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Tutors for Multiple Subjects - Announcements

Please note:
Parents' reviews of tutors are the opinions of Berkeley Parents Net subscribers. Your own experience may be different.
Announcements from tutors are accepted without review as a service to local parents. Please always check references before hiring!

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Apr 08 2014

I am currently an undergraduate at Tufts University and am looking to tutor or 
provide childcare when I return to Berkeley during the summer. I have experience 
looking after children ages 6 through 9 years old and have tutored elementary, 
middle, and high school students. I graduated from the International 
Baccalaureate (IB) program at Berkeley High School and received the IB diploma 
my senior year. I have experience as a writing, math, Physics and Latin tutor, and 
would feel comfortable tutoring in any general subject area. I also have been 
trained as an early literacy and reading tutor at Tufts University. I have worked as 
a camp counselor at Camp Kee Tov, a Jewish day camp, for the past 4 summers 
and have provided childcare for a number of Kee Tov families. I will be home 
early May and am available through late July. I can provide references from the 
Director of Camp Kee Tov and coordinates of the College and Career Center at 
Berkeley High School. 
Tal August tal.august[at] 


Apr 07 2014

Experienced, personable, and enthusiastic tutor offering one-on-one or small 
group instruction in the following subjects:
--English -- literature and composition
--Math -- calculus, precalculus, geometry, trigonometry, algebra
--Sciences -- chemistry, physics, biology
--SAT / ACT test preparation
--College admission essay writing assistance
I earned my MS from UC Berkeley in an environmental field, and my 
undergraduate degrees, summa cum laude, in history and economics, with a 
math minor.  I am a highly educated, well-rounded person who enjoys 
working with youth. References are available from past and current students. 
Rates start at $60/hr.  I can meet with your daughter or son at your house or 
at another convenient spot (library, a quiet caf?, etc.)  Please contact me for 
more information, or to arrange our first meeting!  Thank you for reading, 
Lana Skrtic lanaskrtic[at] (510) 384 7418


Apr 04 2014

Hello! If you are looking for a passionate and intelligent 
tutor then please send me an email. I absolutely love 
helping my students gain new insight and skills needed to 
excel in their class. I have had extensive experience 
tutoring one-on-one and tailoring lessons to fit a student?s 
needs. I always try to share my passion for mathematics and 
statistics during my sessions and realize how important it 
is to understand a student?s preferred method of learning. 
My background includes:
B.S in Mathematics;Math TA at MIT;
Tutoring in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics;
Mentoring students in personal finance. I've worked at 
Stanford and currently am a financial analyst for UC 
Berkeley. I am free to tutor after 5:00pm on the weekdays 
and almost anytime on the weekends. 
Please contact me for my rate and let me know how I can help 
your child not only succeed but gain a passion for learning 
Alexis Perez alexisp006[at] 


Mar 28 2014

Are you in need of a tutor who can help your child with all 
their school needs - from improving grade scores to getting 
more organized or prepared for tests? Would you like an 
experienced teacher that has also tutored and enjoys even 
the tough subjects? Then I may be your gal. I have B.S. in 
Biology and enjoy learning and passing along my excitement 
for both math and science. I'm animated and have a sense of 
humor which helps kids have fun without even knowing it and 
I connect easily on their level. And most importantly, can 
build their self-confidence and ?can-do? attitude. I can 
teach kids how to get good grades and instill self-
discipline. I'm equally well versed in other subjects as 
well. In addition, I offer services for summer break to keep 
skills sharp. If that sounds like something your family 
needs, please contact me at
Jessica jesssund[at] 


Mar 26 2014

 I am currently an undergraduate at Tufts University and am looking to tutor or 
provide childcare when I return to Berkeley for the summer. I have experience 
looking after children ages 6 through 9 years old and have tutored elementary, 
middle, and high school students. I graduated from the International 
Baccalaureate (IB) program at Berkeley High School and received the IB diploma 
my senior year. I have experience as a writing, latin, math, and physics tutor, and 
would feel comfortable tutoring any general subject area. I also have been 
trained as an early literacy and reading tutor at Tufts University. I have worked as 
a camp counselor at Camp Kee Tov, a Jewish day camp, for the past 4 summers 
and have provided childcare for a number of Kee Tov families. I will be home in 
early May and am available through late July. I can provide references from the 
director of Camp Kee Tov and coordinators of the College and Career Center at 
Berkeley High School. 
Tal August tal.august[at] 


