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Whatever Happened to Biobottoms?

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Jan 2004

I just came across this website and would like to solve your Biobottoms mystery. Biobottoms went out of business about 2 years ago and their diaper covers were bought by a company that I work for called Mia Bambini. You can still purchase the same diaper covers (only change is the name on the tag) at or by calling me at 978-682-3600. We hope to get the catalog up and running again within a year. I hope this information helps!

Melissa Dion melissa at


Biobottoms appears to have gone out of business (no reply from 800 number or website...), and I'm looking for an alternative source for their brand of diaper covers. Any information on where to find them or what happened to this great company?

Having just ordered from Biobottoms a couple of months ago, it seemed unlikely to me that they would have folded up shop so quickly and completely. But I too cannot find their website. And now that it's been brought to my attention, I haven't seen a catalog for a while. I hope that they are just reorganizing or something, rather than out of business, but at the moment I don't hold out much hope. All the related sites were also 404 not found:,, etc. The one useful thing I found was most of an address: Biobottoms - Petaluma, CA 94952. Don't know if this will be any help, but maybe the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce would know something. While searching, I found a tantalizing link that said "Biobottoms rebounds in US; Takes Japan By Storm." This was supposedly a link to an article in Catalog Age, an on-line catalog-industry magazine. But I was never able to find the article. While looking for it, I came across another interesting tidbit though: "After 18 years as a family-owned children's cataloger/retailer, $65 million Hanna Andersson in March sold the assets of its business. The new owner is a newly formed corporation owned by management and an investor group led by San Francisco-based private-equity firm Dorset Capital, a subsidiary of Weston Presidio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed." I hope this sale does not presage a decrease in quality.... Dawn
Re: biobottoms: They have indeed gone out of business! After being told that my order had not arrived because they were doing "inventory", I called again to find no answer. I finally tracked down a central number in virginia with a msg that they are closed. Fortunately, I was not charged. Janet
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