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Camp Armstrong

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Feb 2003

My middle school son is interested in going to Camp Armstrong this summer because his friend is going. I am interested in any general feedback about the camp and specifically how big a role religion plays (it's a Catholic camp). My son is an atheist and wouldn't be comfortable with much emphasis on spirituality/religion. Thanks for your input!

Hello. Camp Armstrong is a wonderfull camp program with a wide range of activities to challenge children mentally and physically. It is however a very spiritual experience. There are religious (non denominational) songs, worship services and campfires. Mostly its a postive moral teachings but there were definitely some aspects of Catholic religion...especially since most of the campers and staff come from Catholic schools and affiliations. I do not have any recent experience with the camp but I attended for many summers as a child. I am thinking of sending my seven year old this summer or next. Its a great camp and if your son is spiritual and enjoys the wonders of nature and the outdoors, even though he doesn't believe in God he may still enjoy the experience. Former Camper
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