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May 01 2015

Biology and Math Tutor: UC Berkeley PhD

Hello BPN parents! I'm a biology and math tutor (elementary math, algebra, and 
geometry) and have tutored students of ages from elementary school to college. 
I'm still amazed at how effective one-on-one tutoring can be. One high school 
biology student recently went from getting a ''D'' on a test to scoring 94% on his 
next test after only a few weeks of tutoring. My approach is to have a dialog 
with the student instead of just lecturing, and I ask many questions to find out 
exactly where trouble in understanding occurs, and then focus on those points. 
After discussing a topic, I have the student explain it back to me or solve a 
problem on their own to check their understanding. I just love it when the light 
bulb goes on and a student suddenly understands a concept and says, ''Oh!'' My 
PhD is in biology from UC Berkeley and I have worked as a staff scientist at 
Susan Mashiyama susansharpsongs[at] 


Mar 04 2015

Berkeley Parents or young inclined learners of chemistry, 
My name is Wes Winter, I am a Chemistry Major, and as a UCBerkeley 
Graduate, I am interested in tutoring chemistry. I have six years of tutoring 
experience which I received from privately tutoring, tutoring for schools, and 
working at the Lawrence Hall of Science as a teacher. This past year I 
worked with five young Berkeley high school students which benefitted 
positively from our sessions. All of my students hailed from different schools 
in the East Bay Area and had different levels of chemistry experience. I am 
pretty flexible and can come over for emergency sessions too.  If you have 
any chemically related questions please feel free to call or text me at (661) 
Wesley Winter wswinter92[at] (661) 713-9081


Feb 26 2015


I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and students attending local private/public K-12 schools and 
college with more than 12 years of dedicated tutoring experience (Berkeley, Albany, Piedmont, Bentley, CPS, etc.). Having studied at UC 
Berkeley College of Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of MATH (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, SAT 
Math, etc.) and SCIENCE (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, etc.). Having educated both in Japan and the U.S.I am a native 
speaker of Japanese and I've learned and experienced different cultures, disciplines, demands, perspectives and methods to mastering the 

I'm conveniently located on College Ave in Rockridge and I can travel to most places in East Bay. Feel free to contact me with any questions or 
concerns.Thanks for looking at my ad!

EMAIL: tairi.nishizawa[at]
Tairi Nishizawa tairi.nishizawa[at] 


Jan 14 2015

Hi Parents! 
I'm currently a UC Berkeley student that can offer in-
home tutoring to high school students struggling in 
difficult courses in the subject areas of Math, Biology, 
Chemistry, and Physics! I can also offer helpful advice 
on the SAT, college admissions, writing personal 
statements, and general information on what the college 
environment is like today. 
I have tutored over 300+ hours in both college and high 
school combined, and I prioritize the ability to 
communicate with students in order to teach them in the 
most effective way possible. 
If interested, please contact my email address! 
Thank You!
Kevin Sun academictutor1000[at] 


Dec 16 2014

Hi! I have recently moved to the Bay Area from Brooklyn and 
I am an awesome science tutor. I have experience tutoring 
children of all ages. I am available to tutor students K-
12. Please contact me for more details. I look forward to 
hearing from you!
Benji Marx benjimarxmusic[at] 347-661-3000


Dec 11 2014

Over the past 20 years I?ve tutored everything from upper level 
undergraduate physics to elementary math. I've worked with the full 
spectrum of learners from gifted students to students with learning 

Previously I lectured college, taught at public schools, and co-founded my 
own science summer camp company. I created dedicated age specific 
hands-on science courses for girls and boys. We were known for helping 
students fall in love with science and math in a school-like setting. We were 
able to prove that science can be fun and interesting.

I also specialize in all things test prep (SAT I, SAT II Subject, GRE), having 
designed entire courses for as many as 25 students. Most of my students 
see 40-50% improvements in their test scores. Multiple students of mine 
have gone on to achieve perfect scores on their tests.

