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Math Tutors - Announcements

Please note:
Parents' reviews of tutors are the opinions of Berkeley Parents Net subscribers. Your own experience may be different.
Announcements from tutors are accepted without review as a service to local parents. Please always check references before hiring!

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Apr 12 2014

Hi! My name is Sarah Lewites, and I am a senior in the IB program at Berkeley 
High. I am a tutor and I specialize in math. I am currently taking BC calculus and 
have been in honors math classes since middle school, so I can tutor in any 
math through AP calculus AB, including honors classes. As part of a 
requirement for honors math classes, I have tutored other students at my 
school every year since 9th grade. This year, I also worked in the English 
language development department, and tutored students who are learning 
English as a second language in math and English. I speak Spanish fairly well, so 
I am able to work with students who are more comfortable speaking Spanish 
when studying if needed. Although I do focus on math, I have taken IB-level 
classes in nearly all subject areas, and I tutor in English as well. I would love to 
have the opportunity to work with more students! Please contact me with any 
questions at
Sarah Lewites sarah.lewites[at] 


Mar 30 2014

Hi all,
I'm a junior at El Cerrito High School in second year
calculus. I can tutor Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, and
Trigonometry. Additionally, I can tutor English and US or
World history. I charge 20 dollars an hour, and you can
contact me at
Chris Mills chris.millsrodrigo[at] 510-408-8355


Mar 28 2014

Are you in need of a tutor who can help your child with all 
their school needs - from improving grade scores to getting 
more organized or prepared for tests? Would you like an 
experienced teacher that has also tutored and enjoys even 
the tough subjects? Then I may be your gal. I have B.S. in 
Biology and enjoy learning and passing along my excitement 
for both math and science. I'm animated and have a sense of 
humor which helps kids have fun without even knowing it and 
I connect easily on their level. And most importantly, can 
build their self-confidence and ?can-do? attitude. I can 
teach kids how to get good grades and instill self-
discipline. I'm equally well versed in other subjects as 
well. In addition, I offer services for summer break to keep 
skills sharp. If that sounds like something your family 
needs, please contact me at
Jessica jesssund[at] 


Mar 27 2014

I am a retired Physicist with a BS in Physics and MS credits 
in Laser Physics and Fiber Optics. My many years of 
industrial experience using Math in my Physics work have 
given me insights into exactly how each math concept 
corresponds to a physical reality.  You will receive a clear 
understanding of the fundamental concepts of math (with 
plenty of examples), enabling you to more easily to solve 
each math problem.  I will also provide you with strategies 
for converting math 'word problems' into algebra or 

I teach all levels of High School Math, including algebra, 
geometry, trigonometry, precalculus and calculus.
Patrick Ronan patrick.math[at] 510 601-5159


Mar 23 2014

I am a math tutor with eighteen years of experience.  I have 
a degree in math from UC Berkeley and am the former head 
math tutor of Berkeley?s Student Learning Center.
I use an empathy based approach and teach by example.  I 
don?t just give students answers, I teach them how to ask 
questions.  I have classroom experience as a math teacher, 
but I've found one-on-one learning is the most efficient and 
empowering way of learning math.  I tutor all levels of high 
school math from algebra to calculus and beyond and am also 
available for the SAT and ACT and AP Statistics.  You can 
find out more about me on my website:
Dominica Phetteplace wicked_light_sleeper[at] 510-666-1088


Mar 19 2014

Experienced AP Statistics, Calculus AB and BC teacher
offering evening tutoring. Over 15 years experience in top
East Bay high school. I can help with homework, reteaching
and studying, as well as Advanced Placement exam prep.
$75/hr. Contact:
Nick nickschoen[at] 


Mar 17 2014


I'm available for tutoring any mathematical subject to children and teens 
of all ages of 7 or above. Whether your child wants to improve his or her 
grades / test scores, or develop a deep appreciation of math, I can help.

Some information about me:

-  I have a PhD in math, 
-  I've tutored mathematical subjects ranging from arithmetic to complex 
analysis for 12 years. 
- I've taught at the high school level and at the college level. 
- I worked at a math camp for middle school students for three summers. 
- I've worked with students of all abilities, but I have an unusual amount 
of experience with mathematically gifted children.

You can learn more about me here

I charge $60/hr for highly individualized tutoring. I'm based in Berkeley
I look forward to hearing from you :)

Jonah Sinick jsinick[at] 


Feb 20 2014

Is your child struggling with math?  I would love to help!  
I provide individual tutoring for students in Fifth Grade 
through Algebra II.  I tailor my tutoring to focus on 
students' individual needs, whether it's mastering basic 
math facts, gaining a deeper understanding of math concepts, 
filling in gaps, or developing stronger active learning 
skills.  I am passionate about teaching math, and my goal is 
to provide students with positive learning experiences so 
they can become more confident in their math abilities.

I am a former math department chair/instructor for UC 
Berkeley's ATDP with an M.A. and Ph.D. in Education.  I have 
tutored for several years and am also a school psychologist.  
My rate is $100/hr and I will travel within West Contra 
Costa County, Albany/Berkeley/Oakland, and 
Orinda/Lafayette/Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill.  Please email 
me to arrange a phone consultation.

Adena Young mathlearningsuccess[at] 


Feb 11 2014


If you are looking for a passionate and intelligent math 
tutor, then send me an email! I have TA'd for Calculus III 
at MIT and held previous private sessions in various math 

I worked at Stanford and am currently working at UC 
Berkeley. I have a B.S in Mathematics and Economics and am 
very well versed in Probability and Statistics(I've studied 
for the actuary exams[Probability exam]). I have experience 
tutoring in math up to Calculus.

Contact me to negotiate rate pay. I am willing to meet in a 
public cafe around Berkeley. I am free to tutor after 5:00pm 
on the weekdays and on the weekends (after 12:00pm on 
Saturday since I volunteer those mornings). I have a great 
passion for math and learning and I would be more than happy 
to help your child succeed! I have helped my students at MIT 
love and learn math and I know I can do the same for you.

