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Announcements from College Admissions Consultants

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Nov 10 2014

I have been tutoring for over eight years, and specialize in college application 
and scholarship essays. Bay Area students I have tutored in the past have been 
accepted at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Tufts 
University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and USC. 

About me: I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University with a B.A. in 
Human Biology, Area of Concentration in Neurobiology, and a M.A. in Modern 
Thought and Literature, receiving interdisciplinary honors and the Francisco 
Lopes Prize for my thesis in Feminist Studies, as well as the Stanford Award of 
Excellence. As a Rhodes Scholar Finalist, Bay Area Inspire Award Recipient, Dalai 
Lama Fellow, Chappell Lougee Scholarship Recipient, and Westly Prize Honorable 
Mention, I am experienced in grant and application writing. 

Please email me for student testimonials!
Megan Winkelman megan.winkelman[at] 


Nov 03 2014

I'm a college English professor at San Jose State University(on sabbatical) and am 
currently tutoring students for college admission applications, navigating the 
college admissions process with students and parents, coaching on admission 
essays. I'm an excellent editor, and have a good sense of the college admissions 
process as I've coached numerous high school students in the process. I'm also 
available to help with coaching on writing, high school and college-level, and 
doing some editing/proofreading and coaching on general writing. 
My rates are very reasonable! Call me for a free 1/2 hour consultation. 
Persis Karim (professor)   persisk[at]  510 847 2817


Oct 25 2014

Hey there! My name is Nick and I'm a double major in English Literature and 
Economics at Cal. I graduated high school in 2011 with a weighted GPA of 
4.51 and an unweighted GPA of 3.91. I excel in all sorts of subjects, especially 
mathematics, English, and American history. I'm also a highly qualified SAT 
tutor. I'm very up-to-date with the test, as I only took it two years ago. My 
score breakdown is as follows: 790 in Critical Reading, 780 in Math, 710 in 
Writing, 2280 Composite. I've been tutoring elementary, junior high, and high 
school kids for five years now, and even after all that time, I?m hard-pressed 
to call it a ?job.? Being a student myself, I know what makes kids tick. Whether 
it's through humor, sports, or what have you, I can find ways to connect to 
kids. And once I earn their trust, getting them interested in learning is 
nothing more than a cakewalk. If you're interested, I am too. Contact me!
Nick Bacarella nickbacarella[at] 7325465841


Oct 23 2014

Is your high schooler struggling with their college essays? I am a former Stanford 
undergraduate admissions officer supporting students with their college 
applications. I work 1 on 1 with students on their essays for college and can 
assist with college selection also.  I  am located in Burlingame and regularly 
travel to the East and North Bay to meet clients.  

You may check out my website Thank you! 
Raja Ashraf raja[at] 


Oct 22 2014

I am a PhD student at Cal and a resident of Berkeley. My 
graduate studies are in language and literacy (writing 
pedagogy, issues in ESL instruction, etc.), my 
undergraduate degree is from the University of Michigan, 
where I studied cellular and molecular biology, and I am 
also a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern registered with 
the state.

I have over ten years of experience helping high school 
seniors apply to college. I have successfully placed 
students at every UC and at all but a few of the Ivies. If 
you are interested in more information about my services, 
please contact me and/or add me on LinkedIn, where you can 
read through an extensive array of recommendations and see 
for yourself what my clients have been able to accomplish. 
I currently have a few openings for students writing their 
UC and Common App essays.

Thank you and take care,
Gordy Steil gordysteil[at] 5108484049


Oct 19 2014

Is your child buried under a pile of college admissions essays and applications 
and feeling overwhelmed? I can help.
I'm an expert, professionally trained tutor with 14 years of experience who 
can help your child write a personal essay that will shine. I can also help him or 
her choose colleges that would be a good fit.
Katrina Martin, MA katrina[at] 510-761-8047


Oct 15 2014

I work with students on a range of college application goal, including: 
Helping students to write and edit personal statement essays, the college 
selection process, application completion and deadline management, and 
scholarship identification and application.
About me: I am an experienced educator and administrator with 16+ 
years working with high school students on the college admission 
process. Most recently, I worked as an administrator at Lick-Wilmerding 
High School (SF) where my responsibilities included overseeing the 
College Counseling Department. I currently work as an administrator in 
the SF Public Schools Dept. of College and Career Readiness where I 
manage many of the District-wide college and career programs.

