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Albany YMCA Summer Programs

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Day Camp for Pre-Teen?

May 2009

Re: Berkeley/Albany summer camp for 5th/6th grader
My son was very hesitant about going to camp as a middle school kid (he, too, wanted to stay home and hang out w/ friends all summer - w/ no parents!!?) but he really enjoyed Awesome Adventures camp with the Albany YMCA. He liked that they went on field trips to places that I don't have time to take him - river rafting, Great America, rock climbing, etc.- plus they seemed to have plenty of hang out time w/ ping pong, foosball & card games. He liked the counselors, spoke highly of them, but what I liked is that they were adults who kept control and had rules that the kids learned to respect... the no cell phone rule was great, in my opinion! I hope you can check out the Y's website and see if it's a good match for you and your son! Here's a link to their summer programs & info: 8th grade mom

Albany YMCA CIT program for teens

March 2006

Re: What do Thirteen Year Old Boys do in the Summer?
The Albany YMCA offers a counselor-in-training (CIT) program for entering 7-10 grade ''teens.'' It is a program that provides training, supervision and lots of ''on-site'' time interacting w/ the younger kids in the YMCA camps. It's not intended to be an extension of day camp for older kids, but if you're son has an interest in working w/ kids, this is a great, quality program. There are occasional full-days for field trips, but the CITs choose a morning or afternoon ''shift'' when they apply for the program. paula

Albany YMCA Kinder Cubs camp

March 2008

Re: Summer camp Options for a 3 year old
You've gotta check out the Albany Y's Kinder Cubs camp. It's specifically for entering & exiting kindergartners. You said you prefer Berkeley, but Albany's close. Here's the link to the website which has the summer brochure:
Kinder Parent

April 2007

Hi, we are moving to Albany this summer and realize we might be late getting into summer camps. We just drove past the Albany YMCA the other day and picked up their brochure, and we're curious -- the only review on the BPN site is from a staff member. Why is that? The place seemed to be full of kids -- can any of you parents give us an idea about their summer camp (our daughters will be entering 1st grade in the fall). Any thoughts about the after school program would also be appreciated. Thank you and see you all soon! New Neighbors

My daughter attended the Kindercubs camp last summer (she was entering 1st grade) and she had a lot of fun, at least as much (probably more so) than in the considerably more expensive camp that I also used for part of the summer. My then-preschool aged child was distraught that he couldn't stay...I literally had to carry him out almost every day, and he is going this summer now that he is entering kindergarten.

It has a good mix of activities and free day per week is a field trip, one half day swimming, one half day doing organized games at Memorial Park, the rest of the time working on projects related to the week's theme or indoor/outdoor free play. The kids we kept busy but not run to the point of exhaustion. The counselors seemed involved and engaged. Both my children are going this summer and I would definitely recommend it. Albany parent

June 2006

Does anybody have any thoughts re: the Albany YMCA Kinder Cubs summer camp program? The most recent posts are from two years ago and they aren't exactly ringing endorsements. It's a great location for us and we'd like to give it a shot, but not at the expense of our child's enjoyment this summer! Any feedback, especially re: younger kids (entering K this fall) would much appreciated. New Albany Family

The Albany YMCA Kinder Cubs camp is a great summer camp for entering Kinders and first graders. What makes our camp so great is not just the fun activities and feldtrips, but the well trainied staff that return each summer to make camp a safe and fun place to be week after week. Our kinder Cubs camp direcotr Joan Massler, has been with the Albany YMCA Kinder Cubs camp for 5 years. She is also our afterschool director for the K-3 Kids' Club afterschol program in Albany. Kinder Cubs spend most of their time on site exploring the many exciting play centers, singing, dancing, making friends and learning about the Core Values of the YMCA; Honesty, Caring, Respect & Responsibility. The Kinders take one trip to Memorial Park, one trip to the El Cerrito swimming pool and one fieldtrip a week based on the weekly theme. The child to staf ratio is 1:8 and that does not include our Jr. counselors who have aslo been trainied to work in camp. Feel free to call with questions and I can refer you to parents who can tell you first hand why they are chosing to return this summer. Alicia
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