Please let me know how I can help!
Alexis Perez alexisp006[at] 


Feb 08 2014

I'm a retired educator now tutoring math in my home office
in El Cerrito.  I utilize the Making Math Real method for
students in upper elementary, middle school and high school.
I have a Master's Degree in Special Education and 25 years
experience in Independent Study working as a teacher and
teacher in charge.
I worked  in the Vallejo Public Schools for the majority of
my career and provide a structured, supportive and fun
experience for students.
All children can succeed in Math given the proper framework
and help.
Visit my website for some more information at
Thank you,
Robert McKinney
510 847 3-081 
Robert McKinney rmck50[at] 510 847 3081


Jan 26 2014

High School Junior available to teach Algebra, Geometry,
Trigonometry. $15 per hour.
Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills Rodrigo chris.millsrodrigo[at] 


Jan 21 2014

I'm a young, experienced Math & Statistics tutor with a 
Master's degree is Applied Statistics. I have helped college 
students receive A's in their Stats 101 classes and am 
currently helping 2 separate high school seniors in their AP 
Statistics classes. I am also available for tutoring in 
elementary level mathematics, high-school level geometry, 
pre-algebra, algebra and algebra II. 

My rates are $50 per hour. Most of my Statistics students 
have me for 2 hours at a time. I'm happy to provide 
references upon request.
Izzy izzybetz[at] 


Jan 17 2014

Many of BPN's parents are happy with my results as a math 
tutor for students in grades 3 - 12+. Every student 
improves, and most get A's.

I teach students to be great problem-solvers, to become 
poised and confident test takers, and to understand math so 
well they can teach it others. I work with private and 
public school students in your home or mine in Emeryville.  
My style is thorough, yet warm and friendly.  We even laugh 
a bit! 

The first visit is discounted and there is no obligation to 
continue. I want to be sure I am the best match for your 
child. I am a math teacher with 10 years' teaching 
experience and have 20+ years tutoring experience.  For more 
information, please go to or e-mail me.
Tralee Johnson traleej[at] 5109826123


Jan 15 2014

Hello Parents,

I am offering my services as a tutor. A recent transplant to
the Bay Area, I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree
in Art and minors in Physics and Astrophysics with academic
honors.  I have been teaching in the classroom and as a
tutor for the past 10 years, both in the US and abroad.  I
have a comprehensive understanding of learning theory, and
know how to teach to an individual's particular learning

My aim in tutoring is to give an individual the tools to
complete a problem set while also imparting an understanding
of the underlying principals the problem set relies upon. In
this way the student is able to both conceptualize the
theories behind an idea and concretely demonstrate his or
her understanding. 

I am happy to help students in any of the disciplines of
mathematics, physics, astrophysics, writing, etc. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Nathan Kandus nkandus[at] 805-364-2783


Jan 15 2014

UCBerkeley graduate available for Math and Statistics 
tutoring.  Call or email for an appointment.
faith faithalways[at] 9259159123


Jan 11 2014

Hello Berkeley parents,

I'm a recent Berkeley grad with B.A.'s in Applied Math and Physics, and I'm a 
great communicator. I was the president of my house in the Berkeley Student 
Cooperative, which means I have facilitated meetings, moderated conflicts, and 
have been trained in communication skills. I was an athlete/team captain in 
highschool, so I understand the importance of being a positive roll model.

Compassion is a personal and professional philosophy of mine, so I have a lot of 
patience, and I want to push my students to learn. I have experience with 
teaching, but it has been mostly unpaid for friends and other students.

I would like to charge $40/hour, but am more than happy to negotiate for 
families that cannot afford that. In fact if anyone really needs a free tutor, I 
would enjoy taking on one student given appropriate circumstances.

Email me with questions, I am happy to answer.
Rylan rhunt[at] 8315661858


Jan 09 2014

Need a tutor? I graduated from Brandeis University in 2012
with a dual degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, and minor
in Physics (Magna Cum Laude). Since graduating, I've been
working as a private tutor while I apply to graduate
programs in Philosophy. I also have 10 years of experience
of one-on-one tutoring with my much younger brother in math
and science (usually for fun). In fact we still work
together, though he is not so little anymore (now 15). I've
learned a lot from teaching him about how to teach
skillfully. I would be happy to help out tutoring in Math,
Writing, and Physics classes for all ages. 

For testimonials, please send me an email:


Ben Brast-McKie
Ben Brast-McKie benbrastmckie[at] 925.289.9703


Jan 08 2014

Hello I'm Alex,
I'm a 17 year old babysitter/tutor looking to help out anyone in need. Any time 
of day, any day except school hours, I am willing to help. I have been
tutoring for about 3 consecutive years now and can help in algebra and 
geometry the best. English, spanish, and certain sciences I am also
available for. I am always reachable by email and if you have any questions
please don't be afraid to ask! :)
Alex Ledvina akansasmail33[at] 


Jan 06 2014

Hello there,

I have my Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from UCLA, and Masters 
in Social Work from San Diego State. I have over 4 years of experience in 
tutoring children, youth and adults in Math. I have extensive experience in 
working with people with learning disabilities and/or clinical diagnosis that 
might affect learning. As a result of my years in Social Work, I know how to set 
goals with clients and use my clinical skills to motivate them to reach those 
I am passionate about bringing back the fun of learning to my students and 
have them discover their abilities. I look forward to being part of this journey 
with you!
Please call me at (858) 413-7591 to schedule a consult.
For more info: 
Sahar Sadigh Pour sahar.sadighpour[at] (858) 413-7591


Dec 31 2013

Private Lessons in Mathematics given most thoroughly by
Kathleen Krier holder of a California Mathematics Teacher
Credential. Trial lesson FREE.
Kathleen Krier krier.kathleen[at] 


