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Aug 2001

Could you please let me know your experience with Kathleen Kirk-Young in Berkeley (good or bad)? And also let me know your experience with Cognitive Behavioural Modification if you can. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Jennifer

I recently had a short series of sessions with this therapist. I did not choose her, but was assigned her via Hill Behavioral Health for a short-term intervention for a specific issue. She helped me with some resources (anger management workbook and parenting book and workshop) and gave me some useful tips, but for a longer tem relationship I think I would shop around a little more. She is warm and engaged, but seemed a teeny bit spacey, or maybe just tired (not remembering details accurately from the previous visits, sketchy notes, etc.). She also pronounced me "all better" a bit sooner than I expected, which was flattering but also slightly off-putting since I don't completely agree! I imagine she works out of multiple offices. I would mention that the front desk at Hill Behavioral leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of pleasantness, though I had no complaints about the efficiency. (I had heard horror stories, even from my own referring doctor, about waitlists via the HMO, etc., but on calling their central referrals, I was offered an appointment the next day and Dr Kirke-Young was very available.)
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