I charge $100/hr and will accommodate up to five students for the same 
session cost of $100/hr.
Ryan Nurmela tutor[at] 


Nov 18 2014

I am a native French speaker with 20 years of teaching 
experience in International Schools.
Teacher in Physics and Chemistry, I worked for nine years 
at the European School in Karlsruhe, Germany preceded by a 
period of six years expatriation French High School of 
Vienna Austria after a period of two years in high school 
Franco-German school Buc (France).
Trilingual in German,English and French,I?d be happy to 
help you or your children with Physics,Chemistry and  
I'd be happy to teach in San Francisco, Berkeley and Marin. 
I am posting here to offer my services to high school or 
students who need coaching on learning Physics.
A bientot!
Philippe CARRE 
philippe carre philippecarre[at] 415-529-0670


Nov 02 2014

I am a third year Biochemistry PhD student at UC Berkeley,
based in Berkeley but can commute to nearby cities for
tutoring. I have teaching experience in individual tutoring,
planning and lecturing for courses, and evaluating exams. My
expertise is best suited for helping students in chemistry
and biology courses, although I can provide advise in
physics and computer science if need be. 
Marina Volegova mvolegova[at] 


Oct 22 2014

Science tutor grades 6-12.  Highlights: Raised (and home 
schooled) my own seven kids- - 2 Cal graduates (see, Maggie and Christy are on home page); 1 
UCSB; 1 now at Princeton; 1 now at New England 
Conservatory; 1 now high school home schooling ; #7, my 
only son, is quarterback at local middle school doing 
great academically. I'm a science teacher in mainly-
Latino middle school. Competing across diverse East Bay 
District with 30 schools, my students won six out of 25 
Science Fair prizes. My predecessor school's average 
science rating went from 55 to 85 where I was lead 
science teacher. My method: I was oldest of 7 kids in my 
own growing-up family. To help my siblings, I made 
learning fun with little games and contests. That's how I 
raised my children. I help unleash talent. I will work 
afternoons but prefer Saturday and Sunday. $75 an hour; I 
will meet in a Starbucks or drive to your house.
catherine simpson catherinesimpson2000[at] 4153288473


Oct 13 2014

Hi there, 

My name is Jack McGee, I am a medical school applicant 
(recently accepted!), and science and math tutor in the Bay 
Area. I did well on the MCAT exam, and I have experience 
tutoring algebra, biology, and chemistry to elementary, 
high school as well as college students.

I am available to tutor in the evening times and weekends. 
I am mobile, meaning I can meet you at your home, or a 
designated area. I am a professional, polite, and an 
empathetic person. I relate to youths very well.

I charge 20 per hour, though is all based on a sliding 
scale. If you are unable to afford this, we can talk about 
different options. 

I look forward to hearing from you!
Jack Mcee jackcmcgee[at] 415-971-3924


Oct 02 2014

Hello! I'm Lena. I am a Berkeley native, currently 
tutoring Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science in 
the SF Bay Area. I hold my my B.S. in Environmental 
Toxicology from UC Davis, where I also worked for 
GRADTutors, a company providing math and science tutoring 
to UC Davis students.

I took AP Chemistry with Mr. Glimme at Berkeley High. 
Additionally, I have experience tutoring Mr. Bissel?s 
chemistry students, and am somewhat familiar with his 

I have been tutoring independently in the Bay Area for 
over two years, and I am delighted to continue working 
with so many wonderful families in this community. I also 
enjoy tutoring Latin, Algebra, and Writing.  I like to 
incorporate study skills and time management techniques 
into whatever subject I am tutoring.

Please email me at for more 
information. I offer flexible rates, and can provide 
references upon request.
Lena Chervin lenachervin[at] 


Sep 25 2014

Cal graduate student with a strong passion for science/math education available 
for tutoring. Can tutor upper level high school (including AP) and college 
courses, as well as exam prep (ACT, SAT, AP, etc.). 

Tutoring affords your child the extra edge and one-on-one attention that can 
make all the difference in classes and on exams. My tutoring style emphasizes 
problem solving skills and conceptualization, rather than focusing on just doing 
homework problems. We have a good time!

I am a recipient of several teaching awards from Cal, and references from parents 
of current and graduated BHS students available upon request. I have M.A.s in 
physics and mathematics (from UC Berkeley and Cambridge, respectively). 
Available most evenings and weekends. Rates depend on travel but are on 
average ~$65/hour. We can also meet on or near UC Berkeley campus. Please do 
not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. 

E-mail: .

Aaron mathandphysicsarephun[at] 


Sep 18 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 23-year-old Psychobiology, B.S. graduate from 
UCLA, desiring to enter the medical profession in 
pediatrics. I am very friendly, energetic, responsible, 
organized, and patient, which has gone far in my previous 
9 years of tutoring experience!