Dec 30 2013

Julia Sullivan

    UC Berkeley Masters in Math Education and Teaching
Credential Student
    EXPERIENCED IN TUTORING: Algebra 1/II, Trig, Geometry,
Statistics, Pre-calculus and Calculus
    WILLING TO TRAVEL TO: Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El
Cerrito, Piedmont and Oakland
    Has reliable transportation
    Consistent results in raising students' grades and
establishing a deep understanding of content knowledge


Please email Julia at to inquire
about availability, rates or to set up an appointment. 
Julia Sullivan julia.e.sullivan[at] 


Dec 27 2013

UCBerkleey graduate available for tutoring Math and 
Statistics.  Over a decade of experience.  Patient and 
knowledgeable. Reasonable rates.  
Call or email me for an appointment.
faith faithalways[at] 9259159123


Dec 26 2013

Are you looking for an experienced and thoughtful tutor? I have 9 years of 
tutoring experience. I have also taught math classes and tutored in prep 
centers. I am passionate about helping my students to succeed. I am 
encouraging and strive to build confidence in my students. Excellent 
references upon request.
Algebra 2
Pre-calculus/Math Analysis
Caitlin Schnair caitlin.schnair[at] (818) 943-9516


Dec 23 2013

UCLA Grad w/ a B.S. in Applied Mathematics, M.ED in 
Education, & California Teaching Credential. I'm a community 
college math professor, w/ 3 years experience in middle 
school & high school classrooms. My credential focused on 
the implementation of Common Core Standards. 

I'm passionate about math; I love studying it & especially 
love teaching it to students. It is my goal to help students 
succeed, not just at math, but at learning all around. 

I offer tutoring packages that focus content learning, test 
taking strategies and study skills, college mentorship, or a 
combination of services. My college mentorship experience 
comes from 3 years w/ UCLA Admissions, mentoring high school 
& college students on how to get into universities like 

I'm able to tutor math subjects from Arithmetic - 
Differential Equations. My range is $60+ (depends on 
tutoring program package and location) ' First 30 Mins Free 
' Can Drive To Home.
Sarah Ghannadan contact[at] 9257094621


Dec 15 2013

Hello! I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in
Marine Science. I have a strong background in math and I'm
happy to help students at any level up through Calculus
(Calculus I). $25/hr. Thanks!
Saadia Massarano smassarano[at] 


Dec 10 2013

Former Cal and Lowell HS instructor available for private 
tutoring. I have a PhD in math and over 15 years of 
experience. My standard rate is $70/hr, meeting in downtown 
Berkeley or along San Pablo between Berkeley and Emeryville.  
Home visits may be possible; depends on timing and location. 

I've taught full high school curriculum and can tutor any HS 
math.  For college students, the full calculus sequence, 
abstract and linear algebra, and combinatorics/discrete math 
are definitely okay; others considered on a case by case 
basis. I occasionally work with advanced elementary or 
middle school students.

I focus on helping students figure out why things work, 
rather than pure memorization.  I especially enjoy helping 
students build up their confidence in math.

Please email with information on your subject and goals, 
plus preferred and backup time slots for meetings. For 
tutoring in your home, please include your location as well.
Kelli Talaska mathkelli[at] 


Nov 24 2013

Hi, I am a former BHS student and a recent UC Santa Cruz graduate with a 
Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Bachelors degree in Business 
Management Economics.

I am planning to go to graduate school in fall and I am currently available to 
work as a tutor with Middle and High School students. I enjoy teaching. I am 
comfortable with and understand teenagers and can provide positive mentorship 
for them. Please refer to my LinkedIn page for more information about me.

I charge $20 for my work, which is significantly less than professional rate (it can 
be from $40 and up). I am comfortable with all middle and high school 
mathematics topics in addition to most of the science subjects.

Ashkon Jalalian
Ashkon Jalalian ajalalian[at] 


Nov 21 2013

I am a UCBerkeley graduate available for Math and 
Statistics tutoring.  Most levels and ages.  I have more 
than a decade of experience and am solid at what I do.  
Call or email me for an appointment.  Thanks.  Faith
faith faithalways[at] 9259159123


Nov 18 2013

Do you have a child who is frustrated with math?  I tutor students in Pre-Algebra 
and Algebra - 5th through 9th grades.  I believe everyone can learn and like 
math and feel confident in their abilities.   What I love about working with math 
students is discovering the best way to explain the concepts according to how 
that student learns.  I work with with students in the classrooms at Albany 
Middle School as well as tutor privately in Albany (near Solano Ave.)  Contact 
Marissa at or call 510-919-0843
Marissa marissameyers[at] 


Nov 17 2013

I have experience working with students from middle school 
through first year college.

I also have experience working with returning adult 

The subjects I have the most experience tutoring are: 
algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus.

My tutoring fee is $65/hr.  I work with students in and 
around the Berkeley area.

My contact info:
Cell:  510-326-2974
Home:  510-658-3911
Hitesh Lala hash_lala[at] 5106583911


Nov 14 2013

Dear Parents, 

I am a recent graduate in Civil and Environmental Engineering (BS- Cornell/ 
MS- Stanford). I have prior tutoring experience in chemistry and fluid 
mechanics and am available to tutor math, chemistry, portuguese and 
physics. I struggled with math in high school but found that I loved it in 
college (I ended up in engineering). I can empathize with the frustration of 
learning pre-algebra, algebra and calculus for the first time. I enjoy 
challenging myself to be a creative and effective instructor and will tailor my 
teaching strategy to your child's needs. My rates are $30/hour. I live in 
Berkeley- my hours are flexible and I am happy to meet students in your 
home or elsewhere. I look forward to hearing from you!

Julia Schoen julia.schoen[at] 203-767-3656


Nov 12 2013

Credentialed Mathematics Teacher with 10 years experience teaching high 
school mathematics.  Qualifications include a Masters Degree in Education   
from Mills College and a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from Saint Mary's 
College.  I have helped high school and college students of all abilities learn 
facts, procedures, ideas, and concepts, as well as develop dispositions and 
beliefs consistent with productive engagement in mathematics.  

