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Study Skills & Homework Coaching - Announcements

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Sep 06 2014

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable, and kind tutor
for your middle/high school child? 

My name is Jonathan and I help students discover the
pleasures of learning.  I work to find how students learn best and use those 
methods to maximize their ability to learn quickly.   

I have successfully worked with various learning challenges and gear my 
teaching strategies to individual students. 

I creatively approach each subject and student, optimizing
their learning style and needs.  I am patient and playful, and I strive to make 
learning fun and enjoyable.

I have been tutoring in the Berkeley area for the past 3 years and have seen 
how my time with my students boosts their knowledge, confidence, and 
grades.   I specialize in tutoring Biology, Algebra, and Geometry.  I also have 
experience tutoring Spanish, History, Writing, Psychology, Earth Science, and 

My rate is $50/hr. 
Jonathan Twena
Jonathan Twena  jonathantwena[at] 


Sep 05 2014

Are you dreaming of a more relaxed school year? I can help.
I?m an expert, professionally trained tutor with 14 years of experience who 
can help your child feel more confident, comfortable, and successful 
With my unique mix of skills and experience, I create a program tailored to 
your child that will improve their school experience and their self-worth.
I help children move through resistance and fear to identify their strengths so 
they can become successful, motivated students who excel in school and in 
I offer academic tutoring, homework help, and study skills for children and 
teens in multiple subjects including reading, writing, English, history, basic 
math, history, and psychology. My areas of expertise are with writing and 
reading. I also offer SAT prep. 
Katrina Martin, MA katrina[at] 510-761-8047


Aug 29 2014

Mentor and Learning Coach-5th to 9th graders 

Kind, patient mentoring and support for who kids who are 
adopted, impacted by ADHD, Asperger's  or other 
conditions.  Work with: 5th graders to help them prepare 
for 6th grade, Middle schoolers to help them thrive and 
9th graders to help them successfully transition to high 
school.  All subjects, but am particularly strong in 

I bring a kind hearted, empathetic approach, coupled with 
gentle truth telling and a desire to help students build 
resilience and self-reliance.  I also help them learn how 
to get organized, manage their  time, and to study and 
think more effectively.

I work primarily with students in their homes in Oakland 
and in SE  Berkeley (South of Dwight and East of MLK Jr).

Naval Academy grad, MBA, retired high tech sales and 
marketing exec.  Coordinated  mentoring program at Bishop 
O'Dowd.  Have worked with students who attend both public 
and private schools. 
Dusty Sykes dusty[at] 5105908681


Aug 21 2014

My name is Kevin Arnold. I've been working as a teacher, academic 
tutor and homework coach throughout the thriving Berkeley community 
for over 14 years. 

Currently, I'm accepting new students who are seeking to improve their 
study skills and writing, and learn how to organize and manage their 
own educations. 

Over time, I've learned that effective tutoring is more than knowing a 
subject - it's knowing how to connect with students and teach in a 
relaxed and inspiring way. I approach my students in a good-humored, 
confident and knowledgeable manner. This approach allows them to 
feel relaxed and focused, which truly allows them to learn a subject or 
new skill. Please feel free to give me a call for a consultation, and to 
explore my website for more information.

Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold kevinarnold333[at] 510-495-7923


Aug 13 2014

I will be teaching MindFlow, a Speedreading and Positive Mindset class for 
students monthly in the Bay Area.

MindFlow combines speed reading, positive mindset, and get taking strategy. 
Students increase their reading speeds as much as four times and improve their 
reading performance an average of 13%. The class helps those ready to dive into 
preparation as well as those seeking to upgrade their current study approach. 

I developed MindFlow as part of the core curriculum of my company, Test Prep 
San Francisco. In addition to Mindflow, I offer workshops, test anxiety relief 
coaching, and individual tutoring for students of all ages. I draw from hypnosis, 
NLP, Integrated Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Sound therapy, Mindfulness, and 

To register: 
For more information:

For more info
Bara Sapir directortpny[at] 415-483-9256


Aug 02 2014

Hi Parents! 

