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Summer 2003 - Teens

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These are classes that were announced in the Parents of Teens newsletters March-June 2003. Of course it's not everything the Bay Area has to offer - just what appeared in the newsletter. Some of these may be full - please check with the particular program you are interested in! The date that follows the title of each program is the date it appeared in the newsletter.

Academic     Art     Camps    Dance    Drama     Music     Sewing     Sports & Outdoors     Travel    


Classroom Matters Summer Tutoring (6/15/2003)
Classroom Matters is offering greatly reduced rates for
tutoring during the summer months.  Because we have much
less administrative overhead, we are able to offer lower
tutoring fees. All sessions below are one hour individual
tutoring sessions. We offer tutoring in all academic
subject areas (please visit our website for details: Our experienced tutors can help
design a program that suits your family's needs.
Summer Pricing Structure:
*One session per week: $55 per session*
*Two sessions per week: $45 per session; $90 per week*
*Three sessions per week: $38 per session; $114 per week*
*Four sessions per week: $35 per session; $140 per week*

* Please note: SAT Prep tutoring is a different price
structure, please call for details.*

Please call us at 510-540-8646. We look forward to talking
with you soon!

Molly Gales

One-Week Summer Classes for Teens (6/8/2003)
Community Learning Service (CLS) is an education nonprofit 
group whose mission is to develop the strengths and 
passions of youth and adolescent learners and cultivate 
their capacity to improve the world.

Community Learning Services is offering one week academic 
and non-academic mini-courses this summer.  All classes are 
two hours per day, five days per week and will be held at 
Cafe Eclectica at 1309 Solano Ave. in Albany. The 
cost for each academic course is $150 and for a non-
academic course, $100. 

For course descriptions and dates, please call (510) 558-
1558 or email   To 
find full course descriptions and a registration form, go 

Courses include:
   Managing Your Money: For Teens
   The Lost Art of Sewing
   Learn to Crochet
   Make a Scrapbook//Photo Collage
   Cooking & Eating Real Food
   Improvisational Acting
   How to be a DJ
   The Art of Thrifting
   Socratic Circle
   Marketing Your Band
   Create Your Own Media --- the Art of 'Zine Writing
   Collage with a Message
   Chemistry Basics (academic)
   Introduction to Algebra (academic)
   Introduction to Geometry (academic)
   Spanish Brush-up (academic)
   Writing Your College Personal Statement (academic)
   Yes!  You Can Write! (academic)
   Improve Your Study Skills (academic)
   Mapping Your Mindscape (academic)

Community Learning Services

Summer Learning Assessments&Tutoring (4/18/2003)
Summer is an excellent time to address areas of academic 
concern, while your child is more relaxed.  

Community Learning Services (CLS), an education non-profit, 
is offering neurodevelopmental assessments that identify a 
student’s strengths and recommend ways to improve areas of 
struggle.  Based primarily on the work of Dr. Mel Levine 
(author of All Kinds of Minds and The Myth of Laziness), we 
will examine your child’s memory, attention, language, 
higher order cognition, and other important academic 

CLS also offers one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing, 
spelling, science, math, and history/social sciences.  We 
also offer sessions that focus on study skills, memory 
strategies, time management and organization, and mastering 
complex information.

All assessment and tutoring sessions will take place at 
Cafe Eclectica, 1309 Solano Avenue in Albany.  For more 
information or to schedule your student, please call (510) 
558-1558 or email  

Community Learning Services

Learning How to Learn for Teens (5/28/2003)
Summer Sessions
One-on-one Intensive Support for Self-directed Learning - 
Strategies and Tools
with learning coach Claudia L'Amoreaux at The Haven 
Learning Center in West Berkeley

Learning how to learn (meta-learning) is the key to 
becoming a self-directed learner. It may even be the most 
essential skill for academic success and personal 
fulfillment. This summer intensive gives teens an 
opportunity to understand and practice the basics of meta-

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions will HELP TEENS:

* ENVISION their purposes and goals - BOTH academic and 

* CREATE flexible and effective strategies to get where 
they want to go

* ORGANIZE time, attention and resources to achieve goals

* EVALUATE the quality of their achieved outcomes

* USE feedback to refine and modify goals and strategies

* FIND and WORK with mentors

* CREATE successful apprenticeships

* DESIGN authentic paths to higher education & career

Session One - July 7 - 31
Session Two - August 4 - 29
Double Session - July 7 - August 29
Once a week for one and half hours.