I have extensive experience working with children of all 
ages through counseling for summer camps, babysitting, 
and tutoring various subjects. I also volunteered in the 
pediatric department and NICU in Ronald Reagan and Santa 
Monica hospitals, and also with BIA to teach children 
with autism. I enjoy helping children learn and catering 
to each child's specific needs.

Overall, it would be such a pleasure tutoring your child! 
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hye-Min Oh
Hye-Min Oh ohhyemin[at] 


Sep 16 2014


My name is Alli and I recently moved to Oakland after
completing my master's degree in environmental sciences and
management from UC Santa Barbara. I have an undergraduate
degree in biology and extensive experience tutoring middle
school and high school biology, chemistry, physics, and
environmental sciences. While completing my master's I
taught undergraduate chemistry and environmental chemistry. 

I absolutely love science and am excited to help students
master the material while having fun with the subject. I am
flexible with my time and can easily come to your house for
tutoring sessions. My rate is $45 an hour. 

Please contact me by email if you are interested. Thank you!

Alli Rowe rowe.allison[at] (510) 325-6649


Sep 08 2014

Hello Neighbors! 
I am a veteran Biology teacher with 18 years of experience in the classroom. 
Historically, my students have had amazing results on the AP Biology exam 
(including the new exam), as well as on the SAT II Biology and state exams. It's 
never too early to get extra help! Start your child off on the right foot by 
establishing a routine early in the school year. I earned my doctorate in 
education in 2010, and I specialize in test-taking and test-anxiety-relieving 
strategies. I make difficult information interesting and relevant to your child, and 
I have the reputation of making learning fun! 
Give me a call at (718) 877-5461. 
Doron (rhymes with ''Cologne'' :)
Doron Markus doronjmarkus[at] 7188775461


Sep 06 2014

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable, and kind tutor
for your middle/high school child? 

My name is Jonathan and I help students discover the
pleasures of learning.  I work to find how students learn best and use those 
methods to maximize their ability to learn quickly.   

I have successfully worked with various learning challenges and gear my 
teaching strategies to individual students. 

I creatively approach each subject and student, optimizing
their learning style and needs.  I am patient and playful, and I strive to make 
learning fun and enjoyable.

I have been tutoring in the Berkeley area for the past 3 years and have seen 
how my time with my students boosts their knowledge, confidence, and 
grades.   I specialize in tutoring Biology, Algebra, and Geometry.  I also have 
experience tutoring Spanish, History, Writing, Psychology, Earth Science, and 

My rate is $50/hr. 
Jonathan Twena
Jonathan Twena  jonathantwena[at] 


Sep 01 2014

Expert Math and Physics Tutor - All Levels - Children and Adults

I have over 20 years' experience tutoring and teaching
Mathematics and Physics in the East Bay. I started Mayeri
Education after teaching full-time for seven years at two
different private schools in the area. I focus on building
students' confidence through big-picture understanding and
increasing competence in required skills, all while
encouraging students not to fear making mistakes, which are
a crucial part of the learning process.

You can find recommendations for me by following the Parent
Recommendations for Math Tutors link above (you may have to
scroll down as they have come in at various times over the
past few years.)

My website is easy to remember: -
there you can find out more about my experience, rates, and

My office is in downtown Berkeley, near the UC campus, BART,
and Berkeley High School.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Mayeri daniel[at] 


Sep 01 2014


My name is Kaylan, and I am a third-year PhD student in astrophysics at UCB, 
interested in tutoring high school or college Physics and Math.

EXPERIENCE: I just tutored a great high school student who earned a 4 on May 
2014 AP Physics B. His parents kindly wrote a review:

This semester will be my third time TA-ing an intro-astronomy class. I meet with 
sections of 15+ students to teach how to solve problems. I have learned to work 
with different learning styles, which (hopefully) has made me a more effective 

EDUCATION: I have a MA in Astrophysics from UCB and a BS in Physics, 
Astronomy from U of Arizona. In High School, I got a 5 on AP Calculus BC and 4 
on AP Physics B.

FUN FACTS: I am 24, a guy (name may fool you), and am getting married this 
RATE: $60/hour
LOCATION: I can drive or meet halfway. Live in El Cerrito.