Mar 20 2014

I incorporate elements of mindfulness, yoga, taiji, and 
qigong, for which I have years training by a master. This is 
profound in helping kids concentrate and feel less 
I have honed intuition for when kids get lost or stuck and 
this is important information on where to focus attention 
and where to be particularly sensitive and supportive.
-B.A. Physics and Astronomy, U.C. Berkeley
-20+ years experience as a professional musician in 
classical guitar and viola
-Traveler to 25+ countries
-Inspired to share that math and science are interesting and 
-Patient and compassionate while focused
-Help kids see simplicity and overcome fear of math 
-Holistic approach drawing on years of training in taiji, 
qigong, and meditation
-Successfully overcame my own math troubles in school
-Tailor lessons based on EMPATHY for unique kids 
-All ages welcome
-Available during school year and summer
Jonathan Antenore artifex8[at] 


Feb 06 2014

Hello, my name is Leonard Crosby. I've worked as a writing 
tutor for more than seven years. I specialize in teaching 
English as a Second Language, essays, and creative writing.

For the past year, I've worked at One Smart Kid LLC, a 
tutoring company in San Francisco. I've worked with students 
on writing, reading comprehension, ESL, and study skills. 
I've tutored the SSAT, SAT, HSPT, and the ACT. I've also 
done a lot of general academic tutoring in junior high and 
high school math, science, history, religion, and Spanish. 
Finally, I've taught college essay writing courses, 
including college essay applications and admissions 

I'm deeply passionate about language and I love teaching. 
I've worked with students of all ages with a huge variety of 
skill levels. I have a very flexible schedule and can meet 
just about anywhere in the Bay Area. Please contact me at for my resume, references, or more 
Leonard Crosby lcrosby88[at] 


Feb 03 2014

Hello parents and students: 

My name is Alison Dorantes-Garcia, I have a B.A. in history 
at U.C. Berkeley.  I have experience tutoring and mentoring students of many 
age- levels, including students with disabilities. I tutor in reading, writing, study 
skills, college prep, world history (elementary-middle school)and U.S. history 
(elementary- college/AP level). 

I work with students to help establish and build upon their 
individual study skills, time management, and critical 
thinking and reasoning, so that they can achieve success in 
their classes. I am based in the Berkeley/ Oakland area, and have reliable 
transportation. My rates are flexible, and we can meet at your home, or in public. 
If you are interested, message me for a resume and references. 
Alison Dorantes-Garcia alisondgarcia[at] 510-695-3149


Feb 03 2014

Hello parents and students: 

My name is Alison Dorantes-Garcia, I have a B.A. in history 
at U.C. Berkeley.  I have experience tutoring and mentoring students of many 
age- levels, including students with disabilities. I tutor in reading, writing, study 
skills, college prep, world history (elementary-middle school)and U.S. history 
(elementary- college/AP level). 

I work with students to help establish and build upon their 
individual study skills, time management, and critical 
thinking and reasoning, so that they can achieve success in 
their classes. I am based in the Berkeley/ Oakland area, and have reliable 
transportation. My rates are flexible, and we can meet at your home, or in public. 
If you are interested, message me for a resume and references. 
Alison Dorantes-Garcia alisondgarcia[at] 510-695-3149


Feb 02 2014

I am available to tutor Math, English, Social Studies, & Special Ed, and I can 
teach yoga, voice and oboe lessons!
 I have 2 years of experience tutoring Math, English, and Social Studies.  I am 
currently a substitute teacher in San Francisco Unified, and I have taught full 
time classes in English, Math, Social Studies, Special Ed, & Art at the 
secondary level during summer school.  I also teach yoga and have over 4 
years of experience and over 500 hours of teacher training.  
I look forward to speaking with you!
Jennifer Leupp
Jennifer Leupp jcleupp[at] 4155749230


Jan 25 2014

Greetings BPN!
After 7 years building a successful tutoring practice in San Francisco, I am 
shunning that lovely new bridge in favor of being close to my own kids while 
serving students in the East Bay, starting in June 2014!
4-10th Grade 
Child-centered holistic help for all-kinds of students. I've been helpful to many 
with Executive Function/ADHD struggles, especially in combination with dyslexia, 
dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Vis/Aud Processing struggles, etc. Is your child seen as 
precocious? Sullen? Oppositional? Unfocused? Does she feel misunderstood and 
have zero motivation? I'd love to meet you both to see what we can do to 
improve writing, math, organization, self-advocacy skills, and the experience of 
school on a day to day basis!
Mike L. Miller mike[at] 415/264-0227


