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We adopted a 9 year old several years ago and were thrust on the summer program scene also unprepared. We found the YMCA summer program to be excellent, and was always our summer basic plan. Their weekly programs always had good counselors and the kids always had fun.

Cal Adventures has several wonderful half day (and some full-day) programs, including windsurfing, kayaking, rockclimbing, etc. if she is active. Some are just for girls.

UC Village has some sports camps. My son did a baseball camp there once and liked it a lot.

UC Rec also offers Strawberry Canyon programs, many sports-oriented.

In addition, the East Bay School of the Arts program, which we splurged on one year, was wonderful and very impressive. Though my son wasn't into clowning, he loved the archery, the instrument building and several other classes (there's a lot of choice). Parents attend demonstrations at the end of the session.There's a special application process, so call about this if interested.

I was told that the day camp offered by the City in Tilden Park was good; however, problems with other City Parks daycare (supervision almost non-existant) kept us away.

From: Dawn (3/99)

The UC Village has its own summer camp programs, so given that you live there, I'd check into them (can't remember where I got the info. Call the Village office? or try the City of Berkeley?). Also, we had a great deal of success with the Berkeley/Albany YMCA programs. Pretty good programs for not too much money. And we were able to enroll our daughter in them very late in the game, sometimes as late as for a program starting the next week. Call the Berkeley/Albany YMCA, or go to their office on Kains in Albany (near Solano), and get a program flyer for the summer. Make very sure you choose the right age programs; at 12 or 13, the girl in question will be on the border of the age groupings. She'll be old for some programs, and young for others.

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