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Math Tutors - Announcements

Please note:
Parents' reviews of tutors are the opinions of Berkeley Parents Net subscribers. Your own experience may be different.
Announcements from tutors are accepted without review as a service to local parents. Please always check references before hiring!

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Mar 31 2015

Statistics Tutor Solely Dedicated to the Subject

My name is Eric and I am located in Berkeley.  I tutor all 
areas of Statistics and no other subjects. I am much more 
likely to be able to assist you than many of the Math and 
Science tutors who claim they also tutor Statistics.

Some areas of Statistics that I commonly help students with 
include: Probability, z Scores, Binomial Distributions, 
Hypothesis Testing, T-Tests, ANOVAs, Linear Regression and 
using SPSS.

I have a Master's Degree in Applied Statistics and an 
undergraduate degree in Psychology from Cal State East Bay. 
I have ten years experience tutoring privately.

I have helped students from many schools including Cal State 
East Bay, San Francisco State, Berkeley City and Laney 
Community Colleges and AP High School Students. 

I am currently available and charge $35 per hour. Feel free 
to contact me, via email at Eric.Easton@GMail.COM or at 
(510) 688-6200 if you have any questions.
Eric Easton Eric.Easton[at]GMail.COM 510-688-6200


Mar 16 2015

I am a math tutor with a math degree and 18 years 
tutoring experience.  Before entering private practice, I 
was the Head Math Tutor at the Student Learning Center at 
UC Berkeley, where I trained tutors and TAs.
I use an Empathetic Socratic approach.  My specialty is 
helping students cope with low self-esteem and rebound 
from classroom neglect.  I tutor all levels of high 
school math, including calculus and post-calculus. 
I also offer instruction in biology, chemistry, physics 
and the Python programming language.  I am active in 
increasing the diversity of the Tech community through 
such organizations as Women Who Code and Girl Develop It.
I tutor in Berkeley, Oakland and Orinda.  My rate is $70 
an hour.
Dominica Phetteplace wicked_light_sleeper[at] 510-666-1088


Mar 09 2015

With a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and many years of 
experience in teaching, I can help your son or daughter achieve their learning 
goals. I also hold a Masters in Social Work and have many years of experience in 
helping youth setting goals and achieving them. With my knowledge about 
math, teaching and clinical work, I can help you or your loved ones experience 
the empowering journey of learning. I believe everyone can learn math, be great 
at it, and connect with joy of learning that would reduce stress and increase 

Contact me for more details by calling (858) 413-7591 or visiting my website at
sahar sadigh pour sahar.sadighpour[at] (858) 413-7591


Mar 04 2015

Berkeley Parents or young inclined learners of mathematics, 
My name is Wes Winter, I am a Chemistry Major, and as a UCBerkeley 
Graduate, I am interested in tutoring mathematics and chemistry. I have six 
years of tutoring experience which I received from privately tutoring, tutoring 
for schools, and teaching at the Lawrence Hall of Science. This past year I 
worked with five young Berkeley high school students which benefitted 
positively from our sessions. For those interested in long term weekly 
sessions I offer SAT classes and self written curriculum on a case by case 
system. I am pretty flexible and can come over for emergency sessions too.  
If you have any chemically or mathematical related questions please feel free 
to call or text me at (661)713-9081
Wesley Winter wswinter92[at] (661)713-9081


Mar 01 2015

Tahmid Rahman
? (510)-220-8921?


Detail oriented, reliable and mature college student very
friendly and eager to teach, seeking position as a tutor.


Saint Francis Xavier?s Greenherald International School,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Advance Level (High School Diploma), May 2014

Currently enrolled in Merritt college. All college
transferable courses with higher calculus. (very flexible


?        Private Tutor, December 2013- April 2014 

           Assisted grade 11 students with math, chemistry,
physics and received outstanding evaluations.  

?        Head Organizer and Coordinator of Interschool Events
January 2010- May 2014
             Organized and coordinated interschool debating
competitions and interschool science festivals 


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook),
Internet, Social Media and PhotoScape 


Photography and Soccer
Tahmid Rahman tahmidrahman12[at] 510-220-8921


Feb 26 2015

Are you looking for an expert math teacher who connects well 
with students, hones in right in the moment on exactly what 
your child needs, teaches study skills in each session, uses 
the student?s time efficiently,  is gentle yet thorough, and 
is gifted at bringing out the best in her students?

My name is Tralee Johnson, MA, MFT. I taught math for 10 
years before opening ?Great Math Tutoring?.  I work with 
students of all ages who are; motivated, underachieving, 
sensitive, creative or artistic, demoralized, and/or math 
anxious. In a supportive environment, students feel 
comfortable to ask all their questions

Besides 1-1 and group tutoring, I lead a workshop, ''GO 
FIGURE!'', for girls in grades 5 to 8.  Girls learn to 
become independent problem solvers using math games, 
puzzles, and riddles.  

You can find more information about these services on my 
website at: Tralee Johnson, MA, 
LMFT, or you can call me at 415 508 ? MATH.
Tralee Johnson GreatMathTutoring[at] 415 508 MATH


Feb 26 2015


I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and students attending 
local private/public K-12 schools and college with more than 12 years of dedicated tutoring experience 
(Berkeley, Albany, Piedmont, Bentley, CPS, etc.).  Having studied at UC Berkeley College of Chemistry 
(B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of MATH (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, 
SAT Math, etc.) and SCIENCE (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, etc.).  Having educated 
both in Japan and the U.S. I am a native speaker of Japanese and I've learned and experienced different 
cultures, disciplines, demands, perspectives and methods to mastering the subjects.

I'm conveniently located on College Ave in Rockridge and I can travel to most places in East Bay.  Feel 
free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking at my ad!

EMAIL: tairi.nishizawa[at]
Tairi Nishizawa tairi.nishizawa[at] 


Feb 24 2015


My name is Zhimin (I go by Jay), and I'm a PhD student at 
UC-Berkeley. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I obtained a 
master's degree from Yale University. My academic 
background is rigorous and quantitative, and I can tutor 
math subjects ranging from calculus, to linear algebra, 
to probability, and to statistics. Alternatively, I can 
tutor Mandarin Chinese or Cantonese. Please feel free to 
contact me at[at]berkeley[dot]edu if you're 
looking for a tutor. Rates depend on the difficulty of 
the subject. I live in Berkeley.

Jay Li[at] 


Feb 22 2015

Math Tutor Available (K-5)

Does your child have low math confidence and/or struggle with place value, 
addition/subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions or problem solving? I 
currently teach and tutor in San Francisco and would love to work with students 
in the East Bay as well (where I live). I am happy to travel to your home, or meet 
in a neutral location. I specialize in supporting children gaining confidence, 
enjoying math and performing in the classroom. I look forward to hearing from 
you. References available upon request.
Christopher chris.cjain[at] 7193376981


Feb 13 2015

Eniko SeenfromDiablo Highlands
Hello!, I have, until recently been teaching calculus, 
algebra, statistics, Java, Science at first two years 
college level. I have been tutoring students from middle 
school to undergrad college level, also I have prepared 
students for SAT, GED.  If you are interested in tutoring 
for your child or would like a chat to discuss how I 
could be of help, I would be happy to do so.