Jan 15 2014

Hello Parents,

I am offering my services as a tutor. A recent transplant to
the Bay Area, I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree
in Art and minors in Physics and Astrophysics with academic
honors.  I have been teaching in the classroom and as a
tutor for the past 10 years, both in the US and abroad.  I
have a comprehensive understanding of learning theory, and
know how to teach to an individual's particular learning

My aim in tutoring is to give an individual the tools to
complete a problem set while also imparting an understanding
of the underlying principals the problem set relies upon. In
this way the student is able to both conceptualize the
theories behind an idea and concretely demonstrate his or
her understanding. 

I am happy to help students in any of the disciplines of
mathematics, physics, astrophysics, writing, etc. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Nathan Kandus nkandus[at] 805-364-2783


Jan 10 2014

Hello Berkeley parents,

I'm a recent Berkeley grad with B.A.'s in Applied Math and Physics, and I'm a 
great communicator. I was the president of my house in the Berkeley Student 
Cooperative, which means I have facilitated meetings, moderated conflicts, and 
have been trained in communication skills. I was an athlete/team captain in 
highschool, so I understand the importance of being a positive roll model.

Compassion is a personal and professional philosophy of mine, so I have a lot of 
patience, and I want to push my students to learn. I have experience with 
teaching, but it has been mostly unpaid for friends and other students.

I would like to charge $40/hour, but am more than happy to negotiate for 
families that cannot afford that. In fact if anyone really needs a free tutor, I 
would enjoy taking on one student given appropriate circumstances.

Email me with questions, I am happy to answer.
Rylan Hunt rhunt[at] 8315661858


Jan 10 2014

I am The Success Tutor, a cutting-edge East Bay tutor with 14 years experience 
who helps students reach their academic goals while increasing their self-
esteem, confidence, and motivation. 

I am especially skilled as a writing and reading tutor. I have helped many 
students improve their standardized test scores as well. I can help students with 
studying: I have helped students get organized and motivated, and increase their 
enthusiasm about school. I create individualized programs for each student 
tailored to their specific needs. I include meditation, mindfulness, and intuitive 

I have helped many students raise their grades, get into competitive colleges, 
raise their test scores, and feel better about school. 

I travel to Oakland and Berkeley, and sometimes other locations. 

Contact me at 510-984-1552. Say that you saw my ad here and receive your first 
session free.

Find me online at
Katrina Martin katrinam77[at] 510-984-1552


Oct 29 2013

I am a UC Berkeley PhD offering tutoring services in the following areas:

SAT/ACT test preparation (all parts of the test)
Academic subjects: English, Spanish, History/Humanities, Music, Italian, AP 
English, AP Spanish, AP Music Theory.

My teaching experience ranges from language classes with children to 
teaching college-level courses, and I have done both one-on-one tutoring 
and group classes. 
I have a flexible schedule and can travel to your home, or we can meet at a 
cafe or library.
My rates are reasonable - $35/hr for academic tutoring and $50/hr for test 
prep - and I can offer a sliding scale rate in the case of economic hardship.

Rebecca Bodenheimer rebecchina[at] 


Oct 18 2013

High School Junior available for tutoring English and Math in 
the Albany/El Cerrito area. Can tutor Math up through Pre-
Calculus. Straight A student and debater. $20.00 per hour. 
Please send email to me, his father, at
Garey Mills gmills[at] 


Oct 15 2013

My name is Nick Bacarella, and I'm a current English and Economics double 
major at UC-Berkeley who specializes in humanities-centric subjects. In the 
past four years, I have tutored students in U.S. History, English language and 
literature, and writing skills. I am particularly experienced with the AP courses 
in these subjects, including AP U.S. History, AP English Language, and AP 
English literature. I myself received a 5 on the AP test for all disciplines 

I also provided services in elementary and middle school math, as well as in 
the SAT. I'm very well-versed with the current test: I scored a 2280 as a junior 
in high school, and currently work with four students in preparation for the 
January test.