 I have a number of East Bay family references who would be happy to 
talk with you about my work with their children.
Mary Finn maryelizabethfinn[at] 202-746-8807


Sep 22 2014

Do you need help applying to colleges? I am Dr. Aruna Somani, an internal 
medicine physician in the Bay Area. I am available to help students in completing 
college applications, choosing the right colleges/programs, essay writing and 
interviewing skills. In addition, I have extensive knowledge in how to best 
prepare for medical school applications. With my coaching, my son was able to 
gain admission to Northwestern's seven-year combined medical program (HPME), 
the top program in the nation. He also received over $260,000 in merit 
scholarships from other programs. My daughter, who was accepted into all the 
UC schools, is available to assist with essay writing and counseling as well. She is 
currently a senior at UCLA and writer for the UCLA newspaper. My email address 
is I am available for a free consultation to discuss 
your specific needs.
Aruna Somani arunasomanimd[at] 9257861439


Sep 05 2014

Is your high school student wading through college applications and stressing 
out over all those admissions essays?
I can help. I've worked with many high school students to help them craft 
excellent college essays and gain admission into prestigious colleges like Johns 
Hopkins. I can also help them navigate the college selection process with ease 
and confidence.
I?m an expert, professionally trained tutor with 14 years of experience and a 
background in writing (I've been a writer for nearly 20 years). 
Katrina Martin katrina[at] 510-761-8047


Aug 30 2014

Need guidance with college application essays or interviews?
Alice Chen can help.

*Stanford (BA History, Minor Economics), Northwestern (MS
*Former Center Director of Admissions Academy in Palo Alto,
helped more than 50 students get into colleges like
Stanford, UCs, MIT, West Point, CSUs
*Professional journalist (Work has appeared in the San
Francisco Chronicle,, Chicago Public Radio)
*Communications consultant for clients like Apple, PG&E,
Kraft, University of Chicago Medical Center

Learn more at 
Alice Chen alice.c.chen[at] 510-725-4896


Aug 25 2014

If your child is in the process of applying to college and
struggling with the personal statement portion of the
application, I am able to help.  I provide focused,
thorough, and individualized coaching and editing to help
your child write a strong essay that will get noticed.

                     MY CREDENTIALS

*Continually published writer and accomplished editor: my
works have appeared in highly regarded literary and academic
*Received high honors upon graduating from Cornell
University and Harvard Law School.
*Winner of several writing awards, grants, and fellowships.
*Winner of social justice/legal awards, grants, and
fellowships, including the prestigious Soros Justice
*Experienced in writing various types of essays and proposals.

Those who have worked with me can attest to my skill,
compassion, and dedication to achieving great results. I
look forward to hearing from you!
Grace grace_the_writer[at] 


Jul 29 2014

I have 15 years experience working with high school students on college 
applications, personal statements, and guiding them through the college 
application process. I have particularly strong experience working with students 
who have organizational challenges and writing blocks.

My professional background: Currently work as the Program Administrator for 
College and Career Readiness for SFUSD school district, former Dean of Studies 
at Lick-Wilmerding High School in SF (one part of my job was to oversee the 
College Counseling Office), 15+years as a teacher and college application editor 
and guide in Washington, D.C. Public Schools. 

