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Tutors for K - 5th Grade - Announcements

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Apr 10 2014

I am an experienced teacher and content specialist available to work with 
students and their parents to assess the student's academic strengths and needs, 
and develop strategies to support learning at home.  I can also help plan for 
teacher conferences, IEP meetings, SSTs, etc.

For more information, please visit my website:
David Rosenthal rosen4[at] 


Mar 28 2014

Are you in need of a tutor who can help your child with all 
their school needs - from improving grade scores to getting 
more organized or prepared for tests? Would you like an 
experienced teacher that has also tutored and enjoys even 
the tough subjects? Then I may be your gal. I have B.S. in 
Biology and enjoy learning and passing along my excitement 
for both math and science. I'm animated and have a sense of 
humor which helps kids have fun without even knowing it and 
I connect easily on their level. And most importantly, can 
build their self-confidence and ?can-do? attitude. I can 
teach kids how to get good grades and instill self-
discipline. I'm equally well versed in other subjects as 
well. In addition, I offer services for summer break to keep 
skills sharp. If that sounds like something your family 
needs, please contact me at
Jessica jesssund[at] 


Mar 26 2014

I am The Success Tutor, a cutting-edge East Bay tutor with 14 years 
experience who helps students reach their academic goals while increasing 
their self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. 

I hold an elementary teaching license and have worked with hundreds of 
elementary age students. I am especially skilled at helping students increase 
their confidence and feel better about the subjects they are struggling with. 
My background is in reading and writing and I also tutor in math.  
I create individualized programs for each student tailored to their specific 
needs. I also include meditation, mindfulness, and intuitive practices.

I have helped many students raise their grades and feel better about school. 

Sessions are one hour and typically take place at your home.

Contact me at 510-984-1552. Say that you saw my ad here and receive your 
first session free.
Katrina Martin, MA katmartin77[at] 510-984-1552


Feb 09 2014

I am a professional tutor that has worked with children k-8,
high schoolers, and adults. I tutor all subjects k-8, high
school subjects except math and chemistry, physics. I have a
strong background in working with children with special
needs, IEPS, learning challenges, and who need extra support
in learning. My B.S. is in Human Development and I currently
am working on my Masters in Social Work with Children. I
have been an observer, parenting educator, nanny and program
coordinator for children's programs. 

My style is to be very patient, creative, a mentor, boost
children's confidence and self-esteem, and make learning
fun. I work with parents as well in establishing better
structure and learning environment to help child succeed.
I.e. no sugar before homework time if child has difficulty
with focus. 

I look forward to hearing from you. My rate is $30hr. 
Linda Fong laughteryogawisdom[at] 


Jan 25 2014

Greetings BPN!
After 7 years building a successful tutoring practice in San Francisco, I am 
shunning that lovely new bridge in favor of being close to my own kids while 
serving students in the East Bay, starting in June 2014!
4-10th Grade 
Child-centered holistic help for all-kinds of students. I've been helpful to many 
with Executive Function/ADHD struggles, especially in combination with dyslexia, 
dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Vis/Aud Processing struggles, etc. Is your child seen as 
precocious? Sullen? Oppositional? Unfocused? Does she feel misunderstood and 
have zero motivation? I'd love to meet you both to see what we can do to 
improve writing, math, organization, self-advocacy skills, and the experience of 
school on a day to day basis!
Mike L. Miller mike[at] 415/264-0227


Jan 20 2014

I am a Berkeley mom with an elementary school teaching
credential looking to provide tutoring in all subject areas
as well as book clubs, writing workshops and enrichment
sessions to children in grades 1-8 in the
Berkeley/Albany/Kensington/El Cerrito area. I
am able to work with students one on one or in small groups.
I am able to help students who are struggling as well as create
unique lessons for students who would like to dig deeper
into reading and writing. To find out more visit
Amy Alessi amyalessi[at] 510-225-8384


Jan 01 2014

I am a former Albany teacher with a masters in education
from Harvard and BA in philosophy and art from Notre Dame.
I'm passionate about helping children reach their full
potential, increase their confidence, and grow to love

I live in Berkeley and run my own sustainable food startup
(Green & Go), but miss the joy of teaching and want to give
back to my community. 