If you're interested, I am too. Contact me!
Nick Bacarella nickbacarella[at] 


Oct 04 2013

I am a mindfulness-based educator and psychologist that
offers tutoring in a number of areas: 

English, Writing, Proofreading, Grammar, ESL/ESOL, TOEFL,
History, Social Sciences, Math, & Public Speaking. 

I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and experience working
with students with ADD/ ADHD and Aspergers.  If you have any
questions, or want to talk further, just give me a call.  

Thanks, Dr. Kayla 
Kayla kayla[at] 510 207 5268


Oct 01 2013

I tutor Statistics, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Physics, 
Math and can be generally helpful with anything that in some 
way involves numbers or logic. I did my undergraduate 
studies in Mathematics and graduate work in Economics. 
Throughout my tutoring career I worked with undergraduate, 
graduate and MBA students at top universities.

I can help with the following subjects: 

(*) Probability, Statistics and Econometrics
(*) Data analysis(Stata, SPSS, Minitab, Excel ..)
(*) Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and 
(*) Linear programming and Optimization Methods 
(*) Microeconomics and Macroeconomics 
(*) International Economics and Labor Economics
(*) Game Theory
(*) Linear Algebra 
(*) Standardized Tests 
(*) Discrete Math 
(*) Finance (Corporate and Managerial) 
(*) Business plan / Case study 
(*) Decision Analysis 
(*) Operations Research / Operation Management
(*) Physics 
(*) Chess 
(*) Philosophy 
(*) History 
Martin Breza marin.tutoring[at] 


Sep 30 2013

I am a Berkeley mom with an elementary school teaching
credential looking to provide tutoring in all subject areas
as well as book clubs, writing workshops and enrichment
sessions to children in grades 2-8 in the Berkeley area. I
am able to work with students one on one or in small groups.
I will help students who are struggling as well as create
unique lessons for students who would like to dig deeper
into reading and writing. To find out more visit
Amy Alessi amyalessi[at] 510-225-8384


Sep 17 2013

Dear Parents, 

Hello! I am a 2008 UC Berkeley honors graduate who currently resides in 
Berkeley and saving for law school admission next school year. Since 
graduation, I have been a full-time private tutor teaching highly competitive 
high school students in the following subject areas: 

(AP and Non-AP) US History, 
(AP and Non-AP) US Government & Politics, 
(AP and Non-AP) AP European History, 
(AP and Non-AP) Art History, and
High School English/Literature, generally.

I have extensive knowledge of the subject areas themselves, as well as their 
accompanying AP exams, so if test prep is your concern, I can help with that 

Teaching is my passion, and I'd love to continue to do so. My rate is 
negotiable, and depends on the subject(s) tutored, whether we will meet on a 
regular basis, as well as financial need. Feel free to contact me at, or call at (949) 264-2398. 

Hope to hear from you soon!
Jessica Chou juicch17[at] 


Sep 16 2013

Does your middle school or high school student need help with writing, 
reading or Spanish courses? My name is Antonia and I?m a recent graduate of 
the University of Oregon, where I majored in International Studies. Currently, I 
am working part-time with 8th graders at The Berkeley School, doing one on 
one tutoring with students who have learning differences. I am available for 
private tutoring in Berkeley, Albany, or El Cerrito. 

I can also assist your child with editing high school application essays and 
working on study skills such as organization and time management.  My rate 
is $15-$20 an hour, negotiable based on your child?s needs. My ideal client 
would be located near public transportation or open to meeting at a mutually 
agreed upon caf? or library. I am available for tutoring from now until 
December 1st, 2013. Resume and references available upon request. I can be 
reached via email at or on my cell phone at (510) 
Antonia DeMichiel antoniadm09[at] 


Sep 14 2013

Cal graduate student with a strong passion for physics/math education available 
for tutoring. Can tutor upper level high school (including AP) and college 
courses, as well as exam prep (ACT, SAT, AP, etc.). 

Tutoring affords your child the extra edge and one-on-one attention that can 
make all the difference in classes and on exams. My tutoring style emphasizes 
problem solving skills and conceptualization, rather than focusing on just doing 
homework problems. We have a good time!

I am a recipient of several teaching awards from Cal, and references from parents 
of current and graduated BHS students available upon request. I have M.A.s in 
physics and mathematics (from UC Berkeley and Cambridge, respectively). 
Available most evenings and weekends. Rates depend on travel but are on 
average ~$65/hour. We can also meet on or near UC Berkeley campus. Please do 
not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. 

