UCB Parents Recommendations: Where to Buy an Iron Skillet

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From: margy (12/98)

There is a couple who sell at the Asbhy flea market every weekend who have a great collection of cast iron -- I think it's their speciality and prices are pretty good. If you want a new one, try Pastime Hardware in El Cerrito.

From: Jane (12/98)

If you want a used cast iron skillet, Gilman St. Salvage, next to Picante and across from Urban Ore, had stacks of them the other day.

From: Fran (12/98)

Ace Hardware kitchen dept sold iron cooking ware the last time we bought some, which was many years ago. A craftsman we met who makes hangers for cooking pots said that swap meets are a good place to find them as they last forever and the older they are, the more seasoned they are.

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