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Overnight Camps for Kids

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Camp Concord

Feb 2002

I attended Camp Concord as an 10/11/12 yr old about 20 years ago. This may be outdated, but if it's the same camp being run in South Lake Tahoe, I remember it being a fun experience and would recommend it. I attended a two one week session one summer and a two week session another summer, both time with friend(s) from school and my sister (although I never saw my sister because we were in different cabins - which was fine with me!). The site is thickly wooded dotted with small cabins. The camper to counselor ratio is about 8 or 10 to 1. I always knew I was supervised and felt safe. Cabins are solid construction of wood w/ bunks (thin mattresses), no heat or electricity. Showers, bathroom facilities are separate from cabins. Boys and girls are separated for sleeping quarters, but would socialize during group activities (arts & crafts, swimming at lake,archery, hikes, excursions) or by age group with another (boys/girls) cabin. Counselors were always present, very friendly and outdoorsey folks. Swim tests (supervised treading of water in frigid lake tahoe - those who pass get an armband). Overnight stays in a meadow under the stars. Nightly campfire songs...i still remember some of them..., skits, etc. Send him with a warm sleeping bag, jeans, sneakers, flip flops for the shower, flashlight, sweats and windbreaker. It gets cold at night.

Coppercreek Summer camp

March 2007

Does anyone have any experiences with sending their child to Coppercreek Summer Camp, a sleepaway camp? I'd love to hear any reviews. Thank you! Parent of 12-year old girl

My nephew has attended CopperCreek camp frequently since he was 11. He is now 18 and will be a Jr. Counselor there this summer. We have been so impressed with all that we've heard over the years about the camp, it's safety, nurturing environment, exciting activities and overall great experience that we are sending our three boys (twins 10 and an 8 year old) there this summer. It will be there first sleep-away camp experience, and based on all I've heard, will be a wonderful adventure for them. Mom with 3 boys off to camp this summer!

Deer Crossing Camp

March 2006

I would like to hear about summer camps that were exciting and engaging for kids ages 12 and up. Both overnight and day camps that were stimulating, fun and where there was good supervision of the kids so that a kid who is slow to warm up would not be ignored but helped to join in.
looking for some great summer experiences

Hi. The first summer our son went away to a sleep over camp was pretty traumatic for all of us. He went alone and I really had to force myself to do it. He went to Deer Crossing camp which is up in the wilderness near lake Tahoe. It's run by the Wilten family who are absolutely wonderful. They specialize in teaching responsibility and optimism. All their counselors have more than the required safety training, and the activities are both fun and educational. There is canoeing, rafting, wind sailing on the small lake near camp, and all kinds of educational nature activities. When we went to pick our son up after a week, he begged us to let him stay longer! We're sending him back this year for two weeks and he's really looking forward to it. Find them on the internet at Their web site is very informative. Carol

Hidden Villa Camp

Jan 2007

My 12 year old daughter has enjoyed overnight camp-she's been to Pt Reyes camp and Winnarainbow. She'd like to try something else, in the Sierras or the foothills, that has more activities. I've heard Camp Tawonga and Mountain Camp are good, but they are too expensive for us. Has anyone gone to Sierra Friends Camp, Snow Mountain Camp, or Hidden Villa Ranch camp? Or any others? I appreciate any info! mae

When I was 12 I attended a 2 week session at Hidden Villa camp and I can't tell you what an positive impact it has had on my life (I am now 27). The camp is on a beautiful farm where they actually grow crops and raise animals. During the school year they have naturalist programs for school groups and teach environment awareness. For the summer camps there are traditional cabins, a pool and sports field. There are (or were) several different programs for your daughter's age group. I was in a backpacking program called Bay to Sea where we hiked through the Santa Cruz mountains to the ocean on a 2 week long trip. I would recommend this one if your daughter is somewhat athletic and is up for an amazing but challenging adventure. However there is also a resident sleep away camp which a few of my friends attended every year and adored. They do typical camp activities arts & crafts, games, sports,storytelling,hiking etc. as well as tending the farm, cooking and nature study In my experience the counselors were fabulous, very experienced, warm and attentive to all the childrens needs. I was a shy child but I never felt lonely or left out at camp, the counselors helped everyone to feel included as part of the group family. There is a focus on community, acceptace and tollerance. I came home from camp stronger, more confident and more willing to embrace new experiences. As an awkward 12 year old girl at the time, this was really powerful for me. I have no idea what it costs these days but they do have financial aid (I know I wouldn't have been able to go without it), they make every effort to encourage a diversity. I don't know about any of the other camps you mentioned by I urge you to check this one out. Ana

Skylake Camp

I have a question about the Skylake summer camp. Has anyone sent their kids there and how do I contact them for a brochure? --Stella

Answer to Stella about Skylake camp Great place. --Victoria (Feb 2000)

Camp Venture Creek

Re: Sleepaway camp for 10-year-old (Jan 2003)
Camp Venture Creek in Nevada City is co-ed and has all the traditional camp stuff in addition to a business-economics curriculum. My son has been two years in a row and loves it and cannot wait to be a junior counselor. It has a diverse group of campers and an excellent staff. Price is based on a sliding scale. The web site is Email me directly if your daughter would like to talk to my son about his camp experience. liz
My step-son went to Camp Venture Creek last summer and cannot wait to go this summer. The price is income-based, only $100 for two weeks if your income is under $60,000/year. The program and the staff are great. Check out the web site, The camp is located in Nevada City. Liz
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