E-mail: .

Aaron mathandphysicsarephun[at] 


Aug 30 2013

I'm a 9 year veteran of the classroom, taking a break to have a more flexible 
schedule for my two little ones at home. I have a CA teaching credential, 
taught middle school for 3 years, tutored in an elementary school before that 
and this would be my 7th year of teaching high school. I am fluent in French 
and can tutor or teach anything from 3rd - 12th grade, specializing in 
English/language arts, humanities and romance languages including Latin in 
the upper grades but will tutor any subject K-8. I would prefer to tutor on the 
weekend in your home or mine but other times can be arranged.
Thanks and good luck with another exciting school year!
Jennifer misscolker[at] 


Aug 23 2013

With the school year almost underway for most children, I wanted to let the 
parent community know about my availability as a tutor. A few of my past 
students graduated last year so I have some availability to work with new 
children. A brief professional background: I worked as the Dean of Studies (and 
teacher) at Lick-Wilmerding High School for the past 6 years and before that was 
a teacher and school leader in the Washington, D.C. Public Schools. I've done all 
sorts of one-on-one tutoring including college application support and extensive 
work with students with learning differences.
My tutoring website (which explains rates and various tutoring options) is:
Feel free to reach out during the school year if your child has a need for
one-on-one academic support.
Happy start of the school year! Mary
Mary Finn maryelizabethfinn[at] 202-746-8807


Aug 22 2013

I have an engineering Ph.D. from Brown University and a B.A.
in physics.  I was a physics Tutor and computer science
Teaching Assistant (TA) in college and started tutoring
again last year.  I have taught 7th grade engineering and
programming courses at a summer enrichment program and
re-vamped a 3rd-6th grade public school literacy curriculum.    

I love to teach and tutoring is my favorite type of teaching!  

My tutoring areas are:
?        Math
?        Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
?        Electrical Engineering
?        Computer Science
?        Test Preparation & Study Skills

I am interested in tutoring K-12 and college students.  I
can do homework help, exam prep and study skills.  My rates
are flexible and I can come to the student?s home or meet at

I love explaining things in different ways and using
creative analogies and visuals to help people really
understand the material.

Thanks and have a great day!
Laura Mehrmanesh LMehrman[at] (510) 575-9441


Aug 22 2013


I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and students attending 
local K-12 and college for 11 years (Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, Piedmont).  Having 
studied at UC Berkeley College of Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of 
math (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, SAT Math, etc.) and science (Chemistry, Biology, 
Physics, Computer Science, etc.).  The most requested subjects last year were Geometry and 
Chemistry.  I've also taught some introductory Japanese as I am a native speaker of the language.  
Currently I am accepting some more students until full. 

Contact me with any questions or concerns through my email address shown
here.  Thank you very much for looking at my ad!

EMAIL:  tairi.nishizawa[at]
Tairi Nishizawa tairi.nishizawa[at] 


Aug 08 2013

Hi! I am a certified math teacher who left the classroom this past year to work 
part-time with an education consulting non-profit in SF. Turns out I miss 
hanging out with teenagers! Therefore, I am excited to supplement my 
income by offering tutoring in all subjects. I earned my secondary math 
certification from University of Pennsylvania and taught high school math in 
both Philadelphia and Oakland. My undergraduate degree is in African 
American Studies and Gender Studies so in addition to math, I can support 
skill building in history, writing and English. My rate is $50/hr and I am 
flexibly available every day Thursday-Sunday. I look forward to getting your 
email, phone call or text! If you would like to gather more information about 
my pedagogy feel free to email my former colleague and current HS English 
teacher, Sonja, with any questions at
Joanna Brownson joanna.brownson[at] 6162186053


Aug 04 2013

recent honors graduate of Berkeley High School, I will
attend Reed College in the fall of 2014 after a year of work
and travel abroad. Also: Worked as the only copy editor and
writer for the Berkeley High 2013 yearbook. Wrote, directed
and edited several short videos. Proficient with Imovie,
FinalCut and other software. Familiar with short story
structure and techniques.
        I?m available to tutor in creative writing, film
making/editing and script writing. Can tutor all middle
school math and basic high school math. Tutoring can be done
one-on-one or in small groups. Reasonable rates. References
available on request. Please email
Alex Clark cactusclark[at] 


Jul 29 2013

Credentialed Teacher with Six Years of Classroom Experience

I am a History and English tutor for 5th-12th grade students.

