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Ann Martin Children's Center

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March 2008

Has anyone had any experience with the Ann martin's Center in Piedmont? I'm specifically interested in their Cornerstone program (social skills group for preschool-aged kids).

I hope things have changed in six years, but our experience with the Ann Martin children's center was awful. Granted, at the time we did not know for certain that our then-six-year-old daughter has OCD, so it was assumed that her extreme behaviors could be dealt with ''normally.'' The reasons we fled from there after two visits: they have a sliding fee scale and we were at the top, which was fine, but they assigned an intern to us - a therapist with virtually no experience, and not a lot of talent, from what I could tell. They let us switch to someone else after the first visit. On the second visit, the new therapist insisted she'd have to talk with our daughter's teacher before proceeding. We said no, because her behavior at school was never an issue. We did not want her to be stigmatized because it was not necessary. Then she tried to probe our family life as if we were withholding information that led to our duaghter's behaviors, which we were not. I know that it's the therapist's job to do these things, but we had very accurately described the reason why our pediatrician and we had chosen to try to get help. We were distinctly mis-matched there; I think maybe run-of-the-mill problems are within their capacity. Serious disorders should be dealt with by other professionals, in my opinion.
I was surprised to see a negative post about Ann Martin Center. Our family has been using their services for 5 years and are extremely satisfied. Yes, they use interns. But theirs is a very competitive internship so they get the best of the best. Both therapists our family has seen were great and the center clearly does a fabulous job mentoring their intern-therapists. Another bonus is they have services for both mental health and learning difficulties. They serve a wide variety of families and have lots of experience with children who are in foster care, dealing with the death of a parent, or going through adoption. I know many happy Ann Martin parents and children. Ann Martin Center's Biggest Fan
The Ann Martin Center was highly recommended by a friend. I took my son there for therapy. It took over a month for someone to contact me. Then it took even longer to schedule an intake. At the intake the intern decided that ďIĒ was the one who needed therapy not my son. After much discussion I told her NO - that we were leaving. I questioned whether she understood Aspergerís, which she didnít. However, she was willing to learn. She assured me that she could help my son and asked that I give her a chance. [This is when I should have left but I dread the though of starting all over again with another agency.] My son saw her for a few months. Often, he would come out of his sessions thoroughly confused and upset. Each time we talked (his therapist and I), the whole conversation was based on me, and how I should come in for therapy. We discontinued our relationship. Trust in your gut feeling. If something doesnít feel right donít do it - no matter how time youíve invested and how low the cost. Best of luck
Jan 2005

Re: Therapist for very emotional 7-year-old
My wife and i would recommend Ann Martin Center in Oakland/Piedmont border area (1250 Grand Avenue). They do excellent individual and group child centered therapy. My son went there and we were very pleased with the work that they did. anon.

June 2003

Re: Grief support for young mother

Ann Martin Children's Center has a bereavement program that helps families cope with the loss of a parent --call 655-7880 and ask for Linda Cozzerelli, LCSW

Re: 4th grader's poor social skills (Dec 2002)
Try the Ann Martin Center located on Piedmont Ave. They do a variety of children's groups, including ones that are focused on social development. They can be reached at 510.655.7880. Andrea

Re: Adolescent counseling
Hi, You might try the Ann Martin Children's Center, Oakland in Piedmont. They are located at 1250 Grand Ave. 655-7880. or try Berkeley Youth Alternatives.

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