My resume and letters of recommendation are available upon request.  I have 
reliable transportation and I am available any day of the week to meet with 
your student.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Daniel Freeland
Daniel Freeland 1djfreeland[at] 510 847-8503


Nov 04 2013

Experienced teacher (secondary credential, UC Berkeley, 1965, with 38 years in 
the classroom) and math tutor (18 years). Specialties include upper elementary 
math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry. I work in my home office near 
downtown Lafayette (walking distance from Lafayette Elementary and Stanley 
Middle Schools). The cost is $60 per hour with an extra 15 to 30 minutes at no 
extra charge if scheduling and the student's energy permit. My aim is to build 
student confidence with (and even enjoyment of) numbers and math concepts. I 
am familiar with the Common Core Curriculum Standards. References available.
Margaret Szabo margtutor[at] 925-283-5331


Oct 31 2013

I have taught math for the past 11+ years and I want to help your son or 
daughter succeed in math.  I have a passion for helping kids truly understand 
what they are doing when working with numbers and abstract algebraic 
concepts.  It is so important that kids comprehend the nature of math versus 
just memorizing steps.  When kids understand, they succeed.  Let me help your 
child succeed and begin to enjoy the world of mathematics.
Corinne Saxanoff DeLuca corinne_saxanoff[at] 4157288549


Oct 19 2013

UCBerkeley graduate available for math and statistics 
tutoring.  I have over 10 years of experience and am patient 
and solid at what I do.  Call or email me for an appointment.  
faith shar faithalways[at] 9259159123


Oct 16 2013

I am a Yale/Cal grad who is transitioning to teaching after 
15+ years working as an engineer. I currently volunteer in 
the Berkeley Public Schools (4th grade, 8th grade and high 
school), and will be working towards my teaching 
credential, with a focus on upper grade math instruction.

I am interested in working with all ages and math subject 
matters up through pre-calculus, as well as SAT, GRE and 
GMAT (math sections) tutoring.

We can work on strengthening computational foundations, as 
well as developing a comfort with mathematical notation and 
equation writing. I will work to develop a 'math sense' in 
your child. I can also help with enrichment activities for 
more advanced students looking to take their classwork a 
little bit deeper.

My rate is $50/hour. I'm in north Berkeley, and I am 
available to travel in the East Bay. OK to travel to your 
house, or another location of your choice (library, etc).

I look forward to hearing from you, Josh.
Josh Seelig jseelig[at] 510-693-1477


Oct 02 2013

My name is Christopher, and I graduated in 2013 from UC Berkeley with degrees 
in Mathematics and Cognitive Science. I was born and raised in Sonoma, 
California and have lots of experience tutoring all age groups. I'm a very 
balanced person, playing first oboe in the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra and 
growing a large vegetable garden; I love cooking, music and the outdoors a lot. 
I'm consequently a very patient and creative tutor, and am willing to work with 
students who struggle in the conventional math education system. I charge $55 
per 1.5 hour lesson and can travel in the East Bay area.
Christopher Wirick simplice.dolce[at] 


Oct 01 2013

Most people struggle with Mathematics for many reasons such 
as bad teacher, (no teacher in case of online class), 
horrible textbook, no tutors, classes too fast, too 
theoretical, boring .. I enjoy making something complicated 
easy to understand. I tend to bring historical references 
and bring Math to life. I have over 25 years of experience 
helping students ranging from 6 to 60 years old..I got my 
undergraduate degree in Mathematics and MA in Economics. 
I've been tutoring since I was 13 and coached Math and 
Physics teams at high school.
Luke Ortitz mathwluke[at] 


Sep 26 2013

I have a Masters Degree in Statistics and have worked with 
children of all ages for many years, including childcare and 
running the after school program at a private day school in 
Oakland.  I am available for math tutoring from elementary 
school mathematics through Algebra II and Geometry, as well 
as high school and college-level 101 Statistics.  I have 
tutored several elementary school students in math and my 
last Stats 101 student received an A after having to withdraw 
on her previous attempt in the class.  

References available upon request.  Rates are $30/hr for 
elementary math, $40/hr for Algebra/Geometry, $50 Statistics 
101.  I am willing to go to an hour and a half for Stats 
tutoring for the same price if needed on a week to week 
Izzy izzybetz[at] 


Sep 20 2013

Retired, after thirty six years, Berkeley High School teacher 
is looking for a few students who have some problems with or 
just want to improve their skills (those hard problems at the 
end of the assignment).  I love teaching Math and am warm and 
supportive.  Most tutoring done at the downtown Berkeley 
library.$45 per hour.
Dick LeBlanc dickleblanc[at] 510-234-3524


Sep 18 2013

Experienced, credentialed high school math teacher available to tutor all 
levels of math from algebra to AP Calculus.  I have nine years' teaching 
experience and six years' tutoring experience.  I tutor at my home in 
Albany.  My rates are $60/hour for 1:1 or $35/hour for 2:1.  First lesson is 
Nick Ward Nicholasbward[at] (510) 527-1407


Sep 17 2013

Hello!  I have an engineering Ph.D. from Brown University. 
I have tutored math and physics at the high school and
college level, raising students' grades and confidence.  I
have taught 7th grade engineering at a summer enrichment
program and re-vamped a 3rd-6th grade literacy curriculum.

I love to teach and tutoring is my favorite type of
teaching!  I currently specialize in Algebra and Calculus. 
I can tutor K-12 and college students.  I can do homework
help, exam prep and study skills.  My rates are flexible and
I can come to the student's home or meet at libraries/cafes/etc.

I love explaining things in different ways and using
creative analogies and visuals to help students really
understand the material.

Thanks and have a great day, 
Laura Mehrmanesh, Ph.D.   LMehrman[at] (510) 575-9441


Sep 16 2013

Recent Mills College graduate with over three years cumulative experience 
teaching and tutoring offers Mathematics lessons for only $20 an hour.