I take on a handful of tutoring clients each fall and have local references as 
requested.  I look forward to hearing from you. My LinkedIn profile can be 
viewed here:
Mary Finn maryelizabethfinn[at] 2027468807


Jun 23 2014

I'm a college professor and teach English & Comparative Literature at San Jose 
State University but live in Berkeley. I'm also a former advisor for my 
department. I seek to offer tutoring, advising on college applications, essays, 
and also general advice about how to approach decisions about where and how 
to apply to college. I'm open to working with teens, their adult parents, or in 
combination. My experience in this area is extensive, although I'm only recently 
establishing myself as an advisor. I'm happy to discuss your needs and ways I 
can keep the costs of tutoring/advising within your budget. 
Persis Karim (professor)  persisk[at] 510 847 2817


Jun 18 2014

Do you need help in applying to colleges, especially in the 
fields of science, medicine and healthcare? I am Dr. Aruna 
Somani, an Internist in the Bay Area. I am available to help 
students in completing college applications, choosing the 
right colleges/programs, essay writing and interviewing 
skills.  I have counseled many students in how to best 
prepare for admission to medical school. With my coaching, 
my son was able to gain admission to Northwestern's seven 
year combined medical program(HPME) this fall. He also got 
into many other top medical programs and received over 
$260,000 in merit scholarships. I have practiced clinical 
medicine and trained medical students for over 20 years and 
can offer first hand knowledge into the medical school 
admission process. I earned my medical degree at University 
of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. My email 
address is Contact me for a free 
Aruna Somani arunasomanimd[at] 925-786-1439


Jun 17 2014

I am a well-educated (BS in Psychology, MS in Counseling,
PhD in Higher Education,) Moraga mom with a certificate in
College Advising from UC Berkeley extension.   

I am willing to work for a reasonable fee, and cater to
whatever aspects of the process that your student needs. If
you would like a full package, that's great, but I am also
quite willing to help only with essay revisions.

I welcome B students as well.

Given the academic pressure in our community, I would love
to help your student get through the maddening and, often
over-whelming,  application process.  Let me be the nag!
This will allow you to enjoy your child during their senior
year in high school.

Thank you for your consideration.  Students tend to like
working with me a lot; I try to keep things light, and
relieve some of their anxieties.
Jari J Hazard, PhD jari94556[at] 


Jun 11 2014

Lauren Bishop - Stanford graduate, Phi Beta Kappa
Managing Partner & College Admissions Coach at College Bound, LLC

Offers expert advice to college bound 8th-12th grade students and families 
- Academics
- Extracurriculars
- Essays
- Financial aid
- SAT tutor recs
- & more

Lauren works in the Bay Area/Sonoma County, and with distance clients using 
phone, skype & email.

Testimonial from parent of Pomona student:

''Without Lauren, I?m certain my daughter wouldn?t have gained admission 
to the top schools that accepted her and offered excellent scholarship 

Lauren gave invaluable advice to my daughter starting in her 9th grade year, 
putting her on a path to succeed beyond her previous potential.  

Then, calm and confident, Lauren guided my overwhelmed daughter with 
humor and understanding as she drafted application essays.

Don't pass up the opportunity to work with Lauren!''

For more info:
Lauren Bishop lbishop[at] (707) 391-2080


Jun 05 2014

I have a PhD in Drama from Stanford, where I have subsequently worked as a 
teaching fellow in the humanities, helping freshmen to develop their reading and 
writing skills in many areas across the humanities. I currently work with a small 
number of private clients in the Bay Area, guiding them through the college 
application process, with a particular focus on helping them to build stronger, 
more focused essays.

The college application process can be confusing and overwhelming for a 
student; I can help your child learn to use spreadsheets and other tools to stay 
on top of this process, and to make sure they are giving themselves enough time 
to complete the applications.

I am happy to work closely with your child over the entire process, or simply to 
meet once or twice to give feedback on admissions essays.