I hold a Master's in Education from Stanford University, a
Bachelor's in History from Carleton College, and a
California Teaching Credential in Social Science.

My professional experience includes classroom teaching in
the IB program at Berkeley High School and at Tehiyah Day
School. I also have training in teaching academic language

What I can offer your child:
- Assistance developing and writing essays (argumentative,
expository, personal)
- Tools for organizing writing
- Tips for studying and ''understanding'' history
- Coaching throughout the research process
- Support in reading and understanding expository texts
- Guidance in time management
- Homework help

My fees are based on a sliding scale.

Please contact me at:

I look forward to working with you!
RI historytutor510[at] 


Jul 27 2013

I'm an experienced teacher offering private or small group tutoring services in 
all subjects.  I specialize in teaching children of middle school age but am 
open to other age groups. I am currently teaching 7th grade English & 
Language Arts, Medieval to Modern World History, Pre-Algebra, and General 
Science.  In the past, I have taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, 
Statistics, Biology, and English as a Second Language to 7th, 8th, and 11th 
grade students.  I offer a worldly perspective as I've lived and worked all over 
Latin America and Asia.   My teaching philosophy involves students not only 
mastering the academics but also utilizing real-life applications for what 
they've learned.

I am available for tutoring at my home in Berkeley or at your home (an 
additional fee will be charged for transportation).  Please visit my website for 
more information: 
Holly Nishimura holly.nishimura[at] 


Jul 20 2013

Hello! I'm a recent graduate from Brown University, with 6
years of tutoring experience in math (algebra, geometry,
pre-calculus, AP calculus AB and BC), science (biology up to
AP, chemistry up to AP), writing, reading comprehension,
Spanish, and all three SAT sections. I have tutored through
private companies, taught on a study abroad program and at a
private high school, tutored with private individuals, and
served as a teaching assistant for 2 classes at Brown.  I am
looking for students who either need a little extra help, or
a little extra challenge, in any academic subject for the
coming year. I can also help prepare students for their
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I have a complete teaching/tutoring resume
available, and am happy to offer a free first session to see
if I am the right fit for a given student. Many thanks!
Noa Nessim noa.s.nessim[at] 7329477754


Jul 11 2013

I'm UC Berkeley graduate and current Anthropology graduate student at UC 
Davis, writing my dissertation on Peruvian environmental politics from my home 
in North Oakland. I tutor a variety of subjects including: Spanish- I lived for 2 
years in Peru and Mexico and conducted all of my dissertation research in 
Spanish. German- I have an undergraduate minor in German and lived in 
Germany for 6 months, studying the language.  Writing and Reading 
Comprehension- As a graduate student instructor and college lecturer, I have 
years of experience teaching students critical reading and writing skills.  Math 
and Science- My undergraduate degree in Environmental Biology prepares me 
to teach mathematics, biology, chemistry, ecology, and geology. History and 
Social Studies- As an anthropology student this material is my bread and 
butter! I also have experience teaching ESL. I have a flexible schedule 
throughout the summer and fall. I look forward to hearing from you! 
Stefanie stgraeter[at] 5103881213


Jun 20 2013

My senior year of high school I tutored an eighth-grade girl in multiple 
subjects, and have worked as a babysitter for kids of all ages. I recently finished 
my first year at Wellesley College with a GPA of 3.48, and am planning to major 
in psychology with a focus in child development. I recently completed a course 
on developmental psychology, and I work during the school year at the a local 
preschool as an assistant teacher for three- and four-year-olds. I graduated 
from The College Preparatory School in 2012 with a 3.4 GPA. I received high 
grades in all my subjects, and took AP tests in English Literature, Calculus, and 
Spanish, receiving scores of 5 on English and Calculus and a 4 on Spanish. My 
senior year of high school, I took the SAT and SAT II subject tests; I received a 
cumulative score of 2270 on the SAT- 770 writing, 760 Critical Reading, and 
740 on math, a 780 on the Mathematics Level II SAT II, and a 760 on the 
Literature SAT II.
Shelby sabeles[at] 


Jun 17 2013

My name is Iden, and I'm a senior at SFSU looking for
tutoring work throughout the Oakland, Piedmont, and Berkeley
area. I can tutor Math subjects through Pre-Calculus, SAT
and ACT test prep, many Science subjects, and English!
I will be graduating SFSU with a B.S. in Biology with a
concentration in Physiology this fall.