Au Coquelet caf?, 2000 University Ave. 

From 9am to 3pm every Saturday. 

E-mail or call me to set up an appointment during that time. 

- 2+ years tutoring primarily Mathematics at the middle and high school level, 
both freelance and in a tutoring agency 
- 1+ year teaching French in an after school program in Alameda (Bay Language 

N.B. I am also available on some days to give in-home tutoring lessons, but 
then different rates apply depending on the length and the cost of commute. 
I also understand completely if parents might have qualms sending their kids to 
me without first knowing who I am, so I am open to setting up a time to meet 
with parents gratis before lessons begin. 
Helene Langlamet hlanglamet[at] (510) 9267186


Sep 13 2013

I'm a 2009 UC Berkeley graduate with a Double Bachelors in
Math and Industrial Engineering. I'm currently working as a
Project Manager for a GIS company in the Bay Area. I have
several years of experience tutoring for high school and
college level math, as well as experience in mentoring high
school students to work towards college admissions. 

I live in the East Bay and would love the opportunity to get
to know a student and tutor on a regular basis, up to 4
hours a week. My rate is $40/hour and may be negotiable
depending on your needs and situation. I am willing to meet
anywhere within 20 miles of Berkeley.

If you're interested, please email me with details on the
tutoring needs (grade level, subject, etc.), location, and a
phone number to reach you. Thanks and I look forward to
working with you!
Mursil Makhani mursil[at] 5102999051


Sep 12 2013

Are you looking for a reliable, kind, and professional tutor for your child?  

I am resident of Berkeley, graduate of UC Santa Barbara, and have worked as a 
tutor since high school.  My main subjects are Algebra, Geometry, and 
Biology.  I am also available to tutor Psychology, US History, Spanish and 
general study skills.   

My students range from 6th grade through high school.  I have successfully 
worked with special needs and gear my teaching strategies to individual 

I creatively approach each subject and student, optimizing their learning style 
and needs.  I am patient and playful.  I strive to make learning fun and 

I travel to my students homes.  I work M-F and Sundays.   Please let me know 
if you're interested.  I am available to meet for a free first consultation 

Jonathan Twena
(949) 554-3988 
Wyzant Tutoring Profile:
Jonathan Twena jonathantwena[at] 9495543988


Sep 12 2013

I tutor high school, college, and university students very efficiently at all levels of 
math including test preparations. I also tutor computer science, calculus based 
physics, and German.

I have a M.S. in Math and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Math, CS, and Physics from 
top German universities. In 1999 I came as a post-doc at LBNL to Berkeley.

My teaching experience includes being a lecturer within the European teaching 
initiative ERASMUS and having taught students in different countries. As an 
undergraduate I helped at a boarding school, as a graduate student I taught  
groups of up to 30 students. After my Ph.D. I offered my own lectures and 
became coordinator of the international university teaching project ERASMUS. 

Over the last four years I very efficiently helped hundreds of students in the Bay 
Area to master their classes. 

My hourly rate starts at $60 within 5 miles. I travel and provide group lessons at 
rates depending on travel.  
Andreas Mueller andreaszyx[at] 


Sep 11 2013


My name is Alix Morris and I am currently a senior at UC
Berkeley studying Geophysics. I have taken a number of math
and physics classes including Calculus I, II, III, and
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations and for Physics, I
have taken Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and I am
currently enrolled in Optics. I have also taken Statics and
Mechanics of Materials, an upper division Applied
Mathematical Methods class, and Seismology. I am also
currently enrolled in Applied Geophysics. I can help
students better understand basic math such as geometry and
algebra as well as tutor higher levels of math up through
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. I live in
Berkeley and have most afternoons off so feel free to
contact me if your child is struggling to understand math.
I'd be more than happy to help them better understand what
they're learning.

Thank you,

Alix Morris
Alix Morris amorris10[at] 714-906-3653


Sep 08 2013

I tutor all levels of math for elementary and middle school
students as well as Algebra 1,2, and Geometry for high
school students. I specialize in helping students who do not
like math or feel anxiety around tests.
 About me: I have an extensive academic and teaching
background, including two Masters degrees and experience
teaching at UC Berkeley as a PhD student. I very much enjoy
learning, teaching, and helping students to find enthusiasm
for the material they are studying and to build confidence
in their abilities to succeed in life. I work with each
student in a patient, caring, and fun way to address their
individual needs. ' My rates: $40/hr Please contact me for a
full resume and references. Thank you! Annabelle 
Annabelle Drda annabelle.drda[at] 


Sep 07 2013

I graduated summa cum laude from Yale in 2009, with a B.A. 
in math.

Since then, I've taught high school in Oakland: Calculus, 
Stats, Trig, Psych, Bio, Geometry, and English. My students 
performed well (more than 75% passed the Calc AP), and I've 
enjoyed watching them find success in college (many as the 
first in their families to attend).

I've written about education for Slate (one essay, ''What It 
Feels Like to Be Bad at Math,'' reached #1 on their list of 
''Most Liked'' pieces), and my blog (Math with Bad Drawings) 
has attracted more than 900,000 views in the last 5 months.

I've worked with students from ages 8 to 35, on topics 
ranging from basic study skills to advanced calculus. My 
specialty is math (from pre-algebra to BC Calculus), but I 
enjoy helping with writing, college advising, and other 
academic subjects.

Feel free to contact me with questions or to request 
Ben Orlin ben.orlin[at] (781) 820-5433


Sep 02 2013

I am a UCBerkeley graduate of Mathematics.  I have been 
tutoring since 1999.  I have experience with many ages and 
levels.  I have great references and reasonable rates.  I can 
also tutor statistics.  Call me for an appointment.  Faith. 
faith shar faithalways[at] 9259159123


Aug 30 2013

Looking to score high on SAT, AP or to raise your Math grade 
at school?

