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Summer Writing Camps

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Summer Creative Writing for College Student

March 2012

My son, a first-year college student, might be interested in a creative writing workshop in the Bay Area when he comes home this summer. He is a serious, motivated student who enjoys writing short fiction. I'm looking for recommendations for a workshop or course he could take with people of a similar age. He doesn't need, or especially want, a college-credit course, but rather some structure, feedback, and camaraderie. Thanks!

I too have a teen interested in a summer creative writing program. I think Dave Eggers has something on Valencia St in SF. If you hear of anything, I would appreciate your passing it on to me too. There has got to be more out there for older teens interested in more advanced creative writing.
Did you check local colleges' and UC Extension class schedules?

Creative writing camp for rising 7th grader?

March 2012

My current 6th grade daughter likes to write and is pretty good at it. I would love to nurture her interest by enrolling her in a fun writing camp this summer. Does anyone know of one geared towards 12 year olds? Alameda mom

My daughter loved the writing course she took on the UC Berkeley campus with the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP)! The website for the secondary decision course is You can contact me if you have questions for either of us. Brenda

Creative Writing summer camp for 8-year-old boy?

Jan 2012

My 8 year old son, who will be entering 4th grade, has expressed an interest in going to a writing summer camp. I'm looking for a 1 or 2 week camp for summer 2012. He has expressed an interest in being an author and illustrator one day so I wanted to give him an opportunity to explore and work on his creative writing skills (as well as work on his writing skills for 4th grade!). Something in the Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond area would be the most ideal although we would consider Oakland and San Francisco. Thanks for any ideas! Potential Future Author's Mom

Try ATDP for the summer, the My daughter attended Academic Talent Development Program that's run by UC Berkeley's school of education. Google ATDP and it will come up right away.

My kids have done the writing courses for years, and the creative writing class in third grade is especially rewarding and valuable. Heather MacLeod is teaching it again, I believe, and she is a wonderful, warm, encouraging, and thoughtful teacher. Both kids have learned so much and love to write!

Good luck - the application process is a bit complicated, and the deadline is in March, so best get started as soon as possible. You won't be sorry, it's been great for our kids. Parent of writers

My daughter attended ATDP the summer after 3rd Grade and took a wonderful writing class for 3 weeks with Heather MacLeod called Author's Corner. Here's the link for ATDP The application process is somewhat onerous but my kids have loved EVERY class they have done so far! And Heather is a dynamic and inspiring teacher!

For my daughter the class really put her on the road to considering herself a writer. She is now 10 and is an editor for a kid's magazine called Our Words Magazine Maybe your son would like to submit a piece to the next issue, deadline March 1st )

Heather also teaches small writing groups, here is her website Good luck! Kristine

Summer Writing Class for graduating high school senior

May 2011

My daugher, 17, a graduating senior, will off to college in Fall. She wants to imporve her writing skills in summer before attending college. I tried a few places already, bay area writing project, class matters... But they don't take high school graduates. Do any of you know any writing class that fits her age? Thanks! I appreciate any thoughts. Karen

Hi there, you might not realize it, but UC Berkeley Extension offers writing courses and will take recent high school grads. Here's a link to our UC Berkeley Extension

Summer reading/writing camp for 10yo

May 2010

Can anyone suggest a summer program/workshop that focuses on reading and writing? My 10 yr old son needs practice during the summer. Ideally, it should be a part-time program that includes camp in the afternoon. Any suggestions, even an informal (home based) program could work. I'd prefer the Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville areas. Richmond mom

Sondra Hall's Berkeley-based creative writing and art summer day camp - Take My Word For It - is perfect for a 10yo writer. Exercises range from shape poems to onomatapoeaic story hooks (campers learn about these topics, and then write original pieces), all in a fun and supportive creative environment. Sondra uses current kids' books in her lesson plans, and has a great fun and funky attitude that engages her students. You can find out more at the website! Lauren

Summer classes or camp for young writers

April 2010

I'd like to sign my daughter up for a story writing class or short camp this summer. Does anyone know of any good camps or classes for children? My daughter is 9, going in to 4th grade and loves creative writing, so I'd like to feed that a little bit this summer if possible.

Sondra's 'Take My Word For It' program really feeds the imaginations of young writers. I wish that I had had the opportunity when I was younger! As an intern, I've seen the girls (campers) really support each other through the process and at the readings, responding to vintage photographs, ordinary objects, with huge creativity. Held in a beautiful space this summer, the Classroom Matters tutoring center in Berkeley. lauren
Testimonial: 'My daughter and her friend went to Take My Word For It camp last summer and enjoyed it. It is for something like 9 to 13 year old girls. There were about five girls in the class. They do art projects for half the day and writing projects for the other half. At the end of two weeks they have a show to show off what they've done. I think the girls were particularly pleased with the wearable art that they made, but I was particularly pleased that they got to do writing in a fun, supportive environment.' Bay Area mother Dove c/o Lauren
I signed up my nine-year-old daughter for the three-week session of the Bay Area Writing Project at Longfellow middle school. She hasn't done it before, but I've heard good things about it. robin

Creative Writing Workshop for Teen Daughter

June 2009

Wondering if anyone might recommend a creative writing workshop this coming summer? Our daughter loves the literary arts, writes short stories and fiction on her own, and is an avid reader. Turns out she has a few unscheduled weeks early in the summer, so a workshop that is one-two weeks in length would be great for her. She'd also be interested in pursuing something like this in the fall, so a recommendation for that would be much appreciated as well. She's just finishing up ninth grade at BIHS. We're in North Berkeley but are mobile. Many thanks


There's a writer's workshop with Deborah Davis for teens going on in
North Berkeley this summer that might be just the ticket!

