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Tutors for Other Languages - Announcements

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Parents' reviews of tutors are the opinions of Berkeley Parents Net subscribers. Your own experience may be different.
Announcements from tutors are accepted without review as a service to local parents. Please always check references before hiring!

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May 24 2012


I've been teaching Korean years in SF IIC, Eastbay Korean 
School, and Berkeley class. Currently I have some extra 
time to do tutoring. Please ask me for more details.
I do have a website for children who are not able to go to 
Korean I am planning to add 
more materials and grammar part for adults. 
Tutoring will be $25 per hour.
Nikki Choi teaji[at] 

Modern and Ancient Greek

(no announcements during the past year)

Hindi and Sanscrit

Sep 08 2013

I tutor students in Sanskrit and Hindi. I have studied
Sanskrit for seven years mainly at UC Berkeley and in
England. I also have studied Hindi for five years at UC
Berkeley and in India for half a year. I love teaching new
alphabets to students!
 About me: I have an extensive academic and teaching
background, including two Masters degrees and experience
teaching at UC Berkeley as a PhD student. I very much enjoy
learning, teaching, and helping students to find enthusiasm
for the material they are studying and to build confidence
in their abilities to succeed in life. I work with each
student in a patient, caring, and fun way to address their
individual needs. ? My rates: $40/hr Please contact me for a
full resume and references. Thank you! Annabelle 
Annabelle Drda annabelle.drda[at] 


May 31 2012

Languages: Hindi and Sanskrit

University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts, 2012 
With Distinction and Highest Honors in South and Southeast Asian Studies 
University of California Education Abroad ? Delhi University (Fall 2010)

About Me:
The first foreign language I studied was Spanish. This language came to me 
quite easily since I had been hearing it my whole life. When I took my first 
Hindi class I assumed the language would just seep into my brain. I quickly 
discovered this was not the case and learned that diligent study habits were 
the key to success.

My philosophy: 
Studying a language is not about having an ear for the language; it is about 
knowing how to STUDY a language. Developing a study system that works for 
you is the key to being successful.  

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship    for Hindi (2011), UC Berkeley 
Library Prize for Undergraduate Research (2012)
Kashi Gomez kashi.gomez[at] 


Apr 02 2013

*Learn Brazilian Portuguese*

Conversational Portuguese 1: Brazilian Accent 
This 6 week Conversational Portuguese language course is an
introduction to the Portuguese language and culture using
Brazilian pronunciation. Participants will learn basic
vocabulary and grammar as well as useful phrases needed when
traveling and doing business in Portuguese speaking
countries. Conversation is encouraged through interactive
activities. Cultural visual materials will be presented and
used to aid with communication skills. 
No previous knowledge of the language required.

When: Thursdays, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m( April 25th to May 30th)
Tuition: $89.00
Andreia Cardoso andreialedio[at] 1-510-223-3320

Sign Language

(no announcements during the past year)


(no announcements during the past year)

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