I can travel to homes, businesses, or libraries for tutoring
lessons, and my rate is $50/hour on a sliding scale. I have
over 6 years of tutoring experience, including working 2
years for The Princeton Review. All of my students have
enjoyed my style because they get the full picture and learn
about the ways subjects and ideas are connected and related,
which builds a strong foundation not only for the subjects I
tutor, but for all more advanced subjects after that.

Please feel free to call or email me about appointments or
any other questions you might have. Excellent references are
available upon request.
Iden Dodd theguruofreason[at] (415) 400-6261


Jun 16 2013

Hi, my name is Jessica. I am a local teacher and tutor. I am seeking summer 
tutoring positions. Please see my website for information about me and my 
availability: Please contact me at with a description of your student's needs and your 
availability. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Jessica Tucker tuckerstutoring[at] 


Jun 13 2013

Rebecca, a Berkeley High rising senior, can tutor math
through trigonometry, biology, reading and writing. Her
experience includes leading a writing group at school, and
also doing math tutoring.
Rebecca Landorf1[at] 


Jun 05 2013

I am a Brown University student and I have been tutoring for over six years. I 
can tutor students in math, biology, english, history, spanish, college 
admissions work, and test prep. I am living in Oakland this summer from June 
15-August 15 and can commute to most of the East Bay area. 
Recommendations available. Hourly rate is negotiable. 
Cassidy Bennett cassidy_bennett[at] 


May 29 2013

Former teacher (California credential) will tutor in my Lamorinda home or yours.
My graduate background in psychology and experience working with all sorts of 
children as an attorney, mediator and teacher, plus successful tutoring of my 
own four children (including learning disabled) mean I know how to inspire and 
motivate your child, and can often remedy a learning problem that has not been 
properly diagnosed.  Accelerated learning for the gifted, fun reading lessons for 
eager preschoolers, drills and memorization, problem solving math for middle 
schoolers, writing for all ages are some of my specialties.  References.
Bo Forrest glovie2[at] 


May 28 2013

I am a 20 year old Brown University student living in Oakland this summer. I 
have six years of experience tutoring. I can tutor English, Spanish, Math 
(through Pre-Calculus), Science, and do Test Prep. I was a tutor throughout high 
school for high school and middle school students and I tutored at a local 
elementary school. 
I will be available this summer from June 12 through August 16. I am available 
most Tuesdays and Thursdays all day and most Weeknights/Evenings and 
References available. 
Cassidy Bennett cassidy_bennett[at] 


May 23 2013

Hello! My name is Nancy and I recently completed my BA in Statistics at UC 
Berkeley. I would love to help your child with any of the following subjects:

-- Math (1-12th grade)
-- Statistics 
-- English Writing and Reading Comprehension
-- French grammar
-- SAT/ACT prep
-- Study/note-taking skills and organization
-- Presentation skills

I enjoy working with people and hold your child's self-confidence as a priority. 
Please feel free to email me for a complete resume and to arrange a phone 
conversation. I don't have a car, but I live in North Berkeley very close to 
campus. Base rate is 35$ per hour; $45 for two students. Meeting places to be 
Nancy Organ nancyorgan[at] 


May 23 2013

? Sciences: Biology (AP), Chemistry, all middle school &
elementary levels? Math: most levels and subject areas for
middle school & high school? The Social Sciences: History,
Government, Economics and Politics?Humanities: Literature,
Critical Reading and Writing, Grammar, Oral Composition?
Languages: English, Spanish and German ?English as a Second
Language?tutoring and editing papers? Study skills and
organizational skills?the foundations for any successful
student About me: I have an extensive academic and teaching
background, including two Masters degrees and experience
teaching at UC Berkeley as a PhD student. I very much enjoy
learning, teaching, and helping students to find enthusiasm
for the material they are studying and to build confidence
in their abilities to succeed in life. I work with each
student in a patient, caring, and fun way to address their
individual needs. ? My rates: $40/hr Please contact me for a
full resume and references. Thank you! Annabelle 
Annabelle Drda annabelle.drda[at] 


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