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French Tutors - Announcements

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Aug 06 2014

Bonjour ? tous !

I am a native speaker of French with thirteen years of teaching experience.

Currently, I am teaching at San Francisco?s University High School. I teach 
language classes as well as seminars on French cinema, African and Caribbean 
literature in French and contemporary France. 

In my career, I have taught adults and college students (at UC Berkeley, San 
Francisco State University and Sonoma State University) as well as Elementary, 
Middle and High School students. 

My B.A. is in foreign languages and I hold a teaching credential as well as an M.A. 
in French literature, with a specialization in texts written outside of France. 

? bient?t ?
Anne (anne.boucher[at] 


May 28 2014

You are learning French in middle school or high school? You would like to jump 
into the next school year better prepared? 

We can work on grammar, pronunciation, or vocabulary over the summer. If you 
already enjoy learning a second language, I can help you become bilingual 
sooner than you thought you could. If you are struggling and not really enjoying 
your language classes in school? I?ll make it fun and interesting, and help you 
raise your confidence and your grades. A bient?t !
Veronique myfrenchtutor[at] 


May 09 2014

My name is Pauline and I am a native French, 31 years old, highly educated 
(M.A. and post M.A. -7 years of studies after Baccalaureat). 
I'd be happy to help you or your children with French. I have experience in 
teaching and tutoring for elementary, high school and legal/business French.
I'd be happy to teach in San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland.
A bientot!
Pauline paulinevorms[at] 


Apr 04 2014

I am a UC Berkeley French instructor and I will be offering
a French intensive class in a small group of two to six
people in downtown Berkeley. All levels are welcome. Each
class will meet for two hours five days per week for four weeks.

The classes will start on May, 19th and will end on June, 13th. 


$950 (for total of 40 hours of instruction)
(first two hours are free, after that $25/hour)

10% discount if you register and pay the full tuition before
April, 20th.
Olga guannavenas[at] 510-710-0238


Mar 30 2014

AP French Tutor Available.
I am a Professor from France.
I am Certified to teach French as a Foreign Language.
I have been teaching at Private Schools for years in the Bay 
Area before becoming a Professional Tutor.   
I am specialized in Tutoring The AP French. I have been 
helping numerous students preparing for the AP Exam. I am 
experienced, highly knowledgable and I have a lot of 
material to work with.
Contact me for more information. Thank you.
Anne frenchaptutor[at] 


Mar 27 2014

I have experience tutoring children of all ages one-on-one to work on oral 
expression, grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills.  I am fully 
fluent in french and was schooled in a french system, I am francophone.  Please 
do not hesitate to contact me.  I charge 25$/ hour to start.
Maia  nicholss.maia[at] 5107040538


Mar 07 2014

More than 10 years of experience teaching and tutoring to kids, teenager 
and adults.
Teacher from France.
Master's degree- Magna Cum Laude- in teaching French .
Preliminary California single subject teaching Credential.
Worked as a substitute and part-time Teacher at private schools ( Head-
Royce, Bentley, Crowden) and in Community College.
Available for tutoring classes all ages and all level.
Available to help with homework, to prepare for a test ( AP etc.) or for 
traveling in France.
Classes tailored for Francophones children available from CP to Terminale.
For more information contact me. A bientot. MERCI.
afrenchteacher [at]


Feb 28 2014

I'm a native/fluent French speaker with a background in 
theatre & film production; summer camp counseling, and media 
arts education. I graduated high school in France 
(Baccalaureat) and college in Ireland (BA in Theatre & 
In addition to French language tutoring, I offer digital 
media production lessons. I've taught a range of skills 
including scriptwriting, camerawork and editing. Students 
would be able to learn these concepts in tandem with 
learning to read, write and speak in French. My curriculum 
aims to cover French language skills while providing an 
advanced conceptual and technical understanding of media 
making through creative projects.
I'm a dedicated educator, mentor and team player. I'm 
patient and relaxed, but have a fun and creative approach to 
Please get in touch if you have any questions about my 
background, professional experience, or availability.

Mes salutations distingu?es,
Ben Elie benelie1[at] 5106884077


Feb 26 2014


My name is Melanie Veyrier, I am a French Master's student 
currently doing a 6-month internship in Berkeley and living 
in Emeryville. I am looking to be tutoring students of all 
levels in French in the East Bay area preferrably. I am 
very friendly and open minded, I truly enjoy teaching and 
learning languages. Please feel free to email me or call me 
if you are interested or if you would like more information 
about me. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Melanie melanie.veyrier[at] 650-243-1892


Feb 19 2014

I am a home speaker of French educated bilingually for eight years who still uses 
the language in its' spoken and written forms regularly and an avid reader of 
French books. I am posting here to offer my services to high school or college 
students who need coaching on idiomatic speaking or writing of standard 
Parisian French. Fluency aside, I am new to tutoring and will thus charge very 
competitive rates to be discussed over the phone.  
David Shalen  david.shalen[at]  773-720-4807


Feb 18 2014

Are you learning French and need extra help to feel more confident or to get a 
better grades?