Teens can sign up for session one or session two, or both.
The single, 4-week sessions will help teens develop 
understanding and skills they can use to take charge of 
their learning. The 8-week double session offers an 
in-depth experience for teens committed to improving how 
they learn and becoming self-directed learners.

Single session - $375
Double session - $650

Sessions include an hour-long, in-person consultation with 
parent/s at beginning and a half-hour phone consultation at 

Call or email for an application. Early registration is 
highly recommended. Limited to 6 teens per session. 
Registration deadline is June 23. Register by phone and 
mailing a check, or register online with credit card.

Teens attending summer sessions will be given priority 
consideration for the Haven Apprenticeship program - a year 
long program supporting teens in mastering the lifelong 
skills of learning how to learn, beginning in the fall (7 
spaces available). Call for details.

For more details and to register online, visit the website:

Claudia L'Amoreaux


Art Classes (5/28/2003)
New Age Academy Summer Art Program: 
Exploring the Creative Mind Through the Arts
Summer classes are still available for week long workshops 
-Animation and Cartooning 
-Visual art and sacred geometry
-Wood arts (woodworking and 3D art)
-Theater arts
Classes for youth ages 11-15 (Some instructors will except 
older and/or younger students)
Classes are from 9-12 Monday Thru Friday, starting July 7th 
and ending the week of August 11. 2003.  Classes are held at 
New Age Academy, 2129 Adeline Street, Berkeley.  The school 
is one half block from the Ashby BART and one half block 
from Berkeley Bowl.  For information Call NAA 510-848-4664 
or Sheri at 510-843-8537.

Sheri Tharp

Art Classes for Teens (6/8/2003)
Register on-line at 
Two or three week art sessions for kids to explore all 
kinds of art materials and techniques. Drawing, 
painting, printmaking, and sculpture are only some of 
the topics teens will be able to explore. With over 20 
years of  experience in designing art curriculum and 
teaching, Deborah Kimsey is proud to open her 
Kensington/El Cerrito studio to art classes. 
Incorporating theory and history, music and artists of all 
disciplines and cultures, the classes are always 
memorable and engaging. Students are encouraged to 
explore new materials thereby developing affinities for 
new passions and ways of enterpreting their 
complicated worlds. Classes are kept small to allow 
these new passions to develop with individual teacher/ 
student mentoring .
Take advantage of low introductory prices until 
June 15th! Call Deborah Kimsey at 
(510) 525-5263 or 
visit her web site at

Deborah Kimsey

Art Classes  (5/10/2003)
Summer art classes for teens/youth start June 17! 
Register before May 27 for 5% off.

Classes in painting, ceramics, printmaking, enameling, 
mural painting and more. Call 510.620.6772 to request 
a catalog or look at for 
class listings and information.

Richmond Art Center

Art Classes (5/2/2003)
Deborah Harris will again offer summer art classes for 
children, teens and adults in her West Berkeley studio.  
Deborah has a master's degree in fine arts, is a practicing 
artist, and has over 20 years of teaching experience. 
References are available upon request.

Students may sign up for classes by
the week  between July 21 and August 21.

Schedule of classes:
Mon, Wed, Fri  mornings 10-12:00 - art projects for 
children featuring a wide array of media and techniques.

Tue & Thu afternoons 1-3:00 - drawing, painting, and 
printmaking for teens.
Friday mornings 10-12:00 - life drawing for adults & teens.