Please contact me for rates and availability.  I am available to work during the 
summer and the school year.
Michael Hunter mhhunter[at] 


Jun 02 2014

Are you looking for a tutor to help manage and facilitate your child?s college 
application process? The college application process can be a stressful time for 
families and I am able to help mitigate much of the stress by forward thinking 
the application due dates, helping with drafts of the personal statements and 
keeping your son/daughter on track to meet all deadlines. I have a range of 
professional experiences including: 15+ years experience working with students. 
I worked for 8 years in the Washington, D.C. public schools as a high school 
teacher and administrator.  I served for 5 years as the Dean of Studies (including 
overseeing the College Counseling dept.) and social studies teacher at Lick-
Wilmerding HS (private school in SF), and I am currently working as an 
administrator for College and Career programs in SFUSD. I have available local 
references for individual tutoring.
Mary Finn maryelizabethfinn[at] 202-746-8807


May 04 2014

Lorraine Lyman, M.S., M.A., is an educational consultant for 
college admissions--particularly navigating applications, 
essay coaching, and assisting students in choosing the best 
school and major(s) for them. 

Lorraine, who is located in the Bay Area, enjoys working 
with a wide array of families including those who are 
discerning and know that investing in their families brings 
positive qualitative and quantitative returns on investment.

Lorraine earned an MS from Carnegie Mellon University and 
her students have been interested or are interested in 
attending the UCs, CSUs, Ivy League schools, the Little 
Ivies, the State Ivies, the New Ivies, Colleges That Change 
Lives, and many more.  Over the last year, Lorraine's 
students have earned over $160,000 in scholarships for high 
school and college.

The fee for Lorraine's in-person consulting is $120 per hour 
for a two-hour minimum.
Lorraine Lyman Lorraine[at] 5107687922


Mar 03 2014

I am offering tutoring services for students crafting essays and personal 
statements during the college admissions process.  I have worked as a 
professional writer for seven years primarily in development, copywriting, and 
editing for non-profit organizations.  Previously, I taught university students for 
three years through the Campus Learning Assistance Services at the University 
of California, Santa Barbara as a writing tutor and professor's assistant.  I can 
help your child prepare successful college entrance essays and personal 
statements while simultaneously working to develop lasting skills in the craft of 
writing.  I live in North Oakland and I am available for tutoring services 
throughout the Bay Area.
Nick Robinson robinson.nicholas.i[at] 


Feb 05 2014


I'm a recent college graduate who has been working in youth
empowerment services for about 4 years. Most recently I have
been working with homeless youth helping them with their GED
prep or college admissions support. As someone who has
recently been through the process, I know it quite well and
can give support around application processes, letters of
intent and organizational support. I also can give support
with essay writing and exam prep.

If any of this sounds good, let's meet up and see if I would
be a good fit for your child that needs support!

Caleb Feigin calebfeigin[at] 


Jan 07 2014

Mia Sara Bruch, a Berkeley-based tutor, is delighted to offer her services in 
helping your teen write an outstanding college admissions essay.  Mia is a 
graduate of the College Preparatory School and earned both a BA and a PhD at 
Stanford University.  While at Stanford, she received both the Golden Prize and 
the Lieberman Fellowship, the university?s highest honors for work in the 
humanities.  She has collaborated with best-selling authors Abraham Verghese 
(author of Cutting for Stone) and Jonathan Safran Foer (author of Everything Is 
Illuminated) and has done policy writing for the Aspen Institute and the Atlantic 
Council.  She is the winner of Stanford?s Centennial Prize for teaching, and 
taught English and debate to students in College Prep?s summer Partners 
Mia can be contacted at miabruch [at]
Mia Bruch miabruch[at] 


Dec 18 2013

I am a female psychology major currently at Occidental College offering help 
with college essays and general advice applying to college. I will be 
graduating in spring of 2014. As a senior in college who has gone through 
the application process, I feel like I can give helpful advice in applying to 
In addition, I offer tutoring in writing for students in elementary thru high 
school. I am most familiar with research-based writing in psychology, but can 
help with general writing needs as well. 
I have worked with several tutoring companies in both paid and nonpaid 
positions such as Reading Partners, the Neighborhood Partnership Program of 
Occidental College, and Learning with Laptops. 
I charge $30 per hour for either tutoring or college application help. I can 
meet at your house or at a public place such as the library or coffee shop. I 
am available from Dec. 19-Jan 20.
Thank you, and I hope to hear from you, any and all questions!
Kaila Chan kchan[at] 


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