The first session is free. 
70 dollars per hour
10 sessions in advance the fee is $600.5 session 325.
Groups up to 6 welcome. We can arrange a fee.

I can provide tutor sessions at any time, day evening or 
weekends, (if I am not already booked.)
I also provide intensive day or week sessions for exam 
preparation or catch up. 
Phone number: 925 683 9838
Eniko Seen, MS in Computer Science, MS in EE
Eniko  enikos[at] 


Feb 12 2015

Hey there! My name is Nick and I'm a double major in English Literature and 
Economics at Cal. I graduated high school in 2011 with a weighted GPA of 
4.51 and an unweighted GPA of 3.91. I excel in all sorts of subjects, especially 
mathematics, English, and American history. I'm also a highly qualified SAT 
tutor. I'm very up-to-date with the test, as I only took it two years ago. My 
score breakdown is as follows: 790 in Critical Reading, 780 in Math, 710 in 
Writing, 2280 Composite. I've been tutoring elementary, junior high, and high 
school kids for five years now, and even after all that time, I'm hard-pressed 
to call it a job. Being a student myself, I know what makes kids tick. Whether 
it's through humor, sports, or what have you, I can find ways to connect to 
kids. And once I earn their trust, getting them interested in learning is 
nothing more than a cakewalk. If you're interested, I am too. Contact me!
Nick Bacarella nickbacarella[at] 7325465841


Feb 09 2015

May 17 2014

College calculus, algebra, geometry, linear algebra, Java, C++.
Prepare math & science for SAT, ACT, GED tests.
I tutor college students, highschool, younger children, home
schoolers, and adults. 
About me: Tutoring about 8 years, I am an IT professional, I
have a MS in Computer Science, and MS in Electrical 
Engineering. I taught as a lecturer at colleges: algebra,
statistics, calculus.
I had great results, references upon request.

Sessions at your house/or my house. 
Areas: San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Pleasanton, Dublin. 
Current rates are: $70/hour, 2xhour= $130; groups of two: 
$60/student; groups of three: $55/student; or open to 
different arrangements. Package of 10 classes 10% off. From 
my experience, teaching in groups of 2 up to 4 students 
helps problem solving.

My goal is to facilitate learning, and commit to student's 
Eniko Seen enikos[at] 925 683 9838
Eniko enikos[at] 


Feb 05 2015

Hi Berkeley Parents Network,

My name is Geoffrey Lee, I recently graduated magna cum 
laude from Harvard University with a degree in math and 
was awarded the John Harvard Scholarship in 2012 for 
being in the top 5% of my class. I have been taking 
college level courses since I was a sophomore at Berkeley 
High and for the past 5 years have been studying graduate 
level math. While I was at Harvard, I worked as a course 
assistant in the math department teaching weekly sections 
and helping students with homework. Math is never easy, 
but the right teacher can help students build their own 
intuition and develop healthy study habits. I am an  
easygoing and patient person who tends to get along well 
with others and I'm excited to share my love for 

My rates are $65/hour and I am willing to tutor any level 
of math. If you are interested, please contact me at 

I am willing to provide references upon request. 
Geoffrey Lee glee14[at] 


Feb 01 2015


My name's Thomas and I am a 19 year old taking some time off before I go to 
college at Carlton next fall. I graduated from high school at College Prep, 
known for its academic rigor, with a 3.8 GPA. During high school, I gained 
experience tutoring middle school students with the Partners program. My 
strongest subjects in high school were math, science, and history.

Math Subjects that I can tutor:

Arithmetic (Basic math, multiplication, division, estimation, etc.)
Decimals and fractions
Pre-Algebra (Negative numbers, Exponents, Factors and Primes, Proportions, 
Variables, Order of Operations)

I deeply enjoy engaging with youth. If I had to describe my personality in three 
words, I would say calm, attentive, and caring. I think you will find that I can be 
a fun and engaging tutor. 
Please email me if you are interested or if you have any questions, comments, 
or concerns.
Thomas Scruggs scruggs95[at] 


Jan 19 2015

Greetings! I'm Christopher Wirick, a UC Berkeley graduate in 
Mathematics and Cognitive science. My studies focused on 
calculus, analysis, probability theory, and artificial intelligence.

I tutor for all levels of mathematics, and have particular 
experience with calculus tutoring. My last math student scored 
800 on his SAT math test. 

I don't believe that there is such a thing as being 'talented' at 
math, or almost any discipline outside of sports. Talent is a 
function of preparation and hard work, and these are the 
qualities that I will foster in a student. Where we start is less 
important than the progress made between sessions; I will 
expect hard work outside of tutoring lessons.

$75 for 60 minute lesson
$100 for 90 minute lesson

Hobbies: I am currently the principal oboe of the UC Berkeley 
Symphony, and toured with the group in the summer of 2014. I 
am available for oboe lessons, for a student looking for a real 
challenge :)
Christopher Wirick crwirick[at] 


Jan 12 2015

Math tutor available
One on one math tutor available. Proven methods, fast 
results, over 20 years of experience. For more information 
and to schedule an assessment please contact vanja- or (510) 689-4027.
Vanja Miller vanja-j1[at] 5106894027


Jan 12 2015

I am pleased to announce my availability as a Math Learning
Specialist.  I've spent the past 30+ years in the public
schools teaching Special Education and Independent Study and
am now available to tutor Upper Elementary and Middle School
Math and High School Algebra.
I utilize the Making Math Real Methodology and find that it
works wonders.
I am a credentialed teacher and hold a Master's Degree in
Special Education.
You can find more information on my website  or you can email me
Fees are $60 per 50 min. private session.
Small groups and homeschoolers are welcome.
Call or email for more information.
Thank You,
Robert McKinney rmck50[at] 510 847-3081


Jan 07 2015

Hi, My name is Faith and I am a UCBerkeley graduate of 
Mathematics and have been tutoring math and statistics for 
over a decade. Please contact me to set up an appointment 
or if you have any questions.  925-915-9123.  Faith
Faith faithalways[at] 9259159123


Jan 03 2015

I am a 4th year engineering student at UC Berkeley. I have extensive experience 
in tutoring math for kids of all ages. In the past, I have tutored algebra, pre-
calculus, and calculus. I am also able to help with SAT math.  Please feel free to 
email me or give me a call if you are interested in hiring a private tutor for your 
Martina Brozynski martina.brozynski[at] 817-253-3828


Jan 01 2015


I am a UCLA graduate in engineering. I have experience in 
math tutoring to most levels and ages. Please contact me 
for an appointment or if you have further questions.
Nasrin nasrin_behmanesh[at] 3108045451


Dec 27 2014

Hi Berkeley Parents and Teens, 

You should know that success in math begins with loving your
first math class and building on it year after year.  My
name is Despina; with a doctorate in math,  I have profound
knowledge of the subject matter and many years of teaching
experience with students at different levels.  When tutoring
students in Middle School and High School, I guide them to
build a connection with the subject and improve their
performance.  You will see your student develop their
skills, have fun with math, and markedly improve his/her

With every hour of instruction, students are granted three
10-minute phone/video calls for math questions in the
following week.

