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Parents' reviews of tutors are the opinions of Berkeley Parents Net subscribers. Your own experience may be different.
Announcements from tutors are accepted without review as a service to local parents. Please always check references before hiring!

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Aug 07 2014

Dear Parents: I can offer your child the highest quality 
professional tutoring, to develop critical reading 
and writing skills, prep for the SAT test, or revise
college essays. I have tutored E.Bay high school students 
for 10 yrs, after a career as a college English professor 
and h.s English teacher. I have my PhD in English, my 
M.A.T. in English Education (Cal certified), and have 
published extensively on both literature and teaching.
   My students consistently raise their English grades and 
SAT scores (sometimes as high as 250-300 points). I work on 
all English skills--critical reading, essay writing, and 
grammar/usage/vocabulary skills. I offer rigorous, kid-
friendly test preparation, with more expertise and 
individual attention than others can offer. Many references 
available from families I have worked with. Reasonable 

Jeffrey Segall

Jeffrey Segall jasegall[at] 510.206.8847
Jeffrey Segall jasegall[at] 510.206.8847


Aug 06 2014

I am a first year student at UC Berkeley. In high school I 
achieved a perfect score on the PSAT math section, as well 
as a 35 on the math and science sections of the SAT. I also 
scored a 780 on the SAT biology subject test, a 770 on the 
SAT chemistry subject test and a 760 on the SAT math II 
subject test. Although my reading and writing scores were 
not superb (Still 99th percentile) I prefer to tutor in the 
math and sciences. I prefer to tutor at local places and not 
private homes. 
Rahim Noorani Rahimnoorani[at]berkeley,edu 832-421-4689


Jun 16 2014

SAT tutoring.  Scored 2390/2400 when I took the exam in 2008.  
Recently took the GRE so I've been refreshed on test taking 
skills.  Graduate student in Public Health at UC Berkeley.  
Nicoletta Commins nicolettacommins[at] 


May 23 2014

I have been tutoring, teaching and developing educational 
materials for 23 years 
since graduating summa cum laude from Harvard with a BS in 
Biology in 1987.

I help students improve their grades and feel more confident 
through my individualized approach, ability to make concepts 
clear, and easy-going but focused approach. I can help 
students improve in:
all math, including pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, 
geometry, trigonometry, pre-Calculus, and Calculus, biology, 
chemistry, and physics, writing, general organization and 
homework support, and SAT and ACT.

I am ideally suited to act as a ''one-stop shop'' for a 
student's overall academic support.

My interests outside of academics include poetry-writing, 
guitar-playing, and comedy screenwriting. 

Please visit my website at 
I have outstanding references available upon request.

Chris Dingman
Chris Dingman crookedroadsband[at] 5104995979


May 07 2014

SAT Subject tests are important!

To improve your chances for admission to the college of 
your choice, do not overlook the importance of SAT Subject 
tests. For many students it is easier to get great scores 
on the SAT Subject tests than it is on the SAT Reasoning 
test, since they can choose their two or three strongest 
subjects! Also, many students who do not do as well as 
expected on the SAT Reasoning test, but are otherwise good 
students, tend to do better on the ACT test. 

I have been tutoring standardized tests in Berkeley and 
its vicinities, with great success, for the last 13 years.

I tutor for all sections of the SAT Reasoning and ACT 
tests, for SAT Math Level 2 / Level 1 and Literature Subject 
tests, and for the SSAT/ISEE tests. For more info 
see ''parent recommendations''. 

Contact Mo Rahmoun at: 510-367-5829 or 510-763-9627,
or by e-mail at:
Mo Rahmoun bcfcl[at] 


Apr 28 2014

Prepare for end-of-year exams with an experienced and effective test prep 
expert. I can help with upcoming June SAT & ACT exams (all sections of both), 
SAT Subject Tests, and tough finals.
Learn more at my web site,, or get in touch by email 
( or phone (917.655.5042) to talk more about how 
I can help your student finish the year strong.
Emily Weinstein weinsteintutoring[at] 917-655-5042


Mar 24 2014

It's test prep season, and I can help your student get prepared! 

I am an experienced test prep tutor with a PhD from UC Berkeley in the 
Humanities. I am employed as a tutor with a local tutoring company and also 
have a number of private students.
I have ample experience teaching all parts of the SAT and ACT (math, reading, 
writing, science), and have also taught high school entrance exams such as 
the SSAT and HSPT.

I'm based in Oakland but have students all over the East Bay. I generally 
travel to my students' homes or we meet in a cafe or library. 
My rate is $50/hr, and I can offer a discount group rate. 