AnnaLise annalisetutors[at] 


Nov 03 2013

Patient and Experienced Tutor. Masters degree. Age appropriate lessons 
to ensure success. Your kids will love my teaching style! Call today. You 
will not be disappointed! Danville, San Ramon, Alamo.
Webster helenawebster[at] 323 574 2024


Oct 13 2013

Tutoring for K-9 math, writing, and any other and work in SE 
Berkeley (part time teacher and SAHM) Credentialed and experienced in 
Single Subject English/SocStudies, Supp Auth in mathematics, Multiple 
Subjects credential (K-6) Current in CA.
CALSI calsihm[at] 5102053946


Sep 30 2013

I am a Berkeley mom with an elementary school teaching
credential looking to provide tutoring in all subject areas
as well as book clubs, writing workshops and enrichment
sessions to children in grades 2-8 in the Berkeley area. I
am able to work with students one on one or in small groups.
I will help students who are struggling as well as create
unique lessons for students who would like to dig deeper
into reading and writing. To find out more visit
Amy Alessi amyalessi[at] 510-225-8384


Sep 13 2013

Hi there- My name is Jenna Plante and I am a licensed elementary school 
teacher. I have recently relocated to Berkeley, and am interested in helping 
local students improve academically as well as gaining confidence in their 
innate ability as learners. I have experience with students of all ages in the K-
6 range, and can offer assistance in anything from homework help to math 
skills to building literacy. I have also helped high school and college students 
write papers and prepare for exams. I would be pleased to speak with you 
further if you think your child might benefit from a little extra help. I can best 
be reached via email at My rates are very 
competitive, and I can meet your student wherever works best for you. I look 
forward to hearing from you!
Jenna Plante jenna.plante3[at] 720-530-8298


May 30 2013

I am an experienced Special Educator and have worked with K-
12 students with struggles in literacy and math.  

I am trained in the Wilson Reading Program, a research based 
multi-sensory reading intervention program that is proven to 
help students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.  
I can also help your child develop their writing skills 
using the Toumlin Writing Model.  I am also trained in Jump 
Math, another research based intervention for K-8 students.  
I am comfortable tutoring up to the Algebra 2 level.    

I live in El Cerrito, and am able to come to your house in 
the Berkeley corridor, or your child can come to mine.  I am 
available all summer for intensive support, and am charging 
$40 per hour.

I can give a free consultation and provide a learning plan 
for you to consider.  
Please contact me if you're interested in working together!
Sara Haller saralei82[at] 


May 16 2013

Experienced and Reliable Elementary Teacher Available to Tutor

I have over 4 years experience in schools, a clear Multiple Subject 
Credential from Mills College and a BA in Psychology from Reed College. I 
even nannied all four years of college! Teaching experience includes:
- Rising 2nd Grade Intervention Summer School in San Lorenzo
- 3rd Grade in Oakland
- Rising 4th Grade Intervention Summer School in Oakland
- 4th/5th in Daly City
- 6th-8th Grade Electives in Daly City

I have recently tutored students in: 
- 4th Grade Math and Language Arts
- 2nd Grade Math and Language Arts
- Kindergarten Number Sense, Reading, & Writing
- High School Entrance Exam Prep (Math)
- 5th Grade Math, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar

I am currently available as a tutor for your elementary or middle school 
aged child(ren) or for any short or long term nannying jobs. 

References and resume can be provided upon request. 

I hope to hear from you soon!
Megan McClintic-Gilbert Meganmcgilbert[at] 


Apr 30 2013


I am an experienced, credentialed schoolteacher and mom of two, now 
pursuing an MSW at Cal. I taught upper and lower elementary grades and have 
tutored through eighth grade.

I'm available for tutoring in various subjects during the summer. I can do 
''catch up'' work, push into the next year's curriculum, or work on test prep, 
depending on your child's needs. 

I live in San Francisco, but I can come to the East Bay, the Peninsula, and 
Marin as well. 

Looking forward to talking to you and hearing about your child!
Thea  tandersonsf[at] 


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