Tutoring rate: $120/hour

Note: I will participate in the AIDS LifeCycle event in June, and I am fundraising for the
event; 1/4 of proceeds from all math lessons will go towards
the event, as your tax deductible contribution.
Despina dprapave[at] 


Dec 16 2014

Do your kids know how to do math problems, but not understand why they're 
doing what they're doing?

Do you simply not trust the math curriculum?

Do you have a nagging suspicion that your child's math teacher doesn't actually 
know any mathematics, let alone know how to teach it?

I teach kids how to identify invalid reasoning, and have them learn some simple 
rules of valid mathematical reasoning, which they can use to solve *almost every 
problem* in the curriculum. I also teach kids how to remember arguments, rather 
than methods, and give them practice deriving methods from arguments. 

I'm completely new to the profession, and my teaching/tutoring experience is me 
teaching math to my liberal arts friends in college, and lecturing one high school 

I am patient, I like kids, and I improvise just about everything. 

$40/hour, within 20 miles of Sunnyvale. $55/hour rest of bay area.
zachary kenyon zack.kenyon[at] 7135401725


Dec 16 2014

Hi! Math can be a challenging subject for many students. 
I myself was never a math prodigy but always enjoyed the 
subject. There is  misconception that if you do't 
understand math now, you will never get it. This is 
completely false. Math can be taught and understood in 
creative ways. My approach is to take the math off of the 
page and try to apply it to real world experiences. I 
believe the more ways in which someone can understand an 
idea the better they can grasp it. With this philosophy, 
I guide students through the realm of numbers. I am 
available to tutor students of any age, ranging from 
basic elementary mathematics to calculus. I look forward 
to hearing from you!
Benji Marx benjimarxmusic[at] 347-661-3000


Dec 11 2014

Over the past 20 years I?ve tutored everything from upper level 
undergraduate physics to elementary math. I've worked with the full 
spectrum of learners from gifted students to students with learning 

Previously I lectured college, taught at public schools, and co-founded my 
own science summer camp company. I created dedicated age specific 
hands-on math and science courses for girls and boys. We were known for 
helping students fall in love with math and science in a school-like setting. 
We were able to prove that science can be fun and interesting.

I also specialize in all things test prep (SAT I, SAT II Subject, GRE), having 
designed entire courses for as many as 25 students. Most of my students 
see 40-50% improvements in their test scores. Multiple students of mine 
have gone on to achieve perfect scores on their tests.

I charge $100/hr and will accommodate up to five students for the same 
session cost of $100/hr.
Ryan Nurmela tutor[at] 


Nov 28 2014

I am an experienced California math teacher and tutor for high school 
subjects. Most recently, I have been tutoring my colleagues kids but would 
like to add one more student.
Kathleen Krier kkrier[at] 415-728-3889


Nov 18 2014

Most often, students struggle with math because they weren't
taught the fundamentals of math concepts in a concrete way
that makes sense. 

Without an understanding and fluency in these math codes,
the struggle to keep up continues. Math does not need to be
stressful! Math is NOT hard!

Utilizing Making Math Real strategies and teaching methods,
I will tutor your child to truly understand concepts of
place, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication
and division. 

I use proven methods that build fluency in addition,
subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  This
instruction style is particularly helpful for dyslexic students.

I am available 9 - 1 pm (Monday - Friday). My rates are
reasonable and I am available to travel to your child's home
or school.
Cristina cristina_warner[at] 


Nov 14 2014

A sharp and holistic approach to test preparation and academic tutoring in 
the Bay Area


I'm Nat. I graduated from Brown University with an Sc.B. in Cognitive 
Neuroscience and Philosophy. 

Since moving to Berkeley, CA in 2012, I've worked as a tutor, both privately 
and with Compass Education Group in Marin County. 

I've tutored over 95 students in:
- SAT Verbal, Math, and Writing
- all portions of the ACT, PSAT, SSAT, other high-school entrance exams,
- elementary-, middle-, and high-school math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, 
Pre-Calculus), Physics, English, and
- Hebrew. 

I cater my lessons to the learning style of whomever I'm teaching, from high- 
to low-scoring students and those with special needs. 


Test prep: $120/hour
Academic tutoring: $100/hour
Special rates available for low-income families.

I service the East Bay, San Francisco, and Marin.
Nat Rosenzweig nat.rosenzweig[at] 404-275-1043


Nov 07 2014

Hello! My name is Xiaojing. I graduated from UCLA in June 2014 with a math PhD 
degree. I had been a teaching assistant in UCLA for 5 years, and had taught  pre-
Calculus, Calculus, multi-variable calculus, differential geometry, complex 
analysis, differential equation, linear algebra etc as a teaching assistant. I have 
also been a tutor for more than 5 years, I have tutored many students, including 
both college students, hight school students and middle school students. I have 
tutored many high school math subjects, including, AP calculus, Calculus, pre-
calculus, algebra II, geometry. I can also tutor SAT, or ACT math, as well as hight 
school entrance exam such as HSPT. 

I live in Albany, I am usually available on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and 
Sundays. I can meet you in public place or go to your home. My rate is 50/hour. 
Xiaojing Chen-Murphy xiaojingchenmurphy[at] 


Nov 03 2014

Hello Berkeley parents,

My name is Carson, and I am a fourth-year mathematics PhD
student interested in tutoring high school students who are
having trouble with mathematics.  While I am in the PhD
program at UC Davis, I reside in Berkeley and am generally
available for tutoring Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
afternoons and evenings, as well as on weekends.  I have
obtained extensive teaching experience in my time at UC
Davis, and am currently teaching a high-school level
trigonometry class there (Math C).   

I am willing and able to drive anywhere within a 25-mile
radius of Berkeley.  Exact hourly pay rates are negotiable
and will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending in
part on how far away you live from Berkeley.  Of course, I
am happy to verify my credentials and provide references as
necessary.  I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

Carson Rogers csrogers[at] 


Oct 25 2014

Hey there! My name is Nick and I'm a double major in English Literature and 
Economics at Cal. I graduated high school in 2011 with a weighted GPA of 
4.51 and an unweighted GPA of 3.91. I excel in all sorts of subjects, especially 
mathematics, English, and American history. I'm also a highly qualified SAT 
tutor. I'm very up-to-date with the test, as I only took it two years ago. My 
score breakdown is as follows: 790 in Critical Reading, 780 in Math, 710 in 
Writing, 2280 Composite. I've been tutoring elementary, junior high, and high 
school kids for five years now, and even after all that time, I?m hard-pressed 
to call it a ?job.? Being a student myself, I know what makes kids tick. Whether 
it's through humor, sports, or what have you, I can find ways to connect to 
kids. And once I earn their trust, getting them interested in learning is 
nothing more than a cakewalk. If you're interested, I am too. Contact me!
Nick Bacarella nickbacarella[at] 7325465841


Oct 14 2014

Hi Berkeley parents!

