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Japanese Tutors - Announcements

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Announcements from tutors are accepted without review as a service to local parents. Please always check references before hiring!

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Jul 09 2013


My name is Mia Tong, and I live in Berkeley where I am a student at the 
university, and I am a Japanese tutor in the area (~$20-25/hr). I can tutor kids of 
all ages in various stages of learning Japanese, and can especially help in 
tutoring how to speak like a native. I have experience teaching kids from being a 
swim class instructor and a piano teacher in the past. 

If you have any questions about me or my availability, you can contact me at 
(240) 743-7542, or e-mail me at

Mia Tong 

(240) 743-7542 
Mia Tong miamtong[at] 240-743-7542


Feb 12 2013

I am a native speaker from Japan who has experience teaching Japanese to all 
ages. I currently teach Japanese at San Francisco Japanese School to elementary 
school children. I can provide a strong writing foundation as well as fun 
conversational experience for people who would like to study Japanese. I can 
also teach private Japanese lessons to business and vacation travelers. If you 
have any questions, please contact me. 
Junko Kenmotsu junekudo[at] (510) 484-6182

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