Private instruction by appointment.

Rates -  children - $80/wk; teens - $60/wk;              
adults - $30/wk + model fee.

Minimum enrollment for children's classes = 5 students; 4 
for teen classes; 3 for adults.

Pleaase call Deborah at 486-0605; email 
for more information.

deborah harris

Arts Camp for Girls (6/8/2003)
There are a few spaces left in ''Pleiades' Palette'' Summer 
Arts Camp for Girls. This is our second year teaching a 
camp for girls, ages 6 - 14. This year's enrollment is 
primarily girls 7-11 so unless your teen came with a 
friend, it might not be right for her. The camp takes 
inspiration from specific women artists as a jumping-off 
place for hands-on mixed media artmaking. The camp is in 
the art room at Tehiyah Day school in El Cerrito. The weeks 
still available are June 30 to July 3 (9:00 to 4:30) and 
July 7 to 11 (9:00 to 3:00). The cost is $320 per week. 
There are three adult instructors and a teen counselor. If 
you would like a flyer, please e-mail me with your name and 
address at or call me at (510) 526-
Laura Raboff

Art Classes - Youth Arts Studio (6/8/2003)
for students ages 11-15


Students will work in various N. Berkeley parks 
sketching and painting plants, trees and beautiful old 
houses. Learn perspective, space and composition 
using various drawing media and watercolor.

PORTRAIT/SELF-PORTRAIT, June 23-27, 2:30-5:30. 

An intensive study of the human face with a focus on 
proportions, basic anatomy, light & shadow, likeness, 
mood and and self-expression. Working from live 
models in pencil, charcoal, and acrylic.

PRINTMAKING WORKSHOP, July 21-25, 2:30-5:30

Focusing on monotype and linocut. Students will work
in black & white and color and are encouraged to bring
their own ideas (real or imagined) to work from.

Call Susan Wight at 510/525-4295, email or go to

Susan Wight

Cartoon Illustration Class (4/3/2003)
Learn how to design characters and create an engaging comic 
book. We'll teach drawing basics, storytelling, drawing all types of 
costumes/clothing, inking styles, character expressions and 
moods, movement and coloring techniques. Different comic art 
styles will be explored using model sheets, thumbnails and 
roughs. We'll also design comic book covers. Students will learn 
how a character functions in the story through panel and page 
design, and using lettering and word ballons. We'll focus on the 
central character and others that contribute to the story, including 
the role of: sidekicks, multiple heroes, villans, robots, pets, etc. 
Students will edit and refine their work, putting it all together in a 
finished piece. Instructor will do sample drawings in class and 
bring in visuals. 

SUMMER SESSIONS: four, 2-week sessions; June 23 through 
Aug 15

June 23-July 3; 2-4pm  Cost: $225
July 7-18; 2-4pm  Cost: $250
July 21-Aug 1; 2-4pm  Cost: $250

Aug 4-15; More Intensive Workshop 10:30am–12:30 and1–3pm
Cost: $250 for either morning or afternoon session only; $450 for 
combined sessions
Tuition includes all art materials required.

COURSE LOCATION:  First Congregational Church of Berkeley 
2345 Channing Way Berkeley

REGISTRATION: email to receive 
signup form

CONTACT: Lynn Broadwell 510/528-8940

Lynn Broadwell

Ceramics Week for Teens: June 23-27 (6/8/2003)
There are two openings in an intensive ceramics program for 
11-15 year olds for the week of June 23. Kids will design 
and build their own ceramic fountain among other projects. 
This week of Summer Art Camp meets 9:30am-2:00pm in the 
Berkeley studio of Dianne Stockler. Cost is $230 + pump fee.

I'm an artist and art instructor located in Berkeley, and I 
give classes and workshops in my ceramics studio to 
children and adults. This is my seventh summer providing an 
intensive ceramics workshop for kids 6-15 yrs. Different 
age groups come for one-week half day sessions where I 
teach handbuilding with clay.