I'd love to tutor your son or daughter in high school math! I studied engineering 
at Dartmouth College, where I served as a teaching assistant and taught complex 
mathematical concepts to fellow students. Mathematical concepts were not 
innately easy for me to learn; I too had to sit down and patiently conquer 
calculus. This sets me up to be a much more skilled and compassionate teacher 
than a typical ''math whiz''. I can give your son or daughter the tools and 
confidence to succeed! My rate is $35/hour; I hope to hear from you!

Brynne Weeks brynneweeks[at] 314-609-9700


Oct 12 2014

I can tutor your child in math. 

I did a math Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley and a bachelor's degree
in math and physics from Harvard. In the past, I have
tutored, I have taught math to undergraduates in Berkeley
(as a GSI), and I have taught gifted high school and middle
school students.

My tutoring style is to draw the student out by asking
questions and setting problems to find the student's
strengths and weaknesses. If a student is having difficulty
with one topic, it's often the case that   she or he needs
to review some earlier topic. I am good at listening in this
way, and I am patient. 

I live in Berkeley and would be happy to meet in person for
tutoring. I can meet in a public place, or I can go to your

My rate is $40/hour. I suppose I may change this eventually,
but let's say it's valid through the end of 2014. Depending
on how far your home is from public transit, I may have to
charge a little more if I'm going to your home.  

  Eli Lebow
Eli Lebow ebl.math.88[at] 


Sep 27 2014

Hello, Berkeley parents and teens. I have taught and tutored 
Mathematics and Statistics for many years, in many different 
contexts and  for many different kinds of students including 
students from local High Schools and Colleges.
Some students? comments:
''One of the best teachers I have ever had. .. the best 
explainer of things I have ever met.''
''I really felt that I was not just a student being force fed 
ideas, but part of a group of people including the teacher, 
who were attempting to achieve something! He  allowed me to 
truly understand the concepts behind the formulas.''

I prefer to tutor students in senior High School classes: 
precalculus, AP Calculus (AB and BC) and Statistics but am 
available for students of other levels as well. I have a PhD 
in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and am now retired from 
$50/hour, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito
Jim Shilleto berkchocbosco[at] 510 527-5102


Sep 25 2014

Cal graduate student with a strong passion for science/math education available 
for tutoring. Can tutor upper level high school (including AP) and college 
courses, as well as exam prep (ACT, SAT, AP, etc.). 

Tutoring affords your child the extra edge and one-on-one attention that can 
make all the difference in classes and on exams. My tutoring style emphasizes 
problem solving skills and conceptualization, rather than focusing on just doing 
homework problems. We have a good time!

I am a recipient of several teaching awards from Cal, and references from parents 
of current and graduated BHS students available upon request. I have M.A.s in 
physics and mathematics (from UC Berkeley and Cambridge, respectively). 
Available most evenings and weekends. Rates depend on travel but are on 
average ~$65/hour. We can also meet on or near UC Berkeley campus. Please do 
not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

E-mail: .

Aaron mathandphysicsarephun[at] 


Sep 20 2014

I am a community college math instructor with 30 years of experience 
working with students of all levels.  I can teach arithmetic, prealgebra, 
algebra, geometry (including proofs), trigonometry, precalculus, and 

I am an experienced teacher who can prepare a lesson on any math 
subject.  If your child is struggling with a particular topic, I can prepare a 
lesson which leads your child from easy examples through more difficult 
examples. I am known for not skipping steps which is very important for a 
student struggling with the material. 

I have a lot of experience assessing the level of a student so that I can 
choose examples which are exactly at your child's level.

In addition, I can also provide lessons for very bright children who are not 
being challenged in class.

I am also known for being extremely patient and caring.  I think your child 
will feel comfortable working with me.


$80 for 1 hour
$110 for 1.5 hours
$130 for 2 hours
Cindy Moody cindy_selene[at] 510-387-4915


Sep 18 2014

Looking for a math tutor who can make concepts clear and help with deeper 

I'm a young, friendly, dynamic math tutor who can tell the story of math in an 
engaging simple way. I have a bachelors in mathematics from Reed college 
and experience in explaining mathematical concepts to the non-
mathematically inclined. 

I taylor my teaching to the individual student's levels and strengths, and can 
also provide the historical or human side to math. middle and high school 
students preferred.

I'm a new resident of Oakland, and can commute around the Oakland-
Berkeley area. My rate is $50/hour.
Yotam Reshef yotamvonreshef[at] 


Sep 18 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 23-year-old Psychobiology, B.S. graduate from 
UCLA, desiring to enter the medical profession in 
pediatrics. I am very friendly, energetic, responsible, 
organized, and patient, which has gone far in my previous 
9 years of tutoring experience!

I have extensive experience working with children of all 
ages through counseling for summer camps, babysitting, 
and tutoring various subjects. I also volunteered in the 
pediatric department and NICU in Ronald Reagan and Santa 
Monica hospitals, and also with BIA to teach children 
with autism. I enjoy helping children learn and catering 
to each child's specific needs.

Overall, it would be such a pleasure tutoring your child! 
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hye-Min Oh
Hye-Min Oh ohhyemin[at] 


Sep 18 2014

Hello, Berkeley Parents Network. I have taught and tutored 
Mathematics and Statistics for many years, in many different 
contexts and  for many different kinds of students including 
students from local High Schools and Colleges.
Some students? comments:
''One of the best teachers I have ever had. .. the best 
explainer of things I have ever met.''
''I really felt that I was not just a student being force fed 
ideas, but part of a group of people including the teacher, 
who were attempting to achieve something! He  allowed me to 
truly understand the concepts behind the formulas.''

I prefer to tutor students in senior High School classes: 
precalculus, AP Calculus (AB and BC) and Statistics but am 
available for students of other levels as well. I have a PhD 
in Mathematics from UC Berkeley and am now retired from 

$50/hour, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito
Jim Shilleto berkchocbosco[at] 510 527-5102


Sep 12 2014

I am a Canadian trained teacher and former school 
psychologist.  Throughout my career, I have successfully 
tutored elementary and middle school students in the areas 
of literacy and numeracy.  I am a passionate and competent 
educator, live in Kensington and look forward to hearing 
from you.  
Kim Syer kimsyer[at] 


Sep 06 2014

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable, and kind tutor
for your middle/high school child? 

My name is Jonathan and I help students discover the
pleasures of learning.  I work to find how students learn best and use those 
methods to maximize their ability to learn quickly.   

I have successfully worked with various learning challenges and gear my 
teaching strategies to individual students. 

I creatively approach each subject and student, optimizing
their learning style and needs.  I am patient and playful, and I strive to make 
learning fun and enjoyable.

I have been tutoring in the Berkeley area for the past 3 years and have seen 
how my time with my students boosts their knowledge, confidence, and 
grades.   I specialize in tutoring Biology, Algebra, and Geometry.  I also have 
experience tutoring Spanish, History, Writing, Psychology, Earth Science, and 

My rate is $50/hr. 
Jonathan Twena
Jonathan Twena  jonathantwena[at] 


Sep 04 2014

I work the 5th year as a full time math tutor for high school, college, and 
university students. I provide high quality, consistent, and reliable math tutoring 
through the year. I tutor all levels of math including standard or placement tests. 
I also tutor computer science, physics, and German.

I have a M.S. in Math and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Math/ CS/Physics from 
top German universities.  I came 1999 as a post-doc at LBNL to Berkeley and 
raised two children in the Bay Area.