Please email me for details, and I'd be happy to provide references and/or a 

I hope to be of assistance!

Rebecca Bodenheimer rebecchina[at] 


Mar 12 2014

Hello, I am a private SAT, ACT, and GRE tutor who has been working in the 
Bay Area for the last few years, before which I graduated from Brown 
University.   I've been trained by two highly successful, innovative, local 
tutoring companies to help students both on test content and strategy and on 
finding a healthier relationship to the tests, which is also conducive to higher 
scores.  In high school I scored a 2150 on the SAT, a 34 on the ACT, and a 
few years ago scored a near-perfect 1580 on the GRE.  If you'd like more 
information about my tutoring style and my rates, or to see my resume, 
please email me.

Zachary Schlosser zacharyschlosser[at] 


Mar 05 2014


I am a current undergraduate senior at UC Berkeley and I have been tutoring 
SAT and ACT test prep since high school. I have taught at test prep centers in 
Taiwan and at the Princeton Review in Berkeley. 

Past tutees have told me I was fun and relatable while being highly effective as 
well! All my tutees have come out with noticeable improvements (at least 500 
points) due to my specialized and targeted method of preparation: I initially 
run through the basics and then quickly narrow focus to students' problem 
areas, thus guaranteeing the most improvement jump in scores. 

I am located in the East Bay and have had extensive experience tutoring 
students from Berkeley High, Alameda High, Oakland Tech, etc. Good luck 
with your search!

Rate: $90/hr for SAT, ACT prep. $60/hr for high school subjects (math, 
chemistry, biology, english) 
Eden Tseng edentseng[at] 


Feb 17 2014

I'm a Yale graduate, writer, and father of students who
attended ivy colleges. 

I tutor SAT/ACT, math and verbal. I understand test anxiety,
math-freeze, I-don't-know-what-to-write block, and
I'll-do-it-later syndrome. 

I help relax and motivate students, demystify questions,
teach effective strategies, identify weak areas and conquer
confusing concepts. We'll go over tests, problem by problem,
to improve skills and maximize scores. I also give mini
'refresher courses' in areas forgotten or never completely
mastered - from solving polynomials to grammatical agreement. 

I'm good at helping kids shine, and work at all levels,
including ADHD. I live in the East Bay and work throughout
the Bay Area.

Additionally, I offer essay coaching and admissions

Reasonable rates. Contact me for a free introductory session.
Percy Angress theivydad[at] 


Feb 05 2014

Between you and me: there is no secret to tutoring the SAT. So why should you 
pay for it as if there was?

With me, pay only $50 per 2-hour in-home tutoring session, and only $40 per 
2-hour out-of-home tutoring session (at a location we mutually agree on). 

I guarantee that I will raise your son's or daughter's scores, make them 
independent of me in just a few sessions, and leave them with better study skills 
that will be useful to them throughout their academic careers.

In addition, I offer the first session at a $10 discount, and I am also open to 
scheduling a free meeting time with the student's parents before sessions begin. 
I am also able to tutor for the SAT French and German subject tests.

My qualifications:

- Over 3 years cumulative experience teaching after school and tutoring in a 
variety of subjects, including the SAT

- A cumulative score of 2180 on the SAT

- A score in the 99th and 97th percentile on the GRE verbal and math sections 

Helene Langlamet hlanglamet[at] 5109267186


Jan 17 2014

Hello BPN Parents!

I am an experienced test prep tutor with a PhD from UC Berkeley in the 
Humanities. I am employed as a tutor with a local tutoring company and also 
have a number of private students.
I have ample experience teaching all parts of the SAT and ACT (math, reading, 
writing), and have also taught high school entrance exams such as the SSAT 
and HSPT.

I am based in Oakland but have students all over the East Bay. I generally 
travel to my students' homes or we meet in a cafe or library. 
My rate is $50/hr, and can offer a discount group rate. 

Please email me for details, and I'd be happy to provide references and/or a 

I hope to be of assistance!

