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Feb 2007

Re: Afternoon-only summer camps?
My children have been to Berkeley Academics (a summer camp located in Alameda, but named Berkeley Academics b/c their staff all graduated from Berkeley or are currently enrolled at Cal) for the past two summers and have absolutely loved it. The times and classes are flexible so that you can do morning only or afternoon only classes or electives or all day, and balance out the academic and the fun portions. one of the best academic camps around. my son said he was bored in school the following fall because he had learned so much at Berkeley Academics.
parent of a 2nd and 3rd grader

June 2006

There's a summer camp in Alameda called Berkeley Academics that offers some great core classes and a lot of interesting electives. The core classes are essay writing, word power, critical reading, and math. Some of the really exciting looking electives are robotics, speech and debate, chemistry, chess, and a bunch of other ones. Also, a big plus is that all the teachers are UC Berkeley college students or have already graduated and some are credentialed teachers. Definitely worth checking out: Thank you

April 2006

Hi - I saw a recent posting about ''Berkeley Academics'' after school program, which I haven't been able to locate! Can someone provide details? Which schools (Berkeley public, I assme?), hours, how do you enroll, etc. Anyone actually been to their summer program? Why, may I ask, would the summer program for Berkeley Academics not be in Berkeley, but rather in Alameda, and San Ramon? Thanks! This was the posting: Berkeley Academics is a great after school program, and they accept children from 1st-12th grade! The tutors are all Cal students or grads. They are personable, and the ratio of tutors to students is usually 1:3. I hear they have a good summer camp too, based in Alameda, and in San Ramon. Would love to know more

Hi - Berkeley Academics, from what I've heard, is a great program. Many of the teachers at my kid's elementary school have recommended it to me as both an after school tutoring program and an enrichment summer camp. it's called ''berkeley'' academics appartently b/c most of the tutors are either Cal grads or current Cal students.

they are far more personable than other tutoring programs i've been to, the teachers are friendly and they know what they're doing with the kids. the know how to motivate the kids to study, making math, reading and even writing fun for them.

well, that's what i've heard. my friends send their kids and have only good things to say about it. JBL

In reply to your question about Berkeley Academics Summer Camp, i have had my daughter, 8 years of age, finishing 2nd grade, attend BA for the past year. She's improved on writing & reading, and feels so much more confident about her academic skills now than before. she actually WANTS to go to BA each week; i've never seen her like that before.

i've never been to their summer program, but am going to try it this summer. it is 3 separate sessions, 2 weeks each session, and you have the option of enrolling in 1-4 classes per day, and you can choose the program. what is neat about this program is that their teachers really get to know the kids well. during lunch time at the summer program, they play games (like pictionary or dodge ball) and the like with the kids. my daughter loves it sunny

April 2006

Berkeley Academics is a great after school program, and they accept children from 1st-12th grade! The tutors are all Cal students or grads. They are personable, and the ratio of tutors to students is usually 1:3. I hear they have a good summer camp too, based in Alameda, and in San Ramon. Mom of a 1st & 2nd grader

March 2005

BERKELEY ACADEMICS Summer Camp 2005 offers classes in critical reading and writing, math, SAT 2005 prep, as well as many fun electives, for 5th graders and up. They are also presenting ''COLLEGE NIGHT'', an info session for parents and students about how to prepare for admissions to top universities. It's going to be held on Sat, April 16, 7pm, at the Alameda High School Gym. All of their staff are UC Berkeley alumni and students, and the program has received a lot of positive feedback from parents and students. You can find info for their summer camp and their year-round tutoring programs at: Eunice

Oct 2004

hi - i found a great after school program that i wanted to let people know about. it's brand new, based in alameda, affordable, but good quality. their teachers/tutors are all UC Berkeley students and alumni.

my daughter is enrolled in their SAT Verbal and Math classes in prep for the new SAT I. she is loving it!

they also provide academic help and homework assistance at an hourly rate. check out their website:


Jan 2004

Berkeley Academics is accepting Early Bird Registration for their Academic Summer Camp 2005. The program is for 5th-12th graders, and they offer different classes including SAT 2005 prep, Essay Writing Lab, Critical Reading, Math Whiz, individual tutoring, and fun electives that are very popular with the students, like Robotics, Drama, Art, Speech & Debate, Sports, and Chemistry. Check their website ( for an intro video and info on both their summer camp and their regular school year classes and tutoring. Their phone number: (510) 814- 1992. Eunice

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