My teaching experience includes teaching in multiple countries within the 
European teaching initiative ERASMUS. As an undergraduate I was the official 
tutor at a boarding school, as a graduate student I taught groups of up to 30 
students. After my Ph.D. I offered my own lectures. 

Over the last 5 years I helped  hundreds of students a to master their classes. 

My hourly rate starts at $65 within 5 miles. I travel and provide group lessons at 
rates depending on travel.  
Andreas Mueller andreaszyx[at] 


Sep 03 2014

I am a UCBerkeley graduate with a degree in math and I have over a 
decade of experience tutoring math and statistics to most levels and ages.
Please contact me for an appointment or if you have additional questions.
Faith Faithalways[at] 9259159123


Sep 01 2014


My name is Kaylan, and I am a third-year PhD student in astrophysics at UCB, 
interested in tutoring high school or college Physics and Math.

EXPERIENCE: I just tutored a great high school student who earned a 4 on May 
2014 AP Physics B. His parents kindly wrote a review:

This semester will be my third time TA-ing an intro-astronomy class. I meet with 
sections of 15+ students to teach how to solve problems. I have learned to work 
with different learning styles, which (hopefully) has made me a more effective 

EDUCATION: I have a MA in Astrophysics from UCB and a BS in Physics, 
Astronomy from U of Arizona. In High School, I got a 5 on AP Calculus BC and 4 
on AP Physics B.

FUN FACTS: I am 24, a guy (name may fool you), and am getting married this 
RATE: $60/hour
LOCATION: I can drive or meet halfway. Live in El Cerrito.

Kaylan Burleigh kaylanb[at] 4808624256


Sep 01 2014

I am a newly retired middle school teacher returning to tutoring. As an 
educator and mentor, I am committed to supporting young people to be 
successful learners. My goal is to help your child develop the skills, 
understanding and perseverance to become a confident problem solver. As a 
teacher and math specialist, I have the experience and training to provide 
remedial instruction or project-based enrichment for your child. With the 
advent of Common Core math, it is crucial that many students get extra help 
to be successful. Your child's individualized program will do that. 
My qualifications: 42 years as a middle school teacher, 8 years as a director, 
32 years as a summer camp director; Math Specialist, Learning Handicapped, 
Multiple Subject and Montessori Teaching Credentials. 
Sessions will occur in my home office in central Berkeley or at other pre-
arranged locations in San Francisco and the East Bay. Tutoring fees are sliding 
scale with discounts for pairs.
Lee Tempkin ltempkin[at] (510) 843-6157


Sep 01 2014

Expert Math and Physics Tutor - All Levels - Children and Adults

I have over 20 years' experience tutoring and teaching
Mathematics and Physics in the East Bay. I started Mayeri
Education after teaching full-time for seven years at two
different private schools in the area. I focus on building
students' confidence through big-picture understanding and
increasing competence in required skills, all while
encouraging students not to fear making mistakes, which are
a crucial part of the learning process.

You can find recommendations for me by following the Parent
Recommendations for Math Tutors link above (you may have to
scroll down as they have come in at various times over the
past few years.)

My website is easy to remember: -
there you can find out more about my experience, rates, and

My office is in downtown Berkeley, near the UC campus, BART,
and Berkeley High School.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Mayeri daniel[at] 


Aug 23 2014    (925)395-6199
I'm an enthusiastic, caring, credentialed math teacher who 
is passionate about math, learning, and helping kids do 
their best.  I've taught at Miramonte in Orinda, Cal High in 
San Ramon, and middle school. UCSB grad. I can help with 
learning, understanding, test scores, problem solving and 
all your math needs. I'm on the east side of the tunnel, so 
if you are in Orinda - San Ramon - Concord, contact me. 
$75/hour (First 20 minutes free, first session special)
Debbie Wiesenthal AllAMathTutor[at] 9253956199


Aug 20 2014

My name is Maggie Simpson. 

I just graduated from Cal where I was lead statistics tutor 
for Cal Varsity Athletes. I've tutored Cal athletes for the 
last five years.

I played bass in the UC Berkeley Orchestra. I won NCAA gold 
in the varsity women's eight crew in 2013 and lettered in 
track in 2014.  

I was high school Valedictorian at my high school in Marin 
County.  I won NCAA and PAC 12 Scholar Athlete honors with a 
GPA 3.5. 

Cal Athletics made a video about me you can view at

I tutor algebra, geometry, trig, pre calculus , calculus and 
statistics.  I treat my students as my team mates on a 
winning journey.  I get results. 

Berkeley location plus a five mail radius.  $50 an hour.


Aug 15 2014

I'm a retired educator now tutoring math in my home office
in El Cerrito.  I utilize the Making Math Real method for
students in upper elementary, middle school and high school.
I have a Master's Degree in Special Education and 25 years
experience in Independent Study working as a teacher and
teacher in charge.
I worked  in the Vallejo Public Schools for the majority of
my career and provide a structured, supportive and fun
experience for students.
All children can succeed in Math given the proper framework
and help.
Visit my website for some more information at
Thank you,
Robert McKinney
510 847 3-081 
Robert McKinney
Rates $60 per 55 min. session
Robert McKinney rmck50[at] 510 847 3081


Aug 14 2014

Hey everyone.

My name is Jesus and I graduated from UC 
Berkeley in the spring. I majored in 
mathematics with a concentration on 
teaching math. I have taken classes that 
have prepped me very well to teach math, 
and that focus on common core. I have lots 
of tutoring experience in BUSD amd OUSD 
and I have tutored pre-algebra to 
I work well with many different students 
and have lots of experience with different 
mathematical maturities. 
This fall I will be a student teacher at a 
local High school(BHS) to receive my 
teaching credential.

If you need a tutor for the fall dont 
hesitate to contact me. I can tutor 
individually or in groups(no bigger than 
3). I can tutor at your place or at my 
house. I live in Berkeley 1 block from the 
University and fairly close to BHS. My 
rates are very affordable and vary with 
subject, and group rates(between $15?$25 
per hour). 

Let me know what you think. Send me an 
email, text, or call. 
Jesus Herrera srj.herrera[at] 510-684-0818


Aug 13 2014

I?m a math and science tutor with extensive experience.  
Before starting my own practice, I was the head math tutor 
at UC Berkeley?s Student Learning Center and a literacy 
researcher at America Reads.  I used an empathy-based 
approach and tailor my lessons to match the needs of each 
individual student.  I specialize in the transition to 
higher mathematics and offer instruction in all levels of 
high school and college math: algebra, geometry, calculus 
and beyond.  I also offer instruction and support in 
chemistry, biology and the Python programming language.  
Please visit my website:
Dominica Phetteplace dphetdotcom[at] 


Aug 11 2014


I am a Math and Philosophy student at Mills College with two credits left to 
complete before graduation.  

I offer private tutoring in Math and more specifically I tutor in Algebra, 
Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus.  

I charge $30 per hour and am available most evenings.  
Kate McCobb katiemccobb[at] 415.385.5427


Aug 02 2014

Hi Parents! 