Session 2 is for 11-15 year olds and meets 9:30am-2:00pm, 
June 23-27. We'll make fountains, among other projects, 
with some free time as well. The cost is $230 + pump fee, 
and I take up to eight kids. 

Give me a call if you're interested or if you’d like to be 
on my mailing list - (510) 849-3654. 

Dianne Stockler

Clay Class for young Teens (5/2/20030
TRAX gallery , 1812 5th St. in Berkeley, will have a few spaces
available for teen clay class (wheel work & hand building) the 
week of June 23  and early July. 4 days working and 1 day glazing
3 hours a day. Cost $160 a week.  The teacher is a recent grad 
from Suny New Paltz , NY  loves  kids, and an experienced 
teacher. For more info contact Sandy Simon

Sandy Simon

Increase your cartoon and comic book drawing skills!

Learn how to design characters, write a script and 
create an engaging comic book. We’ll teach drawing 
basics, storytelling, drawing all types of 
costumes/clothing, inking styles, character expressions 
and moods, movement and coloring techniques. 
Different comic art styles will be explored using model 
sheets, thumbnails and roughs. We’ll also design 
comic book covers. Students will learn how a character 
functions in the story through panel and page design, 
and using lettering and word balloons. We’ll focus on 
the central character and others that contribute to the 
story, including the role of: sidekicks, multiple heroes, 
villains, robots, pets, etc. Students will edit and refine 
their work, putting it all together in a finished piece. 
Instructor will do sample drawings in class and bring in 

TEACHER: Illustrator Ethan Hay, experieced with kids 
and a variety of school environments
COURSE LOCATION: First Congregational Church of 
Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley 
to receive a signup form or to register via email
CONTACT: Lynn Broadwell 510/528-8940 or


SUMMER SESSIONS:  Four, 2-week sessions M-F; 
June 23 through Aug 15, 2003 

Session #1) June 23–July 3; 2pm–4pm  Cost: $225 

Session #2) July 7–18; 2pm–4pm  Cost: $250 

Session #3) July 21–Aug 1; 2pm–4pm  Cost: $250 

Session #4) Aug 4–15; this will be a 2-session 
workshop  10:30am–12:30pm and/or 1pm–3pm  Cost: 
$250 for either the morning or afternoon session only; 
$450 for combined sessions 

Tuition includes all art materials.

a. Identify which session(s) you want to register for by 
number and date.
b. parent full name
c. full name of student 
d. age of student
e. mailing address of parent, home phone number and 
day time phone of parent: we'd like a number where we 
can get ahold of you during the day if something 
happens during the class.

Lynn Broadwell 
1563 Solano Ave, Ste 135
Berkeley CA 94707

CHECK. You will receive class confirmation by email. 

Heather Fong

Printmaking classes (5/28/2003)
If you are a parent of an 11 - 14 year old ,(although flexible, depending on
the child), that is especially creative and just loves doing art, this may
be of interest to you.
Local artist, Karen Weil, of Artist at Play Studio, is looking for young
artists interested in learning beginning Printmaking. She is a volunteer at
King Middle School's Art Department (for more than 3 years) and often does
outreach to local schools, putting on printing demonstrations for  children.
This summer, she has decided to do a printmaking intensive, and will
concentrate on silk-screening.  Only four children per session.
Where:  Artist at Play Studio and Gallery
             1649 Hopkins Street, (at Carlotta in Berkeley- nearby King
Middle School)
When:    July 21 - 25th (other weeks in July may be possible - ask me.)
Hours:    10:00am - 2:00pm, Monday through Friday
Cost:      $215.00 (All materials included in cost. )

Questions?  Please call studio at 528-0494 or drop by.
You can also write me at:

           Karen Weil 


Middle School Camps at the YMCA (5/10/2003)
The Berkeley YMCA has a variety of fun filled camps 
for ''tweens'' in middle school.  Different camps include 
dance, acting, river rafting, hoops, Jr. Lifeguard, and 
many more.  These camps do fill up, so consider signing up 
soon.  Some camps are part day, and some are full.  For 
more information, call Qiqi Rodriguez at 665-3264.

