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From: Cindy (4/98)

Hi. I am expecting my second child soon. Of course with my first, I received a beautiful baby book, and fastidiously documented everything in it--family tree, how mom and dad met, our first feelings when we found out we were pregnant, etc. Well, I realistically know that I will not have the time nor energy to complete another big project like that one! However, I have heard about baby books which are in a calendar-like format, complete with stickers ("rolled over", "first steps") that you can simply paste onto the calendar. Although it would be more simple, it is different enough from big sis' to make it unique and his or her very own to appreciate when older. Does anyone know where I can find something like this?--Thanks for your help.

From: Acarion (4/98)

Reply to the Mother looking for a Calendar with stickers I bought mine from the baby department of a department store. They had Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and various other types. It cost approximately $10.

From: Stephanie (4/98)

I purchased one a year ago from the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art catalog. It was printed by Charles Scribner's and Sons and is called simply "Baby's First Year."

From: Jane (4/98)

I think I may have seen the type of calendar you're looking for at Cotton and Kids on College. I would give them a call first. By the way, I also kept a wonderful journal of my first child's every move and word and am now having my second and thinking of shifting to the calendar / sticker route too.

From: Karin (4/98)

Baby's First Year Calendar
Someone asked about these a few weeks ago. We got one as a gift recently; it was made by Russ Berrie and Company, Inc., in Oakland, NJ.

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