Hi, my name is Julia. 
I am a graduate from UC Berkeley. I hold Bachelor's and 
Master's, both from UCB, majoring in industrial engineering 
from which I built my strength in mathematics and science. 

I am an experienced tutor (+4 years) that has taught handful 
of students from elementary school students to college 

Subjects I am confident and competent to teach are:
-Mathematics (from K-12 to college math: pre-algebra, 
algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus)
-SAT Math
-GRE Math
-AP Calculus 

If you need help to get higher score on standardized exams  
or to get better grade in your math classes, please contact 
me via my email.

In terms of rates, my base rate is $35/hr. 

Usually I tutor for an hour and half during each session 
(1.5hr is better than 1 or 2 hours in terms of effectiveness 
on concentration and amount of work done) at $50.

Thank you!
Julia jewon0112[at] 


Aug 28 2013

Experienced Tutor in all levels of HS Math!

Over the past 5 years, I have taught hundreds of students in
SAT Math, Albegra, Geometry, Alg II, Precal, Calculus and
Statistics, including work for Kaplan, Revolution Prep, and
Elite Education, and with numerous private tutoring students.

In addition to helping students master the current material
in their high school math courses, I aim to have a permanent
impact on students' confidence and mathematical reasoning
and understanding. I work to identify students' particular
learning styles and strengths and weaknesses, customizing
lessons to help them reach both short term and long term
goals.  Many of my students have gotten their highest grades
ever in a Math class after working with me. 

Please contact me anytime for more info and check out my
website,  References Available.  
Willie Van Doren vandorenw[at] 617-233-0361


Aug 26 2013


ALL my math students' grades & skills improve. Most
earn ''A's''. They are: capable, yet under performing; 
in middle school taking Algebra 1; good 
students with math anxiety; right-brained learners; 
girls who are afraid to excel; or lacking key concepts. 

Students are treated with respect & sensitivity. Besides 
being a math teacher, I'm unusually perceptive & highly 
attuned. I am gentle, yet firm too. I develop self-reliance 
& study skills. 

I taught math for 10 yrs in Berkeley, Albany & 
Lafayette districts, and started tutoring at UCLA.
I teach all math levels through pre-calculus. 

Parents & students are happy with the results. Parents 
hire me after trying out college tutors. Areas covered are: 
Albany, Berkeley, Kensington, Oakland, Orinda & Piedmont. 
Location will be discussed. References available. Call for 
your 1st discounted session.
Website: MsMath
Tralee Johnson traleej[at] 415 508-MATH


Aug 23 2013

I offer kind, gentle and firm support in foundational math 
skills and concepts.  My focus is on depth of understanding.  

I am particularly interested in working with and supporting 
kids with ADHD, attentional and other learning disabilities, 
adopted kids, kids with Asperger?s or kids who need extra 
support in general.  

In addition to math, I help kids with organization, and time 

Most of the students with whom I work are in the 5th to 10th 
grade and a few juniors and seniors as well.

I?m a grandfather of high school age students and have 
worked with a wide range of students for the past ten years, 
after a successful career in high tech sales and marketing.
I typically work with students at their homes in Oakland, 
Piedmont, Berkeley and San Leandro and occasionally at my 
home office in the Redwood Heights neighborhood in Oakland.

Please visit my website at  
Dusty Sykes dusty[at] 5105908681
Dusty Sykes dusty[at] 510 590-8681


Aug 22 2013

Hi there!
My name is Caitlin. I have a B.A. in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC 
Berkeley. I have been working as a private tutor for kids of all ages, up 
through college, for over 8 years now. I love helping my students to achieve 
their academic goals, and I often also serve as a mentor. I steer away from 
memorization and focus on developing my students conceptual 
understanding, organizational skills, study skills, and test taking skills. I am 
aware of differing learning styles, so I adjust my tutoring style to fit my 
student's needs. I am caring, accessible, and work very hard to assure that I 
am doing the best job possible to help my students. I have helped students to 
increase their grades a whole letter or more. I provide supplementary 
assessment and homework materials to solidify the material for my students. 
In addition to my private tutoring experience, I have taught and tutored with a 
couple of prep/tutoring centers.
Caitlin caitlin.schnair[at] (818) 943-9516


Aug 22 2013

I have an engineering Ph.D. from Brown University and a B.A.
in physics.  I was a physics Tutor and computer science
Teaching Assistant (TA) in college and started tutoring
again last year.  I have taught 7th grade engineering and
programming courses at a summer enrichment program and
re-vamped a 3rd-6th grade public school literacy curriculum.    

I love to teach and tutoring is my favorite type of teaching!  

My tutoring areas are:
?        Math
?        Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)
?        Electrical Engineering
?        Computer Science
?        Test Preparation & Study Skills

I am interested in tutoring K-12 and college students.  I
can do homework help, exam prep and study skills.  My rates
are flexible and I can come to the student?s home or meet at

I love explaining things in different ways and using
creative analogies and visuals to help people really
understand the material.

Thanks and have a great day!
Laura Mehrmanesh, Ph.D.   LMehrman[at] (510) 575-9441


Aug 22 2013


I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and 
students attending local K-12 and college for 11 years (Berkeley, Oakland, 
Albany, El Cerrito, Piedmont).  Having studied at UC Berkeley College of 
Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of math (from 
Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, SAT Math, etc.) and science (Chemistry, 
Biology, Physics, Computer Science, etc.).  The most requested subjects last year 
were Geometry and Chemistry.  I've also taught some introductory Japanese as I 
am a native speaker of the language.  Currently I am accepting some more 
students until full. 

Contact me with any questions or concerns through my email address shown
here.  Thank you very much for looking at my ad!

EMAIL:  tairi.nishizawa[at]
Tairi Nishizawa tairi.nishizawa[at] 


Aug 16 2013

I am available for Math and Statistics tutoring. I have been 
tutoring since 1999 and have experience with a wide variety 
of ages and levels.

