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Discount Art Supplies for Kids

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December 2001

I'm looking for inexpensive art supplies: ie paints that wash away very easily, an easel, etc. Ideas? The web site lists an easel in hearthsong in Berkeley, but it seems to be gone. I'd prefer to shop locally than a web site, because shipping on an easel won't be cheap. Thanks. Sarah

I found a table-top easel at Toy-Go-Round on Solano for $30 (the stand-up easels are $80), and that is a reasonable price compared to other places (like Crate and Barrel) that I looked. Toy Go Round said they were almost out of easels a week ago though, so you might want to call first to make sure they still have some. Good luck. LUISA Luisa
We got a good standing easel, plus rolls of newsprint at Ikea. You can also get sets of paints, brushes, and paint cups fairly cheap at Costco. Lauren
I know that you mentioned that you would prefer a local store for art supplies, but I just heard about a catalog/website that is wonderful. It is called: Discount School Supply. The website is: They have lots of nontoxic paints as well as toys and furniture. Best of Luck, Michelle
Regarding looking for an easel, Ikea has a great one for $24.99. One side is chalkboard, the other side is whiteboard, with a roll of tear off paper that fits over the whiteboard side. It has a tray for art supplies and is fairly sturdy. I also saw a great looking one (similar to the Ikea easel described) at Costco-Richmond for $29.99. It came with the first roll of tear off paper included. There are a ton of Crayola products-packages at Costco for between $10 and $20...a lifetime supply of crayons and markers. Alexis
I am not sure if IKEA qualifies as shopping locally, as you prefer, but it is a good place to shop for a basic easel and washable paints. If I recall correctly, IKEA sells a wood easel/ chalkboard combo for about $30. They sell inexpensive rolls of paper, paints and chalk. Incidently IKEA is also a great place to shop for children's kitchen ware: tiny plates, cups, kettles, brooms, etc. Claire
The Art Store on 6th and University has a nice easel for about $35.00. It has a chalk board on the reverse side. I went to Amsterdam Art after they told me over the phone that they had children's easels, but when I got there they didn't. They sent me down the street to their discount store saying that they had them there. When I got there the employees there insisted that the main store had them, so I went back to the main store. In the end they didn't have them AT ALL, nor did they carry children's easels! On my way home I spied The Art Shop on the way to the freeway and got it there. Mariannef
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