It's from 9 to 12 June 22-26 6th to 9th grade
June 29th - july 2 6th to 9th grade
July 6 - 10 9th to 12th grade.

Contact info:

Deborah Davis

Summer Teen Writing Workshops (in Berkeley)
Info at

I hope that helps!

Hello - how wonderful that your daughter loves reading and creative
writing!  She may be interested in the Joy of Writing summer workshops
at Strategies for Learning in Oakland.  Two-week sessions for
high-school students are available from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. either M,W,F
or T & Th.  More info is at the Strategies for Learning website: or please contact me.
Jan Leuin

I may have the perfect opportunity for your daughter!

I run a Creative Writing and Recycled Arts Camp for Girls, ages 9-12
and am looking for an intern. There is no pay involved, but she can
participate at no charge and be involved in the activities we do,
while also assisting.

Below please find the info on the camp, and if you want to talk
further, please contact me at


''Take My Word For It!'' Creative Writing and Recycled Arts Camp
for Girls is headed into its third season. Our camp is for girls,
ages 9-12.

Our day is divided  into 2 parts--In the morning campers will
learn how to design and create their own fashions from recycled
materials with artist, Daphne Ruff. Daphne teaches art and art
history at The Academy in Berkeley.

The girls will spend the afternoons diving into words, stories
and creative flights of fancy with creative writing teacher, and
camp founder, Sondra Hall.  Sondra teaches her creative writing
program, ''Take My Word For It!'' in five east bay elementary
schools, including Chabot.

At the end of each session, we will treat family and friends to a
live fashion show of our fabulous creations, and a reading of our

Camp will be on the campus of Tehiyah Day School again this year, in
El Cerrito.

The dates are as follows (the session is 2 weeks)
June 29 - July 10
9 am - 5 pm
Sondra Hall

If you're mobile, you might check out 826 Valencia. Founded by Dave Eggers, this writing
studio in San Francisco's Mission District really meets young people where they are and
works with them to foster and build on their love of writing. My daughter has told me that
she wishes she lived there; she has found a community of peer authors, support and
challenge for her work, and a fun, respectful atmosphere. Workshops are free; donations are
Author's Mom

Check out the Creative Spark! Summer Writing & Arts Workshops at We're offering high school workshops in
the Illustrated Short Story and the Craft of Fiction in July. Our workshops are supportive,
inspiring, and help young writers discover their unique voices while honing their craft. Feel
free to email or call with questions or to receive our Summer 2009 brochure. Here's to a
creative summer! Email: Tel: 510.205.2898.
Lora Lewis, Director

Summer creative writing class for teens

June 2007

My 15-year old daughter enjoys creative writing, particularly short stories and plays. Does anyone know of a good, enjoyable, creative writing class offered in the Berkeley-Albany area during the summer? Berkeley Mom

Bay Area Writing Project (organized by UC Berkeley) runs a Young Writers Summer Camp every summer. This summer's session starts next Monday, June 25. They are in multiple Bay Area locations. Maria

Teen Writing Class for Summer

April 2007

My Berkeley teen (age 15), who took part in the Bay Area Writing Project a couple of summers ago, is looking for a creative writing class for the summer. I think she wants something fairly challenging. She could take a Berkeley City College class this summer, but the schedule doesn't quite work. She enjoys writing short stories and essays. Any suggestions? sarah

826 Valencia Street has excellent workshops -- they will be doing a one-month high school camp. They treat the students as writers, rather than kids who need to be cajoled into doing something good for them. I wish my daughter was old enough for the camp.

Some colleges have overnight writing programs. I know the University of Iowa does -- you probably could get more info on overnight programs at Poets & Writers. anon

Advanced writing & composition for 6th grader

Feb. 2002

I am looking for recommendations on a summer course/camp for my sixth grader that would cover "advanced" (as opposed to remedial) writing and composition. Any advice welcome. Mary

Re. the request for a summer writing program for advanced (not remedial) studies: Call the Graduate School of Education for a brochure on the Academic Talent Development Program. Don't delay, the application deadline for new students is February 28. Mark

More summer writing classes

March 2001

In response to the request for information about a writing camp, my daughter (age 11 or 12 at the time) was in a program sponsored by the Bay Area Writing Project that she absolutely loved.

The Young Writers Camp is for kids entering 4th - 8th grades. Check them out at:

The information there now is for Summer 2000, but it will give you an idea of what they offer.


My daughter took a summer creative writing course from Becky (darn, can't remember her last name but everyone goes on first names there anyway) an English teacher at East Bay School for the Arts Middle School. (548-4837). She is fabulous and I don't think it matters if you're not a student there as she teaches it out for her home. G.
March 2000

The Bay Area Writing Program for students will be at

Jefferson Elementary School
1400 Ada Street
June 26-July 14th
Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m.-noon
Entering Grades 4-8 (fall 2000)
Its phone number at Cal is 642-0971. My son (after fifth and six grades) was in the project for two years and loved every minute. -- Susan
Re writing camps, have heard good things about Young Writers' Program sponsored by UC Berkeley Graduate School of Ed. It's for kids who are good writers and who are interested in writing. Grades 4-8. Also, try "Young Writers" summer class (Grades 3-5) at the Athenian School in Danville (beautiful campus, small private school). Transportation by bus is included in camp fees- they have pickups in Lafayette and other sites. or call 925 362-7214. -- Diane (3/00)