April 2004)
    I recently purchased two 'memory foam' pads to go over our existing matresses. My son had complained that his standard foam matress was too hard, and my husband used to wake up with sore shoulders, an arm which had ''fallen asleep'', or a stiff lower back. We bought a 2'' matress cover for my son, and a 3'' for our bed, and the results have been terrific. Internet prices are generally lower than in stores, and by comparing prices we got a good deal. Helene
    Feb 2002

    Has anyone tried latex or "memory foam" mattress pads (to top off the mattress) OR tried the Tempur-Pedic style mattresses which uses the high tech sounding "viscoelastic" type foam? I saw the pads at Foam Creations on Solano and was wondering if it was worth the price. We have a very hard mattress and the quilted pads that come from Strouds or other linen stores don't add much comfort. Thanks for any input.Anon.

    Hi. We bought a foam mattress with a memory foam topper from Foam Creations. We absolutely loved it when we first got it. It was so luxurious and comfortable. One time a friend of mine put her son down for a nap in our bed and fell asleep with him and later told us that the mattress was so comfy that she couldn't fight off her sleep. The problem is that the memory foam didn't live up to what was promised. We were told it would maintain it's "memory" for ten years. After only three years, we are ready to replace it. I wake up with an achy back and the mattress sags in the middle. Another real downside was that when our son was a new infant, we needed to temporarily replace the memory foam with something more firm because we feared he might suffocate in the memory foam. Also, the foam base beneath the memory foam mildewed pretty severely, even though we were told that if we got one of those expensive mattress covers it wouldn't happen. So now we are regretting our purchase and in the market for a standard mattress/boxspring set up. I think our backs will be happier in the long run. anonymous
    We had a similar choice to make a couple of years back, and opted for a 2 inch thick memory foam pad (can't remember the company, but I know they make gloves). It's been great. I think it was about $200, and it was like getting a whole new mattress. The tempur-pedic mattresses are much more expensive, but we've been very happy with our pad. Meri
    I did a bit of research a year ago and am happy with my 2-inch mattress pad that I purchased for less than $200, including mattress cover. My mattress was too hard and the pad has made a huge difference. The isotonic mattress topper is made of foam that has 4 lbs/cubic foot density. (the Tempurpedic line is 5 lbs/cubic foot. And some users' reviews claimed it was too hard.) I bought mine at the following web site. I was happy with their price and service. (They also have lots of information on the site.) I also noticed that Costco in Richmond had these pads as well, but I don't know the exact quality/specifics. hae
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