Eden O'Brien-Brenner

UC Berkeley Blue Camp 7-12 yr old (5/28/2003)
submitted by: Jennifer Selke (

Strawberry Canyon's Blue Camp on the UC Berkeley campus still has openings all
summer.  Blue Camp combines the teaching of prosocial values with sports and
activity instruction for children ages 7-12 years.  There are over 20 activities
taught at camp including daily American Red Cross group swim lessons.  Over
80% of the Blue Camp staff is returning from last year with more than half the
staff working 2 summers or more.  Questions?  E-mail the director, Dr. Jennifer
H. Selke at or (510) 642-7648.  Register online at

Youth Freedom School 2003 (6/22/2003)
Now accepting applications for free summer program 
sponsored by the People's Institute West.
Youth Freedom School July 7 - 25 based at the Allen Temple 
Community Outreach Center in Oakland. Ages 13 - 18  Acquire 
community organizing and public speaking skills while 
having fun.  Field fields to Alcatraz, Angel Island, 
Mission District and many more activites
Breakfast begins 9:30 am each morning.  Breakfast and lunch 
provided daily.  Will work with families if transportation 
is an issue.  Website:


Dance Workshops - Youth Arts Studio (6/8/2003)
Youth Arts Studio is offering Dance Workshops this 
summer for students ages 11-15: 

DANCE I, July 7-11, 2:30-5:30 
Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz. Emphasis on flexibility, 
musicality and basic dance technique. This class is 
required for beginning dancers who wish to participate 
in Dance II or III.

DANCE II, July 14-18, 2:30-5:30
Further exploration in Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz. 
Emphasis on techniques for TURNS.

DANCE III, July 28-August 1, 2:30-5:30
Even more exploration in Hip Hop, Ballet, and Jazz. 
Emphasis on techniques for JUMPS.

Call Susan Wight at 510/525-4295, email or go to

Susan Wight


Kaleidoscope Theatre Camp (5/28/2003)
submitted by: Beth Donohue Templeton (

Now enrolling! Kaleidoscope Summer Performing Arts Camps at the Julia Morgan
Center for the Arts in Berkeley (2640 College Avenue between Parker and Derby).
Two-week camps for ages 7-17 (June 30-August 8) offer fun and challenging
classes in acting, movement, voice, improvisation and more followed by an
afternoon Playmaking workshop and daily Special Guest artists sessions in Mask
and Movement, Set Design and Construction or Stage Combat. Call Melissa
@ (510) 845-8542 x301 for information and to register or visit

Roleplay Workshop (4/10/2003)
The Roleplay Workshop Summer Day Camp for youth ages 10 to 
18 is now enrolling! We offer week long day camps beginning 
June 23rd and continuing through to the first week of September. 
Sessions run from 9 am to 5 pm, with extended care available from 
8 am to 6 pm. We use an interactive storytelling game to teach real 
life skills in a creative, imaginary setting. Participants work together 
to solve dilemmas using logic and common sense, learning math, 
sciences and ethics along the way. The program is ultimately 
about teaching young adults personal responsibility.

call Becky: (510) 654-3582

Rebecca Thomas

Summer Theater Camp in SF (4/18/2003)
The Marsh Youth Theater will be presenting a three week 
summer theater workshop intensive this summer. Dates are July 
28-August 15. The Marsh is located at 1062 Valencia near 22nd 
in San Francisco. We'll be offering music, dance, drama and 
stagecraft, all culminating in a full scale original 
production. MYT Summer Theater Workshop is for students in 
grades 4-9, with high school internships available.We offer 
financial aid. Contact 
Emily Klion at The Marsh: 415-826-5750 X3 or