Are you looking for someone who can connect well with middle 
and high school students? Are you looking for someone with 
previous experience as both a Montessori teacher and has 
worked for University of CA teaching at OUSD? I?ve been 
tutoring for 5 years and enjoy witnessing kids get excited, 
even about challenging subjects. Is your child looking for 
someone fun to work with that understands and relates to 
them? If so, then you've met your gal. I enjoy subjects like 
Biology and Algebra and can help make them fun and simple to 
learn. I have a B.S. in Biological Science and will be 
obtaining my teaching credential and M.A. in Education at 
Mills College. I can help in all subjects. I have lots of 
patience and outstanding references. If interested call me 
at (510) 206-5436 or email at
Jessica Sund sundances4ever[at] 5102065436


Jul 27 2014


I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and 
students attending local private and public K-12 and college for 12 years 
(Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, Piedmont).  Having studied at UC Berkeley 
College of Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of 
MATH (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, SAT Math, etc.) and SCIENCE 
(Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, etc.).  Having educated both in 
Japan and the U.S. I am a native speaker of Japanese and I've learned and 
experienced different cultures, disciplines, demands, perspectives and methods 
to mastering the subjects.

Currently I am accepting some more students until full.  Feel free to contact me 
with any questions or concerns through my email address shown here.  Thank 
you very much for looking at my ad!

EMAIL:  tairi.nishizawa[at]
TAIRI NISHIZAWA tairi.nishizawa[at] 


Jul 23 2014

My name is Crispin and I am a senior UC Berkeley student. I have 
experience as a tutor and instructor, and am currently employed by the 
University as a statistics tutor.
I enjoy working with high school as well as college students.
Please call or email me for an appointment,
Crispin Herrick Crispinherrick[at] 909-273-7817


Jul 22 2014

I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in
Applied Math, minoring in Math/Science Education (GPA: 3.7).
I hope to tutor students in math (or other subjects) during
autumn 2014 (I can start in mid-August) and possibly the
following spring. 

I've been training to be a math teacher and will
student-teach in autumn to get a teacher-credential by
January. I've worked with students of all ages (elementary
to adult) from diverse backgrounds in various environments.
I think it's important to make education relevant to
students' lives and interests, especially when people can
feel so lost in the world of math. I'm flexible to cater my
tutoring to a student's preferred learning style.

E-mail me if interested in hiring me as a tutor. My rate is
$25/hour for elementary or middle school students, and
$35/hour for high school or college students up to calculus.
Group rates can be negotiated. If this is not affordable for
your household, I can also negotiate.
James Frederick jamespf123[at] 


Jul 20 2014

Hi, my name is Guido. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in 
Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University in 2013. I currently live and 
work in the East Bay and am available to tutor Math (including geometry, 
algebra, trigonometry, and other math topics upon request). 

Feel free to contact me via email ( or phone (917-684-
1422 after 5pm is preferable). Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! I 
look forward to hearing from you and helping your student with his or her Math! 
Guido Marquez guidomarqz[at] 917-684-1422


Jul 17 2014

I am a student at St. Mary's University looking to help
tutor math for anybody who feels that their child would be
better prepared when school starts again if they had some
tutoring time.  I am available free of charge and, until the
end of August, I have a very open schedule.  I've had a
talent for mathematics since I was a child and am currently
working on becoming a teacher in Japan, which any available
tutoring sessions would be a great learning experience for
me as well.
Jonathan Flynn phireflynn[at] 


Jul 13 2014

Need a tutor? I graduated from Brandeis University in 2012 with a dual degree in 
Mathematics and Philosophy, and minor in Physics. For the past two years, I've 
been working as a private tutor for high school and college students while I apply 
to graduate programs. I will be attending Oxford for Philosophy in the fall. 

I have 11 years of experience of one-on-one tutoring with my much younger 
brother in math and science (usually for fun). In fact we still work together, 
though he is not so little anymore (now 16). I've learned a lot from working with 
him about how to teach skillfully. I would be happy to help out tutoring in Math, 
Writing, and Physics classes for all ages. 

For testimonials, please send me an email:

Benjamin Brast-McKie benbrastmckie[at] 9252899703


Jul 12 2014

Ignite your child's love for learning and foster a more
positive relationship with school.  One-to-one and group
sessions from a credentialed teacher help students to
succeed in school and transform how they see themselves as

Services include:
* elementary, middle, and high school
* math, science, and language arts
* study skills
* homework coaching
* organization and time management
* test anxiety
* confidence and positive self-talk

Services provided within the city of Alameda.
Ronit Matabuena-Lev love2learn[at] 


Jul 07 2014


My name is Richard. I am senior at UC Berkeley studying applied mathematics 
and minoring in statistics. I am interested in tutoring students primarily in high 
school subjects such as geometry, Algebra II, trigonometry and precalculus, 
Calculus, and other math courses.  I am also able to offer tutoring an individual 
on the AP Calculus AB or BC exams (I scored a 5 on both as credentials), and 
tutoring in lower division level college math courses.  I'm mainly an 
undergraduate who's interested in helping students who need the attention to 
succeed in his or her particular math course.  If you have any questions or are 
interested in hiring me as a tutor, please feel free to contact me.  I am available 
after noon on most days.  Thank you, and have a great day!
Richard W // rlwilliams93[at] //  4047978505


Jul 01 2014

Hello BPN,

My name is Jacob Wilson. I'm a senior at Pomona College majoring in 
Economics and Math. I'm hoping to tutor K-12 kids in the Bay Area this 

My style with students is flexible and tailored. I'm definitely in the 'No two 
kids learn the same way' camp. This means my work follows State 
Standards, but stops along the way to bolster a kid's weak spots and 
explore their strengths. This is important. To make math fun, you have to 
hone a student's talents. Eventually I go beyond the required material, 
because that's where all the cool math is.

Thanks for reading and good luck to your kid,

P.S. My rate is $25/hour either at your residence or an agreed upon local 
P.P.S. Despite all the high level talk, I really like working with youngsters 

GPA: 3.8 (3.9 in Math)
SAT I, II Math: 800
AP Calc AB: 5
AP Physics C: 5
Additional courses for 9-12: Multivariable Calc, Probability, Macro 
Economic Theory
Jacob Wilson Jacobawilson[at] 


Jun 29 2014


I am a second year undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley with a 
major in applied mathematics. I have private tutored 
throughout high school and in my first year of college. 
Additionally, I have tutored at the Student Learning Center 
on the Berkeley campus. 

I have experience tutoring high school Geometry, Algebra 2/ 
Trig, SAT Math prep, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics and 
Probability, Multivariable Calculus, and Linear Algebra. I 
am qualified to tutor all levels of high school math and all 
college undergraduate mathematics courses. I can also tutor 
Abstract Algebra upon request. 

I live close to the Berkeley Campus. My usual rates are $30 
an hour, but subject to change if necessary. Feel free to 
contact me with any questions or requests for additional 

Hridoy Roy
Hridoy Chakravarty Roy hridoyroy89[at] 925-331-7574


Jun 27 2014

Hello,  I am a student at St. Mary's University and I am
looking for anybody who needs a volunteer tutor for their
child in mathematics.  I do not charge and I have previous
experience tutoring children at the Oakland Elizabeth House
from 2010-2011.  I have a very open schedule during this
summer and will help anybody who asks.

