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Computer Science Tutors

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Jan 29 2015

My name is Danny. I have professional working experience at Qualcomm, 
Apple, and Salesforce. I am looking for students who are passionate 
about creative thinking and problem solving. In the past, my experience 
as a private tutor has been a great success!

I have an interest in building robots, video games, and hacking. I went to 
UC Berkeley so I can also help with college apps. Here are the reasons 
studying computer science is valuable:

Help you get into college
Enhances your creativity
No matter what you study you have a higher chance of getting a job
Makes you smarter (actually raises IQ)
Good salary

-- Single Student rate: $80 / hour
-- Double Student rate: $60 / hour / student --

If you are interested, please let me know so we can have a Skype 
conversation and talk about our goals and our values. I am willing to 
teach anyone who is interested. Age doesn't matter. All that matters is an 
intense desire to learn.
Danny Dalton stormspirit89[at] 


Aug 21 2014

Hi there,

Is your child interested in making iPhone/iPad games??  Game
development is a great way to interest your child in
computer science and help them follow their passions.

I'm a recent Berkeley grad with an iPhone/iPad app in
development.  Competitive rates.  (Some parents have been
asking me for group tutoring--let me know in your email and
I'll try to arrange the logistics of it.)
KD objectivecbaytutoring[at] 


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