Emily Klion

Summer Theatre Intensive for Teens (5/2/2003)
Summer Theatre Intensive at the Berkeley Rep!
It is not too early to start thinking about spending a 
summer with the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre at our 
Summer Theatre Intensive. Set against the backdrop of 
Berkeley Repertory Theatre, this summer we will be offering 
two, four-week sessions for students entering grades 6 - 
12. Students will spend each day working with master 
teachers studying acting, improvisation, movement, voice, 
vocal performance, dance, playwriting and various 
disciplines of design and production which will culminate 
in the development of original work. Please feel free to 
call 510-647-2978 or email with any 
questions you may have or to request a brochure. 

Session 1 (Grades 6 - 8): June 23 - July 18; Monday - 
Friday; 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. 
Session 2 (Grades 9 - 12): July 21 - August 15; Monday - 
Friday; 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Teen Drama Camp (6/22/2003)
popular Musical Theatre Summer Camp! There are still 
openings in TEENS ONSTAGE, 6/16-6/27, for teens entering 
grades 10-12.

Acting, singing, dancing -- audition skills, performance 
experience -- lots of personal coaching!

More info:
Phone:  510-527-5939


Stage Door Conservatory's Teens OnStage (for grades 10-12)
Two-week Musical Theater Workshop
JUNE 16-27, 9am-3:30pm
at Epworth Church in North Berkeley
Size limit: 8/session
Work on acting, singing, and dancing in scenes from popular 
Broadway musicals, culminating in a final performance. 
Videotape provided to use for future auditions.
More info:
(registration form can be downloaded from ''Contact Us'' 
Phone:  510-527-5939


Alternative Styles String Camp  (5/21/2003)
Announcing a new, late-in-the-summer string camp: 
**Alternative Style String Camp** 
For intermediate and advanced players 
(Violin, viola, cello, bass) 
A little classical, and a whole lot of fiddle, blues, jazz,
    rock 'n roll, amplyfied instruments and improvisation 
The week of August 18th, from 9:30am - 2pm 
To be held on campus at The Crowden School 
Directed and taught by Daryl Silberman with guest 
    appearances by local artists and teachers 
$275 for the week 
Deposit due by the end of this month 
Please contact Daryl for more information


Fiddlekids (5/2/2003)
Question was: Is Fiddlesticks  still around?

Answer: YES!   I am the director of  FIDDLEKIDS and I 
assume this is what you are looking for.  FIDDLEKIDS is a 
one-week intensive day-camp providing instruction in 
traditional fiddle styles with accompanying art and dance. 
One year minimum on the violin is required prior to camp 
and the camp is for kids ages 7-13.  Further information 
can be found at:   or email me at

Bobbi Shearn Nikles

String music improv workshop (6/15/2003)
Two very experienced and creative teachers, Irene Sazer, violin
(formerly of the Turtle Island String Quartet) and Gianna Abondolo,
cello , are running a workshop for string playing kids and adults on
the 4 Saturday mornings in July.   Creative musical games and
improvisation are the subject, and it will enhance musicianship
and be tons of fun.   Players need to be at least somewhat
intermediate and can be very advanced as well.   Call Irene at
510-548-3738 or email at

Irene Sazer

Summer Music Program for teens (5/2/2003)
In reply to the person looking for a fun summer music experience, one 
option is Laney College's Summer Music Program. They offer three 
different sessions: Symphonic Band (June 16-June 27), String Orchestra 
(June 30-July 11) and Jazz Ensemble (July 14-July 25) This is a full day 
program, 9-3, for the exceptional price of $115. This is for middle school
and high school aged kids with at least one year of experience. The Jazz 
Ensemble accepts all instruments, including strings. All the reports I've 
heard over the years have been extremely positive.
For more information and an application form e-mail:


SUMMER SEWING CAMPS,2003 (6/8/2003)
''SEW MUCH FUN''Learn basic hand and machine sewing skills 
that will last a lifetime!Gain knowledge of fabrics.Choose 
your project & learn at your own pace.Make simple crafts 
for yourself,your home or personal gifts.All levels and 
abilities welcomed.Bring a pair of fabric scissors and a 
bag lunch.Weekly tuition is $220-MATERIALS INCLUDED. 
Enrollment is limited to 5 students per class.
I have 2 spaces available in my summer sewing camp 
class ,the week of June 23-27th.This is for students ages 9-
14.The class is M-F ,from 9am to 4pm,at my pleasant Albany 
studio.(all July and August classes are now full).Please e-
mail me for more info at ,or call M-F,9-5 
at 525-6436.
Marianne Henri,a professional seamstress-designer-artist 
with my own buisness (Fine Sewing for Interiors)with 25 
years experience working with fabrics in the Bay Area.

Marianne Henri

Sports & Outdoors

Pacific Training Soccer Camps (6/22/2003)
June 30-July 3
Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9:00 am-3:00 pm for ages 10-14 years
Cost: $220 (4 full days)
Play hard and have fun!  This camp emphasizes fundamentals,
building confidence through understanding and loving the
game.  Beginning through advanced  players are welcome.
Director:  Teale Matteson
for more information, contact: or call 510-524-4926 or check
out the website

University Village Recreation

Teen Challenge Camps  (6/22/2003)
DEER HILL RANCH, an Experiential Learning Center on a farm
in Lafayette ( has a few spots left in
their two camps geared towards teens the weeks of July 21st
and July 28th. ''Friends Adventure Camp'' takes place M-F from
1-5pm in the afternoons. This camp is geared towards kids
ages 10-12 and includes interaction with our wonderful farm
animals and our high and low ropes courses.  Our ''Teen
Outdoor Challenge Camps'' are for teens 13-15 and comprise
two full days (Mondays and Tuesdays) of fun and challenging
communication and group dynamics work in conjunction with
alot of time spent on the low and high ropes courses.
For information call:  925-283-1197 or visit our website.

basketball clinic for girls (5/21/2003)
Berkeley High School's Women's Varsity Basketball Coaches 
run a girls' basketball clinic each year for 2 one-week 
sessions. This year the dates are: June 16-20th and June 23-
27th. It takes place at BHS and runs 2 and a half hours 
each day. This camp is great for  basketball players who 
are serious about improving their game. It is hard work and 
the girls learn an enormous amount. It is a fundraiser for 
the BHS women's basketball program. For a registration form 
write to Coach Nakamura, 737 Norvell St., El Cerrito, CA 

Lifeguard Camp (6/8/2003)
The original camp scheduled for June 16-27 has been moved 
to July 21 - August 1st.

The Downtown Berkeley YMCA is offering a Teen Lifeguard 
Camp for 16-19 yr olds.  It will be held July 21 - August 
1, Monday-Friday, from 9:00am - 4:00pm each day.
Registration Deadline is July 7th at 5:00pm.

This fun 2-week camp will teach you the technical and 
professional skills required for lifeguard certification.  
The training will include YMCA Lifeguarding, CPR for the 
Professional Rescuer, First Aid, AED Essentials, and Oxygen 
for the Professional Rescuer.  Also enjoy a fun filled day 
at Waterworld USA to observe their lifeguards.
The last day of camp will include preliminary job 
interviews for lifeguard positions available at the 
Downtown Berkeley YMCA.

Cost: $350 Full-Service Member
      $375 Program Member

To register, sign up in person at the front desk of the 
Downtown Berkeley YMCA.

Instructor: Shannon McClung, Aquatic Coordinator


Summer Teen Trip to Chiapas Mexico (4/10/2003)
Global Exchange is offering a multi-age trip to Chiapas 
Mexico August 3-12. Local teen group forming. Supervision 
will be provided by trip leaders. Opportunity for social 
justice education, spanish language development, adventure 
and fun. Partial scholarships available. Contact Global 
Exchange for information at1-800-497-1994 ext. 226.

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