Best Wishes 
Jonathan Flynn phireflynn[at] 


Jun 17 2014

Recent graduate of BHS, I would like to offer tutoring in math this summer  up to 
precalc level.  I obtained an 800 on the Math SAT subject test.  Berkeley area.
Ari Gizzi shojo[at] 


Jun 17 2014


I am available to tutor through mid-August. I just graduated from Yale 
University with a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. I 
attended Berkeley High School, and would be delighted to provide homework 
assistance, study and test-taking skills, and tutoring in any subject K-12, 
although my specialty areas are chemistry and biology. I am qualified to tutor 
SAT prep, SAT subject tests, ACTs, select AP exams, and assist with the 
college application process. 

As a Bay Area local, I tutored Berkeley High Students in math, chemistry, and 
biology for four years, and have experience as a private tutor as well. I am 
available for group as well as private tutoring with flexible hours.  

References and further information upon request. Please contact me at my 
email address:

Claire Donnelley
Claire Donnelley claire.donnelley[at] 


Jun 16 2014

I have a PhD in mathematics and a BS in engineering. I have 
5 years of classroom  experience, teaching statistics and 
calculus at University of Maryland. I have been doing paid 
and unpaid tutoring for 25 years now. I also teach at a 
college currently. My son finished medical school this year, 
he also has a degree in Biochemical engineering. My daughter 
is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Energy Engineering. I 
always volunteered at my children's schools. Now that my 
children do not need me as much as before; I try to help 
other children more. 

Because of my great education, I am quite knowledgeable . 
However, my real value stems from my natural patience. My 
students all say that I put them at ease and that makes them 
feel free to learn. I am also able to explain the same thing 
in many different ways, or find different tools to help them 
learn and retain the material. I love teaching and I hope to 
be with the kids for many many years.
Hediye Gun hediyegun[at] 


Jun 15 2014

I've helped many students improve their performance in math over the last 
three years. This isn't just about helping with homework - I bring plenty of my 
own materials to enhance instruction and make math more interesting and 

After being completely booked for the entire school year, now I have several 
openings for summer enrichment and catch-up. Clients who start during the 
summer not only get a jump on their math, they get priority for a slot in the 
fall, as well as a permanent discount. Start before Sept. 30th and pay only $50 
per 50-minute session. 

I'm best with middle school math through Calculus, and I also enjoy working 
with younger ''math kids'' who want math enrichment beyond the topics 
taught in the regular curriculum.
Ruth Kadel real_numbers[at] 


May 30 2014

I have 10 years of teaching experience as a credentialed
math teacher (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus). I
am a Teach for America alum and have 10+ years of tutoring
experience w/ students from elementary school through
college. I'm excellent at explaining and can provide: 1) a
tailored summer curriculum to prepare your child for next
year's math class 2) help with your child's weaknesses 3)
challenging problems to help your child advance their
skills. I provide one-on-one and/or group tutoring at your
place or at a public library in San Lorenzo, Castro Valley,
San Leandro, and Hayward. References are available on
request. Affordable rates for one-on-one tutoring: $55/hour
(San Lorenzo Library) or $60/hour (I drive to your home in
one of the cities listed above or I drive to a local library
in San Leandro, C.V., and Hayward). Group tutoring rates:
$35/hour/student (San Lorenzo Library) or $40/hour/student
(I drive to your home or local library near you.)
Melissa Smith elysian00[at] 


May 29 2014

Hey there! I am an incoming senior at Berkeley High School in the International 
Baccalaureate Programme.  I have been tutoring in math (from elementary to 
Calculus BC) since sophomore year, when I finished high school math.  Now, I 
take math class at UC Berkeley and I am eager to give back to younger students! 
When tutoring, I focus not only on understanding content, but also teaching 
students how to study for assessments on their own.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or inquiries 
about Math tutoring.  Also, for elementary through middle school (K-8), I tutor in 
humanities and science as well.  Thanks for reading, Sophie Andrews
Sophie Andrews sophieandrews[at] 510-229-9621


May 28 2014


I am a private math tutor and education consultant in San
Francisco.  My website is

I teach all math topics (including Multivariable Calculus
and Linear Algebra) and test prep (SAT ACT AP GMAT GRE LSAT).

My qualifications include
-99th percentile on GMAT
-800 on SAT Math II
-5 on AP Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics C
-Education Consultant for the Chicago Public Schools
(designed curricula for several courses, including AP Calculus)
-Reviewed NASA educational materials
-Proofread economic models for Booth School of Business
-Taught elementary and middle school teachers mathematics
under University of Chicago's VIGRE program twice
-Taught upper level honors high school math courses
-ISACS New Teacher Institute Certification
Josh Jones HolisticMathTutor[at] 


May 27 2014


I am a recent graduate from the math department with a 
concentration on teaching math. I have spent 4 years 
teaching and tutoring in Berkeley and Oakland. I have had 
placements in many schools in BUSD and OUSD. I have 
experience tutoring in Algebra I and II, Geometry, 
Trigonometry, and Calculus. I have also taken Upper Division 
Courses in the Math Department at UCB that specialize on 
math education and Common Core. 

I am an experienced tutor that works well with many students 
and mathematical maturities. I pride myself on my ability to 
correct and improve mathematical thinking and work well with 
students. I have tutored ages 12-20. Please feel free to 
contact me about Summer tutoring to catch-up from last year 
or to get a head start for the next.

My rates are very competitive and negotiable. I live in 
North Berkeley very close to the University. 
Jesus Herrera srj.herrera[at] 510-684-0818


May 27 2014

Did your child struggle with Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra 
II this year?  Are you looking for ways to help your child 
start out the next school year strong and confident in math?

I am offering summer therapeutic math tutoring in Berkeley 
for students who wish to address the academic and emotional 
difficulties they experienced in math this school year and 
prepare for their upcoming math course this Fall. 

In tutoring, students focus on:
* Identifying their mathematical areas of strength and 
*Developing math skills and conceptual understanding in 
their areas of weakness
*Building active learning skills
*Exploring their emotional reactions to math
*Learning coping mechanisms 
*Creating a learning plan for their next math course this 

My goal in tutoring is to help students develop the skills 
and insights they need to become happy, confident, 
successful math learners. 

Please visit my website for details:

Adena Young, Ph.D., Licensed Educational Psychologsist (License No. LEP3475) adenayounglearning[at] 510-629-4129


May 27 2014

Hi there!

I have almost full availability for the next month for 1 new tutee!

I recently graduated from UC Berkeley, with a degree in Cognitive Science (the 
study of the mind).

Students say I get ''hyphy'' about math!!  My personal mission is to make math 
enjoyable and achievable for all.

SAT experience: Personally, I've taught 100+ students at BHS, AHS, CAT in SF, 
and the YMCA.  I've trained 80 other Cal students to teach test-prep, and I've 
written test-prep curriculum that is being used by 2,100+ local HS students.  

I've tutored both high-achieving and failing students one-on-one.  It's very 
important to me to teach holistically---emotions and cognitive functioning play 
an important role in academic success--but to do so in a manner that is actually 
in the latest research of how math learning and cognition works.

