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McKevitt Volvo

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Re: Super-competant Volvo repair service? (April 2005)
Both my mom and I own Volvo's and we each use different places. My 245 wagon is a 1978 [no computer in engine] therefore gets the ''old fashioned'' mechanic treatment at Rob's Automotive in El Cerrito. My mom's is a 96 wagon with all the fancy computer tech inside and she uses McKevits in Berkeley. We each love the work that is done and the outstanding customer service at both places. Rob's charges about 40% less per hour than McKevits and isn't as super fast, but he is thorough, fair and very cool. My car needs certain things that are harder to find nowadays and they always come up with creative and as inexpensive as possible, ways to take care of my baby. My mom originally started with Rob, but she needs her car for work, so she needs super fast work done and loved the free loaner rental car that McKevits has offered her each time they've had her car. And, yes there is more, Rob explains every single detail of why my car is behaving a certain way, how he is going to fix it. He explains all of this with a thoroughness that often leaves my head swimming and eyes blurred. Hope this helps you take care of the best cars in the entire world. Volvo !!!!!! patricia
Re: Purchasing and owning a new Volvo April 2005
I haven't shopped at McKevitt, so can't comment on that. I can say that their service department is very friendly and customer-oriented (though not he cheapest). R.K.
We purchased our used Volvo wagon at McKevitt. The overall purchase was OK, but we discovered that the salespeople (2) we dealt with in the used car area didn't know a heck of a lot about these cars. We discovered a number of discrepencies in what we were told when looking through the owner's manual once we took the car home.
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