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Making Math Real

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Feb 2006

I'm looking for recommendations pro/con Making Math Real - from parents who took the courses in order to help their kids or from parents who hired others who were trained in the concepts. I can't send my kid to the summer math ''camp'' that they offer but I may be interested in taking the overview class myself. Was it helpful, is it worth the $? Thanks
mom of math hater

Making Math Real was developed for people who learn/see the world in a certain way: highly visual and highly contextual (learning needs to be in the context of a ''story,'' complete abstractions are not well-appreciated). If your son learns in this way, Making Math Real is worth anything you can possibly afford to pay. After many years of learning specialists using other techniques, it is the only method that has helped my daughter learn even the most basic math (it does include through algebra and geometry too). So if you do not already know how your son learns best, I would suggest testing to find out, and if this is a fit, go for it! If his learning style is otherwise, then you might need to explore a different method. Joan
March 2005

We have a third grader who is very hesitant about math. Her teacher says that she is ''at grade level,'' but math is hard for her, and she has already decided that she does not like it. Does anyone have any recommendations about summer math tutors or math programs that she might take advantage of? I know one friend took her daughter to a program called Making Math Fun, but I cannot find any information about it online. We live in Berkeley. Any and all suggestions welcome! Mother of a reader!

I think perhaps your friend went to Making Math Real - run by David Berg out of, I think, Cragmont in Berkeley. As a math teacher, Making Math Real offers a lot for kids who struggle with math. As a way of teaching to the general student, I am not so sure, but I can't make a judgement until I get more training and see it in action more. I'd say it is definitely worth a look, and very likely even a try. It also has classes for teachers (and parents) - offering ways in which you (or her teachers) could support her better - something that I think is very valuable. interested in math results
You might be thinking of Making Math Real. The website is: Ellen
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