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City Camp

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Nov 2007

Have you sent your kids to City Camp, the one by the people who created Studio Grow? I grew up in The City and I would love my now-5 year old Marinite daughter to attend it at some point to learn some street smarts. Plus it sounds like a lot of fun. Next summer she may not be ready but maybe when she's older. Has anyone tried it? I'm curious if it's really as good as it sounds. Thanks! Nysa

My daughter LOVES this camp. Not sure exactly why she prefers it over many of the others she's tried - hard to get her to articulate it - but it's her favorite whether she has her friends with her or not. She had just turned 6 her first year and just turned 7 the second. I guess she likes visiting new places. But in order to appreciate that, she must also like the staff, general organization, and any other extras. Several of her friends joined this summer and enjoyed it also. anon
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