Rebecca Bodenheimer rebecchina[at] 


Jan 07 2014

Mia Sara Bruch, a Berkeley-based tutor, is delighted to offer her services 
helping your teen prepare for the writing and critical reading sections of the 
SAT.  Mia is a graduate of the College Preparatory School and earned both a BA 
and a PhD at Stanford University.  While at Stanford, she received both the 
Golden Prize and the Lieberman Fellowship, the university?s highest honors for 
work in the humanities.  She has collaborated with best-selling authors 
Abraham Verghese (author of Cutting for Stone) and Jonathan Safran Foer 
(author of Everything Is Illuminated) and has done policy writing for the Aspen 
Institute and the Atlantic Council.  She is the winner of Stanford?s Centennial 
Prize for teaching, and taught English and debate to students in College Prep?s 
summer Partners Program.  
Mia can be contacted at miabruch [at]
Mia Bruch miabruch[at] 


Dec 11 2013

Hello Parents and Students, 

I'm Christopher! I'm a graduate of Stanford Univ. and the
Univ. of Washington with a bachelor's degree in Human
Biology and an M.Ed. Also have a CA teaching credential (CTC
Doc. #101252107) and am offering SAT exam tutoring. In
addition to teaching in grade 7-12 classrooms, I have
previously worked for test prep companies including
Revolution Prep in the Bay Area and The Princeton Review
Korea located in the famed Gangnam district of Seoul.

Short or long-term, I can help prepare high school students
to achieve high scores on all sections of the SAT by
improving their subject knowledge as well as test management
skills. I'm friendly, patient and able to meet students in
the East Bay, South Bay and the Peninsula. Give me a call!

rate: $60/hour (negotiable)
phone: 510-710-2162
Christopher Lucas lucas.christopher35[at] 510-710-2162


Nov 14 2013

New to The Bay Area, I am excited to join in the dynamic landscape to inspire 
and empower students. In addition to straight tutoring (SSAT, HSPT, ISEE, SAT, 
ACT and more), my expertise lies in combining traditional test prep with positive 
mindset techniques and time management strategies. Drawing from 
neuroscience, behavior modification, holistic practices, speed reading and 
mindfulness, my students enter high stakes tests calm and confident. I have over 
20 years? experience teaching test prep, including 6 years at The Princeton 
Review. I hold an MA in Education and have certification in Hypnosis, NLP and 
Integrated Life Coaching. My work is available in a forthcoming book published 
and nationally distributed by Nova Press due in stores Spring 2014. Contact me if 
your child wants to excel on an upcoming test, is not yet scoring to his or her 
potential or needs to get rid of test anxiety. I look forward to helping your child 
Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder TPSF director[at] 415-483-9258


Oct 21 2013

Are you looking for an experienced and professional SAT tutor? My name is 
Alexis Bartlow, and I am a seasoned private SAT and ACT tutor. I have experience 
helping both high and low scoring students, and my students have seen score 
improvement from 250 to 550 points! My tutoring style is engaging, warm, and 
informative. An educator at heart, I've found that one to one tutoring is by far the 
most effective way to help students, especially in stressful situations like SAT 
preparation. Every student needs test preparation tailored to his or her specific 
strengths and weaknesses, and I see every tutoring partnership as an 
opportunity to customize my strategies to a student's needs. Originally from the 
Bay Area, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelors in Sociology and minor 
in Education. I am based in San Francisco and can travel all over the Bay Area. 
Please don?t hesitate to email me so we can discuss your student?s personalized 
Alexis Bartlow alexis.b42[at] 8313253186


Oct 16 2013

I am a UC Berkeley PhD with ample experience preparing students for the 
SAT/ACT tests. 
I tutor all parts of the test.

I have a flexible schedule and can travel to your home, or we can meet at a 
cafe or library. I live in Oakland, but am willing to travel to all parts of the East 
My rates are reasonable - $50/hr for test prep - and I can offer a sliding scale 
rate in the case of economic hardship.



Sep 16 2013

Recent Mills College graduate with over three years cumulative experience 
teaching and tutoring offers SAT prep lessons for only $20 an hour.

Au Coquelet caf?, 2000 University Ave. 

From 9am to 3pm every Saturday. 

E-mail or call me to set up an appointment during that time. 

- 2+ years tutoring, both freelance and in a tutoring agency 
- 1+ year teaching French in an after school program in Alameda (Bay Language 
- cumulative SAT score of 2180. 