Let?s work on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. If you already enjoy 
learning a second language, I can help you become bilingual sooner than you 
thought you could. If you are struggling and not really enjoying your language 
classes in school? I?ll make it fun and interesting, and help you raise your 

We can meet at the student?s home, in a coffee shop, or at my office in the 
David Brower Center downtown Berkeley. 

For more information feel free to check my website:
Veronique MyFrenchTutor[at] 


Feb 17 2014


My name is Greta, I'm an experienced tutor and I love 
helping and working with students and children.
I'm from Bologna (Italy) and some weeks ago I moved to 
Oakland to attend english classes.
Having a high school diploma in foreign languages and as an 
undergraduate at Universit? di Bologna, I've always tutored 
students of all ages, helping them to feel more confident 
and to achieve better grades at school.
I've been studying french for 11 years and I've got DALF C1 
certificate (Dipl?me approfondi de langue fran?aise) and, 
since I'm italian, I defenitely can teach italian and tutor 

I charge $30/hour with availability on both weekdays and 
weekends. Discount is available for sessions of 2 hours or 

Please send me an e-mail if you're looking for help!
Thank you!
GRETA GIULIANI greta.giuliani0203[at] 


Jan 23 2014


I am a native French speaker, a recent graduate of Sciences Po, one of the 
most prestigious universities in France. I also spent a year on exchange at UC 
Berkeley. I graduated with a degree in political science and economics. I have 
recently permanently settled in the area.  I have discovered that I love 
teaching and I am currently in the beginning stages of becoming a 
credentialed teacher in California. I have just passed the CBEST. I have 
experience tutoring in French as well as in economics and math. I would be 
very happy to assist your children in learning French. I am currently living in 
Berkeley, so commute shouldn?t be a problem. 
My rate is $40 an hour for at home lessons.

Thank you!
Nicolas Filippi nfilippidp[at] (925) 222-0298


Nov 07 2013

I am a fluent french speaker. I am 30 years old and have
been studying since I was 12.  I lived in Paris for 5 years
and have been consistently working and living with french
people for the past 10 years.  I have a degree in
communications from Northwestern University in Chicago, but
have been working in Fashion and nannying. I am considering
going back to school and would like to see if teaching
french is a passion.   Thank you for your consideration.
Prices will consider driving and I am in Oakland. Thank You.
Nicole Baudouin nicole.m.baudouin[at] 952-393-7148


Oct 31 2013

I am a native French speaker and I would be glad to help your kids or anyone 
keep up in their French class or learn French. I am friendly and patient and will 
clarify any difficulties with the French language. I am a French college student,  
enrolled in the French-American school of Business and Management in France 
with a major in Finance. I am here on an exchange program.
I would love to help you out! Please give me a call or email. I am charging 
Assina Kredouda tracybobr1[at] 510 918 5355


Sep 30 2013

French and Spanish Tutor available for private and small
group lessons. I am an experienced teacher with CA
Credentials in both Languages and am familiar with the
curriculum and textbooks of many East Bay High Schools. I
taught previously at Berkeley High, Maybeck & San Lorenzo
High School and currently teach French in Fremont. For more
info on my services
Reasonable rates
References available
Loren Chuse loren.chuse[at] 510 926-2131


Sep 29 2013


I am a UC Berkeley French instructor and PhD candidate in
French. I offer French classes in small groups of two to six
people in my office in downtown Berkeley. 

I will be offering very soon

FRENCH BEGINNER class at 6pm on Tuesdays for students who
have never studied French before or have very limited
knowledge of French.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED FRENCH class for students who studied
French for many years and who is interested in French
literature. We'll be reading many literary French texts.
We'll also work on advanced French grammar.

Please contact me as soon as possible. The spots are limited.
Olga olgasylvia[at] 510-710-0238


Sep 16 2013

Recent Mills College graduate with over three years cumulative experience 
teaching and tutoring offers French lessons for only $20 an hour.

Au Coquelet caf?, 2000 University Ave. 

From 9am to 3pm every Saturday. 

E-mail or call me to set up an appointment during that time. 

- 2+ years tutoring, both freelance and in a tutoring agency 
- 1+ year teaching French in an after school program in Alameda (Bay Language 

N.B. I am also available on some days to give in-home tutoring lessons, but 
then different rates apply depending on the length and the cost of commute. 
I also understand completely if parents might have qualms sending their kids to 
me without first knowing who I am, so I am open to setting up a time to meet 
with parents gratis before lessons begin. 
Helene Langlamet hlanglamet[at] (510) 9267186


Sep 02 2013


I will be a French transferring Grad Student at UC Berkeley this year (Department 
of Geography), and I have a training in teaching (Master's Degree). I have a good 
experience in tutoring kids, high school students, and adults.

I want the lessons I give to be creative and well-suited for each student : 
therefore, we should arrange a first interview, casual and fun way, so that I can 
discuss what parts of the amazing French culture you want to explore : from 
gourmet cuisine to New Wave cinema, from Edith Piaf songs to Tintin cartoons, 
you will soon fall for grammar rules and vocabulary tricks !