Are you looking for someone who can connect well with middle 
and high school students? Are you looking for someone with 
previous experience as both a Montessori teacher and has 
worked for University of CA teaching at OUSD? I?ve been 
tutoring for 5 years and enjoy witnessing kids get excited, 
even about challenging subjects. Is your child looking for 
someone fun to work with that understands and relates to 
them? If so, then you've met your gal. I have a B.S. in 
Biological Science and will be obtaining my teaching 
credential and M.A. in Education at Mills College. I can 
help in all subjects. I have lots of patience and 
outstanding references. If interested call me at (510) 206-
5436 or email at
Jessica Sund sundances4ever[at] 5102065436


Jul 12 2014

Ignite your child's love for learning and foster a more
positive relationship with school.  One-to-one and group
sessions from a credentialed teacher help students to
succeed in school and transform how they see themselves as

Services include:
* elementary, middle, and high school
* math, science, and language arts
* study skills
* homework coaching
* organization and time management
* test anxiety
* confidence and positive self-talk

Services provided within the city of Alameda.
Ronit Matabuena-Lev love2learn[at] 


Jun 02 2014

Are you looking for a tutor to help manage your child's homework and study 
skills?  I have a range of professional experiences including: 15+ years 
experience working with students. I worked for 8 years in the Washington, D.C. 
public schools as a high school teacher and administrator. I served for 5 years as 
the Dean of Studies (including overseeing the College Counseling dept.) and 
social studies teacher at Lick- Wilmerding HS (private school in SF), and I am 
currently working as an administrator for College and Career programs in SFUSD. 
I am trained as a special education teacher and work well with students who have 
learning challenges. I have strong local references for individual tutoring.
Mary Finn maryelizabethfinn[at] 2027468807


Mar 28 2014

Are you in need of a tutor who can help your child with all 
their school needs - from improving grade scores to getting 
more organized or prepared for tests? Would you like an 
experienced teacher that has also tutored and enjoys even 
the tough subjects? Then I may be your gal. I have B.S. in 
Biology and enjoy learning and passing along my excitement 
for both math and science. I'm animated and have a sense of 
humor which helps kids have fun without even knowing it and 
I connect easily on their level. And most importantly, can 
build their self-confidence and ?can-do? attitude. I can 
teach kids how to get good grades and instill self-
discipline. I'm equally well versed in other subjects as 
well. In addition, I offer services for summer break to keep 
skills sharp. If that sounds like something your family 
needs, please contact me at
Jessica jesssund[at] 


Mar 26 2014

I am The Success Tutor, a cutting-edge East Bay tutor with 14 years 
experience who helps students reach their academic goals while increasing 
their self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. 

I am especially skilled as a success coach: I have helped students get 
organized and motivated, and increase their enthusiasm about school. I create 
individualized programs for each student tailored to their specific needs. I 
include meditation, mindfulness, and intuitive practices.

I have helped many students raise their grades, get into competitive colleges, 
raise their test scores, and feel better about school. 

Sessions are one hour and typically take place at your home.

Contact me at 510-984-1552. Say that you saw my ad here and receive your 
first session free.
Katrina Martin, MA katmartin77[at] 510-984-1552


Jan 29 2014

My name is Kevin Arnold. I've been working as a high school teacher and
academic coach/tutor within the Berkeley community for 12 years. I'm well 
versed in the local curriculums and academic culture of Berkeley.
Currently, I'm accepting new students who are in need of a tutor or academic 
coach for english composition, essay and writing skills, study and 
organizational skills, SAT prep, and college research/applications.
Over time, I've learned that good tutoring is more than knowing a subject ?
it's knowing how to connect with students and teach in a relaxed and engaging
way. I approach my students in a good-humored, confident and knowledgeable
manner. This approach enables my students to feel relaxed, focused and 
interested, which allows them to truly learn a subject. Please feel free to contact 
me for a free consultation, and explore my website for more information. 
Cheers - Kevin Arnold
Kevin Arnold kevinarnold333[at] 510-495-7923


Jan 15 2014

Hello Parents,

I am offering my services as a tutor. A recent transplant to
the Bay Area, I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree
in Art and minors in Physics and Astrophysics with academic
honors.  I have been teaching in the classroom and as a
tutor for the past 10 years, both in the US and abroad.  I
have a comprehensive understanding of learning theory, and
know how to teach to an individual's particular learning

My aim in tutoring is to give an individual the tools to
complete a problem set while also imparting an understanding
of the underlying principals the problem set relies upon. In
this way the student is able to both conceptualize the
theories behind an idea and concretely demonstrate his or
her understanding. 

I am happy to help students in any of the disciplines of
mathematics, physics, astrophysics, writing, etc. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Nathan Kandus nkandus[at] 805-364-2783


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