N.B. I am also available on some days to give in-home tutoring lessons, but 
then different rates apply depending on the length and the cost of commute. 
I also understand completely if parents might have qualms sending their kids to 
me without first knowing who I am, so I am open to setting up a time to meet 
with parents gratis before lessons begin. 
Helene Langlamet hlanglamet[at] (510) 9267186


Sep 15 2013

Effective and Engaging Test Prep and College Admissions Guidance

I am an experienced tutor and recent graduate of Brown University, where I 
studied International Development Studies and the pre-medical sciences. I 
have spent years tutoring, teaching and counseling young people, and can 
guide your child academically and emotionally through this pivotal time. In 
addition to SAT and ACT tutoring in every subject, I am happy to work with 
your student through each stage of the admissions essay and application 
process. My rates are reasonable, and I am willing to come to your home in 
the East Bay or meet in another environment conducive to focused study. 
Please email me for references, rates, or to discuss tutoring strategies. 
Arielle  ariellebalbus[at] 


Sep 08 2013

I have a lot of experience teaching test prep for the SAT,
ACT, SSAT, ISEE, AP exams, and general academic test
preparation. I work a lot with strategies as well as
lessening test anxiety.
 About me: I have an extensive academic and teaching
background, including two Masters degrees and experience
teaching at UC Berkeley as a PhD student. I very much enjoy
learning, teaching, and helping students to find enthusiasm
for the material they are studying and to build confidence
in their abilities to succeed in life. I work with each
student in a patient, caring, and fun way to address their
individual needs. ? My rates: $40/hr Please contact me for a
full resume and references. Thank you! Annabelle 
Annabelle Drda annabelle.drda[at] 


Sep 07 2013

I'm a 2009 UC Berkeley graduate with a Double Bachelors in
Math and Industrial Engineering. I'm currently working as a
Project Manager for a GIS company in the Bay Area. I have
several years of experience tutoring for high school and
college level math, SAT/SAT2 math, as well as experience in
mentoring high school students to work towards college

I live in the East Bay and would love the opportunity to get
to know a student and tutor on a regular basis, up to 4
hours a week. My rate is $45/hour and may be negotiable
depending on your needs and situation. I am willing to meet
anywhere within 20 miles of Berkeley.

If you're interested, please email me with details on the
tutoring needs (grade level, subject, etc.), location, and a
phone number to reach you. Thanks and I look forward to
working with you!
Mursil Makhani mursil[at] 5102999051


Sep 02 2013

Brian Follmer was corporately trained by Kaplan Inc. He holds a Bachelors 
Degree in English from UC Berkeley. His expertise ranges from SAT/ACT to AP 
Tests and the middle school ERB. He specializes in math and reading and 
writing. He can also help with college admissions essays, as well as other 
creative and expository writing.

Lessons are formed to the student's needs, based on practice test 
assessment. Goals are set early on, and extreme improvement is guaranteed.

He's also very funny.
Brian Follmer brianfollmer[at] 818-437-0279


Sep 01 2013

I am a Berkeley-based tutor that specializes in helping
students prepare for the math sections of SAT and ACT.  You
don?t need exceptional talent in math to do well on these
sections.  Conversely, students with a high aptitude for
math often score lower than they should because they get
caught up in the traps laid by these tests.  My
individualized lesson plans help students build the skills
they need in order to do the best they can.  Please visit my
webpage at  I also offer
preparation for the AP Calculus exam, both levels, and the
PSAT.  I have over a decade of math tutoring experience and
am happy to provide references.
Dominica Phetteplace wicked_light_sleeper[at] 


Aug 28 2013

MAXIMIZE YOUR SCORE with an expert tutor in test preparation!

A graduate of Oberlin and Harvard, I have been teaching and
inspiring youth for over 7 years.  With a depth of
experience as an SAT and ACT teacher for 3 different test
prep. companies, I offer students individualized tutoring
with proven results; one of my recent students got a perfect
score on the SAT and another raised her ACT Reading score
from a 25 to a 33.  

In addition to a thorough approach to curricula and
strategies for all sections, I coach students on the
psychological aspects of test preparation. I have a
background also as a meditation instructor and a youth
minister, and I focus on motivating students, instilling
confidence, and relieving test anxiety.  Parents have often
told me that my tutoring was helpful in ways that went way
beyond the test.  

Please contact me anytime at or c:
617-233-0361, and check out my website,
References Available.   
Willie Van Doren vandorenw[at] 617-233-0361


Aug 27 2013

I am a credentialed High School  English Teacher with experience tutoring 
for the SAT.  I can help your student become a better writer and a more 
proficient reader.  I edit student essays and enjoy working with individuals 
and small groups after school.  I work in the East Bay.  Rates are reasonable 
and the first meeting is at a reduced cost to ensure compatibility. If your 
student is challenged but willing to work, I hope you will contact me.
janis falco nanjangabe3[at] 5102829803


Aug 12 2013

Experienced, talented SAT/ACT tutor.

Grew up in Berkeley, attended Berkeley schools.
Graduated from Ivy League college and master's program.
Flexible rates.
Will tutor for charity! (inquire for details)
DOZENS of student/parent references available upon request.

Andrew andrew.hanauer[at] 


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