? bient?t !
Magda Maaoui magdamaaoui[at] 510-646-5859


Sep 02 2013

My 15 year old daughter, currently a French Baccalaureate 
sophomore at the French American International High school, 
currently tutors French at the middle school level.  She is 
also a native French speaker.  Recommendations can be 
provided. If your middle school/high school need some help 
with their French classes, contact us. East Bay - 
Oakland/Berkeley to Lafayette/Walnut Creek. 
Regina Ranoa reginaranoa[at] 


Aug 27 2013

Hi there! 

I am a french native who just arrived in Berkeley from NYC. I'm really 
excited to be here and am looking forward to be find new students who 
want to learn about my language and my culture.
I used to tutor in an association for teenagers who were failing at school 
and also in law school. I like sharing my knowledge and I know I can help 
anyone no matter what their level are.

Whether your goal is to pass an exam, to study for the SAT, to travel in 
France or to practice your french,your are very welcome to contact me, 
we'll find together the best way to help you achieve it!!!

My rate is 40$/hour.
The first session is free if I feel like we need to talk about your goal or a 
specific program before.

I am not currently working so the good news is that I can adapt my 
schedule to yours!!! Just contact me by email and I'll respond quickly so we 
can start. 

I am really looking forward to meeting you! 
Anne-Sophie herveannesophie[at] 


Aug 27 2013


I am a native speaker of French, located in the
Berkeley/Albany area. I was raised in France, and educated
in France and the United States. I hold a B.A. from Smith
College, a ''Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies'' from the Ecole
des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), and a PhD in
History from the University of Michigan.  I have experience
teaching at the high school and college levels. I can help
with grammar, usage, spelling, and reading comprehension;
formal, business, and academic writing; editing and
translating; and with all levels of conversation and
speaking practice. I am happy to work with children, teens,
and adults. My rates are reasonable and negotiable.
Isabelle LanguageGeekServices[at] (510) 967 9487


Aug 09 2013

Salut ! 

I'm Matthew, a French teacher and Phd candidate at UC Berkeley, and I would 
love to help out with your French! 

I'm an experienced teacher of French grammar, reading/writing, and culture 
and will gladly offer grammar instruction for all levels and ages, conversation, 
pronunciation, and tips for travel in the Francophone world. 

I have a BA in Art History and French from Bard College and a Masters in 
French from Berkeley. I have two years of pedagogical training in the 
communicative method, so I'm a strong believer that languages are best 
learned through integrating grammatical training into cultural and 
interpretative exploration. One-on-one tutoring is a great opportunity to 
tailor your language study to your own passions and interests, be they in 
sports, politics, music, your poison! 
My rate is $40/hr for at-home lessons, or $30 if you can meet me on the 
Berkeley campus.

Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans matthewharryevans[at] 


Aug 04 2013


I am a current UC Berkeley French instructor and a PhD
candidate in French and I offer French tutoring to middle,
high school, and college students in the Bay area. I am very
familiar with school programs in the Bay area. I have worked
with different French textbooks (last year mostly with
Discovering French textbook.) Or I can use UC Berkeley
method of teaching French. I can help with

French exam preparation
French placement exams
Grammar explanation or revision
Home-work and compositions
Oral practice

MY EXPERIENCE: 5 years experience of teaching French at UC
Berkeley and 5+ experience of tutoring French to middle,
high school, college, graduate students, and professionals
in the Bay area.

MY EDUCATION: PhD candidacy and MA in French from UC
Berkeley, BA in English and French

LOCATION: my office in Berkeley downtown 
or I can come to your house.
Olga olgasylvia[at] 


Jul 02 2013

Salut ! I'm Victoria and I'd love to be your tutor! I graduated magna cum laude 
from Columbia University in 2007 and received my M.A. in 2011 from the 
UCBerkeley French Dept. where I am pursuing a Ph.D. in French Literature.
An experienced teacher of French grammar, reading/writing, and culture with 
a special knack for one-on-one instruction, I can help with AP and SAT 
subject test preparation, grammar instruction for all levels, conversation, 
pronunciation, and tips for travel in France. I am also an excellent tutor of 
reading and writing in English and a great coach for college admissions 
It's not just for kids, though! Adults who want to brush up their French with 
one-on-one language instruction, or simply get some time with an engaging 
conversation partner, are encouraged to get in touch!

My rate is $40/hr for at-home lessons.

Victoria Bergstrom vbergstrom[at] 
Victoria Bergstrom vbergstrom[at] 


Jun 20 2013

Salut !  Experienced and flexible French tutor available through the 
summer and the beginning of the fall.  I am currently studying for a BA 
in Languages at Oxford University and I am bilingual in French and 
English.  I believe that language learning is best achieved through a 
combination of grammar and conversation, but I will tailor to a student's 
individual needs.  Please contact me at 
for more information.  Merci beaucoup !
Miriam miriam.gordis[at] 

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