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Latex Mattresses

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Latex foam mattress

October 2004

We are very disapponted with our pillow top mattress, it was supposed to be firm at the core with a soft external finish. It now has two holes corresponding to our bottoms and it's very unconfortable. In Europe latex beds are very popular. I am wondering where is a shop where we can get one in the Berkeley area? Do they change in shape with use? Are they confortable? Are there different qualities of latex? I didn't find infos on the website. Thanks! Barbara

We got our mostly-latex mattress from European Sleepworks in Berkeley. They're not cheap but we like ours. They also have latex pads. Before chucking your old mattress, have you tried rotating and/or flipping it? (Yes, the pillowtop would now be a pillowbottom, but it might be comfortable anyway.) David
I have a 100% latex mattress due to severe allergies (they do not harbor dust mites nor mold) and have been happy with it, though my husband would prefer something more pillowy. I prefer very firm mattresses and ordered a ''firm'' mattress (they came in soft, medium, firm and extra firm) and actually wish I had ordered a medium firmness, it is extremely firm and resilient, I wouldn't expect it to sag or soften, ever.) I will not mention the store where I purchased mine because they were extremely rude in the delivery process (we paid a lot for delivery and they only staff one delivery person and thus required us to help,) and also wrongly delivered Cal king instead of Eastern and tried to not allow an exchange. But, the primo place (not where I got mine) is European Sleepworks, where they have 100% latex as well as other combinatations like latex, cotton, wool, or some with innersprings. Great place to try all the options, but they were too expensive for us. (I did order Euro. Sleepworks adjustable slats foundation and honestly can't tell much difference between those and the regular, rigid slats on our bed. so if on a budget I'd skip the adjustable slats)If you look online there is a futon shop in S.F. that had very reasonable prices for latex mattresses and delivery to the east bay (sorry I don't remember the name.) good luck. happy sleeper
I got my mattress at european sleepworks in berkeley on adeline my chiropractor recommended them and its great - I've had it 7 years now and its as comfy as ever. it helps with mattress wearing that my husband and I are not large people but they can give you good advice that fits your needs. ilona
This doesn't quite answer your question, but if you want a really great bed along the same lines as a latex I recommend a natural latex i.e. rubber bed. I bought one at Earthsake on 4th St. and it is absolutely great. It is by far the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on in the US or Europe! They had a demo. when we bought it about 9 months ago so you can go in and try it out. It isn't cheap, but it's totally worth it. I think the manufacturer offers a sale about twice a year. Jennifer

Latex mattress for daughter's allergies

November 2001

I may have missed some recent discussions about mattresses, but couldn't find much in the archives. We need to buy 2 twin mattresses for loft/trundle bed. Our 4-year-old daughter has pretty bad dust/pollen allergies, and we are trying to create a dust-free room. I'm also interested in buying chemical-free stuff as much as possible. We've thrown out the very old mattresses which we inherited with the bed, and need replacements. There is a bewildering amount of information on the web (mostly from people selling mattresses). I don't think we want conventional spring mattresses (is the toxic outgassing only a short-term issue, or ???). Alternatives seem to be variations of cotton/wool combos, and latex. Sounds like latex allergies aren't really likely with mattresses, but can't be sure about wool. Latex sounds interesting--are hypoallergenic claims accurate? Do they really "breathe"? Does it mean you don't have to have a dust cover over it? The foam shop on Solano Avenue sells twin size latex mattreseses for about $500 each. Lots of eco-mattresses (cotton/wool) are even more expensive than that. We're willing to spend something more than conventional mattress, but not a small fortune, on something good and long-lasting. Any suggestions? My apologies if this has been discussed recently, and if so, I would welcome any forwarding of past postings. Lori

I had a latex mattress on my bunk bed as a kid and it still remains for me the standard of wonderful comfort against which all other mattresses are judged. Thirty years later it still seems just as good. I presume they breathe, since it's not a smooth surface, has airholes. > fiona
I have a friend who has a latex foam mattress. He has severe allergies to dust, pollen, mold etc. When he bought it, they told him he needed to put it on a slat bed, because otherwise it could mildew on the bottom from the moisture released during sleep. He didn't do it for two years (had it on a platform because he couldn't afford a new frame) and lo and behold, it did mildew. He has since treated it with unscented Lysol, which is supposed to kill the mildew. But I thought I I'd mention that this kind of mattress really does need to be on a slat bed or some other support that *itself* breathes. Otherwise you can risk defeating the whole purpose. Dawn
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