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Mini Cooper Mechanics

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2008 - 2012 Reviews

Car Mechanic (BMW and Mini)

July 2011

Does anyone know of a really great, honest, cost-effective mechanic that will work on Mini Coopers and BMWs? Thanks for any help. Lisa


  • Bay Bridge Motors Oakland (2)

    2004 - 2007 Reviews

    Mini Cooper Maintenance and Repair

    May 2007

    Anybody have a recommendation for a shop that does good work on Mini Coopers? Right now we just need maintenance. We would prefer a place in or near Berkeley if possible. Winoka

    I have been taking mine back to the dealer on Howard in San Francisco for all services and they have been doing a great job. They're probably a bit more pricey but I haven't found anyone in Berkeley yet. I talked to a couple of mechanics locally but they didn't feel comfortable with the Mini. Looking forward to hearing other replies. Good luck! onika
    There is a garage at the base of Bancroft near the train tracks that does BMW and Mini repairs. mini mom
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