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Ginger's Tuolumne Packing List

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    Each person For the cabin
    underwear - 1 per day extra flat sheets or fabric for privacy
    shorts - 1 per day bungee cords - a lot
    T-shirts - 1 per day heavy cord for hanging sheets, towels, etc
    1-2 pair long pants lantern (kerosene not allowed)
    1 sweatshirt/jacket screw-in cup hooks (to hang stuff on)
    1-2 long-sleeved shirt mesh bag for river/beach (see list below)
    1 sleeping thing sunscreen
    sandals/shoes for every day mosquito spray - 2 or 3
    slip-ons/flip-flops for cabin, shower mosquito nets (esp. earlier in summer)
    water shoes 1 camp chair per person
    swim suit small collapsable card table
    hat for sun ice chest *
    sun glasses sodas, wine, beer, g&t *
    reading glasses jug of water (for washing, drinking)
    flashlight & batteries non-meltable snacks: nuts, pretzels, etc *
    books small dishpan or bucket
    comforter or sleeping bag dishsoap
    air mattress (optional) sponge or dishrag
    pillow 2 hand towels
    sheet for cot mattress bottle opener & corkscrew
    sheet for covering bed small paring knife
    towel & washcloth small cutting board
    hairdryer roll of paper towels
    camera box of handy wipes
    thermal coffee mug box of kleenex
    utility kit (waterproof, w/ handle) small garbage bags
    - shampoo & conditioner
    1 plastic tumbler per person
    - deodorant
    deck of cards, chessboard
    - soap (liquid or in a case)
    badminton rackets
    - comb & brush
    - toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    - vitamins & prescriptions
    clock, battery operated
    - hand cream, face cream
    laundry bag
    - chapstick
    phone card
    - Q-tips
    ziplock baggies
    - shaving stuff
    First Aid Kit:
    - tampax
    - bandaids
    - nailclippers & file
    - cortisone for bug bites

    - neosporin

    - cold/cough medicine

    - Tums
    Baby stuff
    - Advil
    portable crib & sheets & blanket
    - eye drops
    mosquito net for crib
    - throat lozenges
    2 bottles
    - tweezers
    1 sippy cup
    bib Pack in mesh beach bag
    spoon & fork
    - book
    - glasses
    baby backpack
    - chapstick
    warm pjs
    - hand lotion
    2-3 changes of clothes per day
    - water bottle
    5-6 diapers per day
    - crackers/candy
    box of wipes
    - sand toy
    diaper changing mat
    - extra diaper + wipes
    plastic bags for dirty dipes
    - hats
    1-2 swim diaper per day
    - towel
    juice boxes (1/day)
    - pacifier
    rice crackers, raisins, fruit packs
    a few toys: sand toys, ball Note: pack stuff in plastic milk crates
    books to be used as tables & footstools
    life jacket
    don't need: high chair, stroller, baby gate *

    Other optional stuff
    fishing gear for kids
    bikes for kids (not in camp, though)
    rubber rafts for kids
    battery-operated fan
    portable generator for air mattress *
    2-way radios
    portable generator for air mattress
    plastic tarp for sunny cabins

    * Notes

  • there's no electricity in cabins, but there is electricity in bathrooms
  • pack stuff in plastic milk crates to be used as tables & footstools
  • for baby - can get rocking chair, baby gate, high chair, booster seat at camp
  • air mattress - there is a generator at camp to blow these up, but it's a walk away
  • ice - can be bought at camp store or at 7-11 nearby
  • beer & sodas - there is a 7-11 nearby where you can get it
  • coffee - it's not Peets but it's not bad, 24-hours a day coffee
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