Kaylan Burleigh kaylanb[at] 4808624256


Sep 01 2014

Hi. I am a veteran teacher, new to the area, with 18 years of experience 
teaching AP Biology and high school biology. My students have historically 
had excellent results on the AP exam and SAT II biology. My doctorate in 
education focused on test anxiety reduction and test-taking strategies. 
Doron Doronjmarkus[at] 718-877-5461


Aug 31 2014

Berkeley Parents or young inclined learners of chemistry, 
My name is Wes Winter, I am a Chemistry Major, and as a UCBerkeley Senior, I 
am interested in tutoring chemistry. I have six years of tutoring experience 
which I received from privately tutoring, tutoring for schools, and working at 
the Lawrence Hall of Science as a teacher. This past year I worked with two 
young Berkeley High Students which benefitted positively from our sessions. For 
those interested in long term weekly sessions I offer my first session free. I am 
pretty flexible and can come over for emergency sessions too.  If you have any 
chemically related questions please feel free to call or text me at (661)713-
Wesley Winter wswinter92[at] (661) 713-9081


Aug 29 2014


I'm a senior at UC Berkeley, completing my final year as a Integrative Biology 
major. In high school, I received an 800 on my SAT Biology Subject test, as well 
as a 5 on my AP Bio score, an 800 in SAT Math II, 2400 on my SAT I, as well as a 
5 on AP Chemistry and a 780 on the SAT Chemistry Subject test. I've tutored high 
school students before as well as fellow college undergraduates, and am 
available for one-on-one or group tutoring in the Berkeley area. 

I've recently finished reviewing most science subjects for the MCAT and recently 
took it, and so I feel can tutor/teach test prep for any sort of Biology, Math, or 
Chemistry course for high schoolers. I have great references and experience 
tutoring high schoolers, so please feel free to contact me!

Name: Terisa Yiin
Email: terisa_yiin[at] OR terisa.yiin[at]
Phone: (510) 386-5607, text or call
Terisa Yiin terisa_yiin[at] (510) 386-5607


Aug 16 2014

Subjects: Math (prealg-calc 2), chemistry (basic, AP, organic), Physics (basic, 
AP), SAT preparation

Greetings Parents!

My backround is in chemistry; I have a BS from the university of colorado at 
boulder and spent 2 years as the manager of a biodiesel laboratory doing 
catalyst research. Since then I have been teaching at a non-traditional 
highschool where day to day I work one on one with students in math and 
science. I am not simply a teacher, or a tutor, but a mentor, and can help your 
child not just to complete their homework but to understand the material 
presented, leading to better test grades and classroom participation. By using 
multiple resources and techniques I have had much success helping students 
to overcome obstacles, even severe ones such as learning disabilities and 
motivational issues.
I have also been tutoring SAT prep for 2 years.
Jacob Howard jacobfhoward[at] 


Aug 06 2014

I am a first year student at UC Berkeley. In high school I 
completed all four AP Science Courses achieving a 5 in 
Biology, Environmental Science and Physics B as well as a 4 in 
Chemistry. I received a 35 on the ACT science section and a 
780 on the SAT biology subject test. I am available to teach 
all science subjects from K-12 as well as test preparation for 
the SAT and ACT science sections.  
Rahim Noorani Rahimnoorani[at]berkeley,edu 8324214689


Aug 02 2014

Hi Parents! 

Are you looking for someone who can connect well with middle 
and high school students? Are you looking for someone with 
previous experience as both a Montessori teacher and has 
worked for University of CA teaching at OUSD? I?ve been 
tutoring for 5 years and enjoy witnessing kids get excited, 
even about challenging subjects. Is your child looking for 
someone fun to work with that understands and relates to 
them? If so, then you've met your gal. I enjoy subjects like 
Biology and Algebra and can help make them fun and simple to 
learn. I have a B.S. in Biological Science and will be 
obtaining my teaching credential and M.A. in Education at 
Mills College. I can help in all subjects. I have lots of 
patience and outstanding references. If interested call me 
at (510) 206-5436 or email at
Jessica Sund sundances4ever[at] 5102065436


Jul 27 2014


I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and 
students attending local private and public K-12 and college for 12 years 
(Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, Piedmont).  Having studied at UC Berkeley 
College of Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of 
MATH (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, SAT Math, etc.) and SCIENCE 
(Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, etc.).  Having educated both in 
Japan and the U.S. I am a native speaker of Japanese and I've learned and 
experienced different cultures, disciplines, demands, perspectives and methods 
to mastering the subjects.