Pls feel free to request my full resume.   

Rates for 1.5 hour sessions: $120 for SAT/ACT prep. $90 for middle to high 
school math. 
KD katrinadevaney[at] 


May 23 2014

I have been tutoring, teaching and developing educational 
materials for 23 years, ever since graduating summa cum 
laude from Harvard with a BS in Biology in 1987.

I help students improve their grades and feel more confident 
through my individualized approach, ability to make concepts 
clear, and easy-going but focused attitude. I can help 
students improve in:
all math, including pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, 
geometry, trigonometry, pre-Calculus, and Calculus, biology, 
chemistry, and physics, writing, general organization and 
homework support, and SAT and ACT.

I am ideally suited to act as a ''one-stop shop'' for a 
student's overall academic support.

My interests outside of academics include poetry-writing, 
guitar-playing, and comedy screenwriting. 

Please visit my website at 
I have outstanding references available upon request.

Chris Dingman
Chris Dingman achievewithease[at] 5104995979


May 20 2014

In addition to being an educational consultant for college 
admissions and coursework from pre-K through graduate 
school; Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA, tutors students in the 
following math subject areas for general-education, 
advanced, honors, and IB curriculum:

Elementary and Middle-School Math, Algebra I and II, 
Geometry, IB Math Studies, IB Math Years 1 and 2, SAT and 
ACT Math, and College Algebra.

Lorraine, who is located in the Bay Area, enjoys working 
with a wide array of families including those who are 
discerning and know that investing in their children brings 
positive qualitative and quantitative returns on investment.

Lorraine earned an MS in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon and 
a BA in Chemistry from Texas A&M.
$100 per hour; two-hour minimum; initial consultations 
available; sessions are held at a student's home, local 
library, Lorraine's downtown Oakland office, or another 
location per the client's choice 
Lorraine Lyman Lorraine[at] 510-768-7922


May 18 2014


If you are looking for a math or science tutor, then send me 
an email!

I am a current engineering PhD student at Berkeley. I have 
experience being a private tutor as well as being a teaching 
assistant in college. I can teach all levels of math from 
middle school through college including algebra, geometry, 
pre-calculus, calculus (all levels), linear algebra and 
more. I can also tutor physics, and help with ACT, SAT, and 
GRE prep. 

Please contact me to negotiate a rate pay. I am willing to 
meet in a public cafe around Berkeley, on Berkeley's campus, 
or at my research office at Berkeley. I am free to tutor 
after 5:00 pm on the weekdays and by appointment on the 
Cory Waltz waltzcor[at] 


May 17 2014

College calculus, algebra, trig/pre-calculus, geometry, 
linear algebra, Java, C++.
Prepare math & science for SAT, ACT, GED tests.
I had great results, references upon request.
I tutor highschool, younger children, home schoolers, and 
About me: Tutoring about 8 years, I am an IT professional, I 
have a MS in Computer Science, and MS in Electrical 
Engineering. I taught as a lecturer undergrads and MBA 
students: algebra, statistics, calculus.

Sessions at your house/or my house. 
Areas: San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Pleasanton, Dublin. 
Current rates are: $50/hour, 2xhour= $90; groups of two: 
$35/student; groups of three: $30/student; or open to 
different arrangements. Package of 10 classes 10% off. From 
my experience, teaching in groups of 2 up to 4 students 
helps problem solving.

My goal is to facilitate learning, and commit to student's 
success. I love teaching, mentoring students, and to achieve 
that sought after ''aha'', whenever possible. 
Eniko Seen enikos[at] 925 683 9838


May 14 2014

Summer Math Study

Don't let your children forget the MATH they just learned
this year!  Enroll your child in Summer Math Study.
I can re-teach and remediate your child?s math skills;
review last year's math before school starts (did you know
that students lose 2 month?s knowledge over the summer?);
preview next year?s course to reduce pressure on high school
students; or start the ACT/SAT prep process. 

After assessing your child?s math skills, customized lessons
are created (which can include common core methods). All
math lessons include weekly homework. Call for rates and an
initial appointment without obligation. 

Tralee Johnson taught math for 10 years and has tutored for
20 years. Her students become great problem-solvers, poised
and confident test takers, and well-schooled enough to teach
math to others. Her style is thorough, warm, and friendly
with a side of humor. See BPN parents? reviews, go to
www.TheMathematicsTutor.ORG or call (415) 508-MATH

Tralee Johnson traleej[at] 


May 13 2014

My name is Faith and I am a math and statistics tutor.   I am experienced, 
patient and my rate is reasonable.  I have been teaching and tutoring for 
over 10 years and graduated from ucberkeley with a degree in math.  
Please call or email me for math and statistics tutoring.  925-915-9123
Faith Faithalways[at] 9259159123


May 09 2014

Math, Science, and SAT tutor for 9+ years
Excellent references
2 years teaching experience
2 publications
I have a passion for tutoring and mentoring students.
I am patient, caring, and encouraging.
Feel free to contact me with any questions! :)
Caitlin Schnair caitlin.schnair[at] 818-943-9516


May 06 2014

Hi everyone! My name is Ben Barcklay, and I am currently a senior at Berkeley 
High School. I am just finishing up BC Calculous, and as part of the honors math 
program at Berkeley High, I have been tutoring in math for the past four years 
and have learned how to figure out what students need to learn and how to teach 
problem sets step by step without giving away the answer. Three years ago, I 
started tutoring in the College and Career Center and have tutored all levels of 
math up to Calculous. If you have any questions, please send me an email! Thank 
Benjamin Barcklay benbarcklay[at] 


May 02 2014

I'm an international student at UC Berkeley and my major is Molecular and Cell 
Biology. I was tutoring for almost 1 year at Berkeley City College. I tutor lower 
maths up to calculus 1. I'll accept students for 15$ per hour, and the first time 
students can pay half.
Rojin Safavi rojinsafavi[at] 5104955889


Apr 17 2014

My name is Miriam and I have been teaching all levels of high school math for 
the past 5 years. I am experienced in teaching AP Calculus AB and am also chair 
of my department. I have a BS in Mathematics from UC Davis and I absolutely 
love working with students one-on-one. Please contact me if you are in need of 
a math tutor for your child. 

I look forward to hearing from you!
Miriam miriamsymonds[at] 


Apr 12 2014

Hi! My name is Sarah Lewites, and I am a senior in the IB program at Berkeley 
High. I am a tutor and I specialize in math. I am currently taking BC calculus and 
have been in honors math classes since middle school, so I can tutor in any 
math through AP calculus AB, including honors classes. As part of a 
requirement for honors math classes, I have tutored other students at my 
school every year since 9th grade. This year, I also worked in the English 
language development department, and tutored students who are learning 
English as a second language in math and English. I speak Spanish fairly well, so 
I am able to work with students who are more comfortable speaking Spanish 
when studying if needed. Although I do focus on math, I have taken IB-level 
classes in nearly all subject areas, and I tutor in English as well. I would love to 
have the opportunity to work with more students! Please contact me with any 
questions at
Sarah Lewites sarah.lewites[at] 


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