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Pop Singing for Girls (Oakland & Piedmont, CA)

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April 2012

Has anyone's daughter taken part in the ''pop singing for girls'' lessons or one week summer camp in Piedmont? Lisa Goulder is the teacher. I have not seen any mention of it on this network. I am planning to sign up my 13 year old for summer camp. It says it is for 9-13 year olds. I hope she will not think it is geared for younger kids. She is interested in pop singing and not classical so I thought this would be great for her. Please let me know if you have any experiences with Lisa Goulder? Thoughts? Thanks,

My daughter has been doing Pop Singing for Girls for four years and I can tell you it is terrific. Lisa Goulder is lovely and wonderful with the kids. The camp teaches the girls not just songs and choreography but also the cultural significance of the songs they're learning. My daughter has made some very sweet friends through the camp and looks forward to it every year. I highly recommend. Laura
Hi all, I am Krista Freelove, the owner of Freelove Music School. Pop Singing for Girls is in its 10th year and our most popular workshop. I invite you to check out the website, As far as age goes, I would keep in touch with Lisa Goulder herself as well as inviting some of your daughter's friends to sign up with her. It is always more fun to enjoy summer activities with friends.
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