I have a bachelor's degree in math from UCBerkeley and 
experience tutoring students in middle school, high school, 
and college.  Call me for an appointment. 925-915-9123

Faith Shar
faith shar faithalways[at] 9259159123


Aug 12 2013

I'm a Berkeley High Student and enjoy math very much and would like to share 
my knowledge with others. I can tutor math up to and including Algebra. I'm 
familiar with the teachers, the textbooks used, and the difficulty of the classes at 
Berkeley High.
Please contact me if you're interested
Maxim Guzman maxim4guzman[at] 


Jul 30 2013

Hello, I am a UC Berkeley graduate in Math and Mechanical 
Engineering.  I have over 5 years of tutoring experience of 
all ages and am comfortable teaching any level of math 
including college level courses such as abstract algebra and 
analysis.  I am available to tutor in the Berkeley & Oakland 
areas, $30/hr.
Nathan Newsom naphren[at] 


Jul 15 2013


I have a bachelor's degree in math and experience tutoring 
students in middle school, high school, and college.

Math Subjects: Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-
Calculus, Calculus, Statistics.

Other Subjects: Chemistry, Spanish I, II, III, and SAT & ACT 
test prep.

I prefer to meet in the student's home or in a public place 
such as the library, and am currently available to tutor 
mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

My resume and references will be made available upon 
request. Thank you for you consideration, and I look forward 
to hearing from you.

Christopher Broski cebroski[at] 


Jul 03 2013

My name is Josh Gonzalez and I am a rising 2nd year law 
student at the UC Berkeley School of Law. Previously, I was 
a credentialed high school mathematics teacher at Castlemont 
High School in East Oakland.
I received a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Political Science 
from Washington and Lee University in Virginia. Among other 
things, I earned a 3.83 GPA, magna cum laude honors and a 
member of Phi Beta Kappa.
I am willing and able to be a tutor in a wide range of 
topics in math and science. My teaching concentrations were 
in Algebra 1 & 2, & Geometry but I am comfortable and able 
to teach up to BC calculus. I am also available for SAT, ACT 
and SAT II prep in related subject fields and general 
college application counseling. I'm flexible in scheduling 
and my rate is $40 an hour.  Please feel free to email me at or call me at 908 698 1143 if you 
have any questions about my qualifications or would like to 
set up a tutoring session.
Josh Gonzalez gonzalez.josh[at] 9086981143


Jun 20 2013

Need a tutor? I attended the Athenian High School and just
graduated from Brandeis University in 2012 with a dual
degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, and minor in Physics
(Magna Cum Laude). I've been working as a tutor the past
year while I prepare for grad school in Philosophy. I would
be happy to help out tutoring in Math, Writing, and Science
classes for all ages. I love working with young children
(especially in math), though equally enjoy teaching to
higher level students (all subjects). I have 10 years of
experience of one-on-one tutoring with my much younger
brother in math and science (usually for fun). In fact we
still work together often, though he is not so little
anymore (now 15).

For references and testimonials, please send me an email:


Ben Brast-McKie
Benjamin Brast-McKie benbrastmckie[at] 925.289.9703


Jun 20 2013

GET THE BEST FOR A BETTER PRICE - ABOUT ME: I am a 31 yr. old female 
transitioning careers from social services to math education. I have 4 years 
professional and volunteer experience as a math tutor and teaching aid and have 
tutored ALL secondary education and community college math subjects. I also 
have a decade of experience working with special needs youth aged 0-21. I am a 
senior in the undergraduate math program at UC Berkeley. I offer personal and 
professional references. My services are only $15-$25/hr. (dependent on 
subject) and I will travel up to 30 minutes for no charge! - TO SEE ME TUTORING 
VISIT: - TO SEE MY RESUME VIST:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Melissa Moser melissamoser1[at] 949-228-2285


Jun 20 2013

Is your student struggling with math, including algebra I or II, geometry, 
trigonometry, or standardized tests? 

Whatever the circumstance, I can help improve your student's grades and 

Hi! My name is Chris. I provide personalized one-on-one tutoring at your 
home or in a convenient location. I'm a Harvard graduate with over 10 
years of experience tutoring students that have gone on to study in some 
of the nation's top public and private universities, including those in the 
Ivy League.

Now is the right time to begin prepping for the fall exams. I'm available 
to tutor in Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Moraga, San Leandro, Castro 
Valley, and nearby areas. I look forward to meeting the needs of your 
Chris chrisjtutor[at] 310.717.4227


Jun 13 2013

Math Tutor - Stanley Middle School

Is your child entering 7th grade next academic year and attending Stanley 
Middle School? 

I currently tutor two high performing Stanley Middle students in mathematics. 
One parent would like to start tutoring for his younger child with the same 
arrangement. That is, we are looking for another excellent Stanley Middle math 
student to share tutoring time, beginning at the start of the next academic year, 
so that the cost is half the price for each student.

I have a BA in mathematics from UCSC, an MA in Education from UC Berkeley, 
over 7 years teaching/tutoring experience, and taught 5 years at ATDP at UC 
Berkeley. I tutored 3 other students in Lamorinda for the past academic year 
(one pair, one individual) and can provide references. Please e-mail if 
Sarah Bruschi skbruschi[at] 


Jun 05 2013

I am a Brown University student and I have been tutoring for over six years. I 
can tutor math up to and including calculus, algebra, pre-algebra, geometry, 
and trigonometry. I am living in Oakland this summer from June 15-August 15 
and can commute to most of the East Bay area. 
Recommendations available. Hourly rate is negotiable. 
Cassidy Bennett cassidy_bennett[at] 


Jun 02 2013

I am an undergraduate at Stanford and have three year's 
experience in tutoring, tutor training, curriculum design 
and teaching. I specialize in gifted, dyslexic and 
acalculaic students, and focus on giving my students enough 
understanding that they rediscover their love of learning. 
For the Summer of 2012-13, I am accepting high school and 
university students in algebra, precalculus, single variable 
and vector calculus, and ordinary and partial differential 
equations who either seek review last year's material or 
learn new material with the view of placing out of their 
next years math class. Outside of tutoring, I also ran 
volunteer training workshops at the Chabot Space and Science 
Center, work for the Oakland Public Library, and ran a non-
profit tutoring service. 
Shawn Lee shawn_lee[at] 5104499933


Jun 02 2013

Statistics (high school or college level) tutoring from a local with a Statistics 
Master's degre from Cal State East BAy.  I have helped many elementary 
level students in math and algebra and am also able to work with high 
school algebra, geometry or statistics.  My specialty, however, is tutoring in 
college-level stats 101.  

