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Evening & Formal Clothing

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Inexpensive Evening Dress for Black-Tie Wedding

Nov. 2003

hello. can anyone recommend a consignment shop or other place to buy a decent formal type evening dress for attending a black-tie wedding? most weddings we have been to were not so formal as this one,so I don't have anything and don't expect to wear the dress again, so would like to spend as little as possible, but find something nice. thanks for any recs. usually frumpy

Loehmann's, or Ross, or Byer Outlet (on Division) Anon :-)
I bought a couple of evening dresses for a wedding this summer from Designer Dressess at a discount. Good Luck. discount shopper
Funny you should ask. I was just consigning some things over at Rockridge Rags on College when I said ''Note to self - lovely evening wear - remember for future need.'' Try them. Not a note-to-self any longer!
Try Ross in El Cerrito Plaza (which has much more nice stuff than the Ross store in Emeryville). I went to a very fancy wedding last year wearing a blue satin gown that I got lots of compliments for which I had found at Ross for the princely sum of 16.95 (that's not a typo). If the wedding is still some time away, keep checking back at Ross because what they have in the store at any given time varies a lot (I found my gown at the third try.) Also, now is the time where Macy's, JCPenney's etc. run ads for holiday dresses - basically discounted evening wear. Two years ago, I was a bridesmaid at another wedding and was wearing a wine red velvet and lace gown that was a holiday dress from JCPenney's and cost $39. A third place to check is Loehman's, which has an entire dpt with discounted evening dresses (there are 3 locations - San Rafael, SF, and one in the South Bay; and they have frequent sales, which you can find out about at their web site). The bridesmaid's dress at my own wedding came from Loehman's and cost $40. Hope this helps, Angelika
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