Currently I am accepting some more students until full.  Feel free to contact me 
with any questions or concerns through my email address shown here.  Thank 
you very much for looking at my ad!

EMAIL:  tairi.nishizawa[at]
TAIRI NISHIZAWA tairi.nishizawa[at] 


Jul 12 2014

Ignite your child's love for learning and foster a more
positive relationship with school.  One-to-one and group
sessions from a credentialed teacher help students to
succeed in school and transform how they see themselves as

Services include:
* elementary, middle, and high school
* math, science, and language arts
* study skills
* homework coaching
* organization and time management
* test anxiety
* confidence and positive self-talk

Services provided within the city of Alameda.
Ronit Matabuena-Lev love2learn[at] 


Jun 17 2014


I am available to tutor through mid-August. I just graduated from Yale 
University with a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. I 
attended Berkeley High School, and would be delighted to provide homework 
assistance, study and test-taking skills, and tutoring in any subject K-12, 
although my specialty areas are chemistry and biology. I am qualified to tutor 
SAT prep, SAT subject tests, ACTs, select AP exams, and assist with the 
college application process. 

As a Bay Area local, I tutored Berkeley High Students in math, chemistry, and 
biology for four years, and have experience as a private tutor as well. I am 
available for group as well as private tutoring with flexible hours.  

References and further information upon request. Please contact me at my 
email address:

Claire Donnelley
Claire Donnelley claire.donnelley[at] 


Jun 16 2014

Hi, my name is William. I recently graduated from UC 
Berkeley with a bachelors in chemical engineering, currently 
work at UCSF and am planning to apply to medical school 
soon. I also live in the Berkeley area. 

I have TA'd general biology, led review sessions, and 
tutored physics and chemistry for classmates for 3 years. I 
love sharing my passion for math and science as well as 
helping others improve their understanding. My subjects are: 
math, physics, chemistry, and biology. 
William Yuan
William Yuan william.yuan[at] 4085696546


May 23 2014

I have been tutoring, teaching and developing educational 
materials for 23 years since graduating summa cum laude from 
Harvard with a BS in Biology in 1987.

I help students improve their grades and feel more confident 
through my individualized approach, ability to make concepts 
clear, and easy-going but focused approach. I can help 
students improve in:
all math, including pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, 
geometry, trigonometry, pre-Calculus, and Calculus, biology, 
chemistry, and physics, writing, general organization and 
homework support, and SAT and ACT.

I am ideally suited to act as a ''one-stop shop'' for a 
student's overall academic support.

My interests outside of academics include poetry-writing, 
guitar-playing, and comedy screenwriting. 

Please visit my website at 
I have outstanding references available upon request.

Chris Dingman
Chris Dingman crookedroadsband[at] 5104995979


May 20 2014

As an educational consultant; Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA, tutors 
students in chemistry, biology, and physics for general-
education, advanced, honors, AP, International 
Baccalaureate, and college curriculum. 

Lorraine, who is located in the Bay Area, enjoys working 
with a wide array of families who are discerning and know 
that investing in their children brings positive qualitative 
and quantitative returns on investment.

A Savvy U investment includes one-on-one work with a student 
at his or her home, local library, Lorraine?s downtown 
Oakland office, or another location per the client?s choice; 
engaging sessions that help a student understand the basics, 
concept connections, challenging material, and the academic 
skills necessary to improve performance in the short term 
and long term.

Lorraine earned a BA in Chemistry from Texas A&M and an MS 
in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon.

$100 per hour; two-hour minimum; initial consultations 
Lorraine Lyman Lorraine[at] 510-768-7922


May 11 2014

I am a private tutor with a proven track record. Every student who I have worked 
with has seen their grades and interest level in their material increase. 

I work organically, providing simplified, illustrative  strategies that are easy to 
grasp and apply. My patient, fun and individualized approach to teaching has 
helped many students to master coursework and become more successful 

I am currently pursuing my PhD at UC Berkeley in Visual Neuroscience.


All levels of Biology, Chemistry and up through High School level Mathematics.

''Patrick tutored our son during the 2010-2011 school year in Biology and Math, 
when our son was a sophomore in High School. Patrick is a wonderful tutor, both 
as a person and as a subject expert. He managed to get our son interested in 
these subjects, developed a great working relationship with him and the net 
result was that our son improved his grades from a D to a B. Patrick is very 
Patrick[at] 408-205-0483

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