Available 1-2 times per week in the evenings or weekends for $50 for 
flexible 1 to 1 1/2 hour sessions. 

References available upon request.
Izzy izzybetz[at] 


Jun 01 2013

Summer is filled with fun. At the same time, it is for keeping your child?s brain 
active so that s/he will be prepared for the next school year. 

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school. I have previous childcare experience in 
groups and with individuals. I participate in sports. Your child will have a great 
experience because I love to play with and teach kids while having an awesome 
time. There are so many ways to get kids excited about learning and you can 
count on me to explore different ways of teaching and find one that fits your 
child.  As a bonus, I am an A + student, I have been on student council for five 
years running and I am First Aid/CPR certified.

I am offering the following services tutoring grades K - 6 in math, English 
(reading and writing), history and science. 

 Please e-mail me at  or call me, Noah,  at 510-527-9573.

 I look forward to hearing from you! 

*References upon request 
Noah Bennett lcbphd[at] 510 5279573


May 23 2013

Hello! My name is Nancy and I recently completed my BA in Statistics at UC 
Berkeley. I would love to help your child with any of the following subjects:

-- Math (1-12th grade)
-- Statistics 
-- English Writing and Reading Comprehension
-- French grammar
-- SAT/ACT prep
-- Study/note-taking skills and organization
-- Presentation skills

I enjoy working with people and hold your child's self-confidence as a priority. 
Please feel free to email me for a complete resume and to arrange a phone 
conversation. I don't have a car, but I live in North Berkeley very close to 
campus. Base rate is 35$ per hour; $45 for two students. Meeting places to be 
Nancy Organ nancyorgan[at] 


May 16 2013

Math and Learning Specialist
Deb Brunelle at Room to Learn
Summer Openings!

Specializing in Math Instruction using the Making Math Real approach.
Credentialed Teacher with Masters in Special Education 
Over 20 years supporting students with diverse learning challenges.

Individual and Small Groups
Math Fact Strategies and Practice
Individualized Math Remediation and Instruction 
Current grade review and next grade readiness
Kindergarten through Algebra I

Office in El Cerrito.
More info at website:

Contact me at Deb[at] or 510-558-1258
Deborah Brunelle Deb[at] 


May 13 2013

I will be finishing my third year at UC Berkeley as an 
undergraduate math major, though by the end of this 
semester, I will have completed 44 units in graduate math 
courses (each course is four units). My experience is 
primarily in tutoring high school and college-level math: I 
have worked at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center for a 
year and helped a large number of college students with math 
and stats, and I have tutored friends all throughout high 
school. This being said, I am open to working with younger 
students as well. If you are interested in helping your 
child catch up in school, prepare for the SAT/ACT, or expand  
his/her horizons, please contact me. My base rate is $30/hr, 
but this may change due to the subject material, the 
commute, and the hours I can work. I am based in Berkeley.
Josh Wen jeiwenno[at] 


May 07 2013

If you're looking for a tutor to assist your child in the
crucial & formative academic stages of schooling, then
search no further. 

I am enrolled in a unique consoritum masters in Micro &
Nano-technology of 3 European countries & have been in
berkeley since Feb'13. 

My day job takes me to Lawrence Berkeley National Labs where
i work on my Master thesis( focus on Photonics).The rest of
the time, I love to engage in activities like teaching (for
Exam prep, homework help or subject mastery) and my subjects
of interest range from:

1. Middle & high school upto K-12: Math (algebra,
trigonometry, calculus, Geometry),Physics

2. Middle school: Science(Biology,Chemistry),French
3. GRE level: Math, English

I'd love to tell you more about myself and my credentials
through a one-to-one correspondance.

You can reach me at:
or call me at: 415-350-3992

P.S:Pl. leave a text, if i dont answer, i will always get
back to you ASAP

Thank you.
Maneesha Rupakula maneerox[at] 4153503992


May 04 2013

I am currently finishing my sophomore year at Berkeley City College. I am a 
math major planning on getting my teaching credentials and teaching middle 
school or high school math. I feel confident and have a good record with 
helping kids from elementary school through high school with math. I am 
patient and I love math and explaining it. Please contact me if you are 
interesting in my services.
Savannah Conley savannahconley94[at] 


Apr 23 2013

Are you in need of a tutor who can help your child with all 
their school needs - from improving grade scores to getting 
more organized or prepared for tests? Would you like an 
experienced teacher that has also tutored and enjoys even 
the tough subjects? Then I may be your gal. I have B.S. in 
Biology and enjoy learning and passing along my excitement 
for both math and science. I'm animated and have a sense of 
humor which helps kids have fun without even knowing it and 
I connect easily on their level. And most importantly, can 
build their self-confidence and ?can-do? attitude. I can 
teach kids how to get good grades and instill self-
discipline. I'm equally well versed in other subjects as 
well. In addition, I offer services for summer break to keep 
skills sharp. If that sounds like something your family 
needs, please contact me at
Jessica Sund sundances4ever[at] 


Apr 21 2013

I currently work as a literacy instructor, but I also help
out in a Kindergarten classroom with mathematics lessons. I
have taught after school math before, as well as excelling
in and tutoring friends during my whole academic career. 
Most comfortable tutoring math up to the level of Pre-Algebra.
Rachael Byrne rjb8729[at] 


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