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Auto Mechanic Reviews by Business Name

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Action Auto San Francisco

June 2009

Re: Trustworthy mechanic for '99 Forester
If you can take your car to SF, you can't do better than Action Auto. Run by Robert, the place is a combination of high quality service and sterling reputation. I'd happily leave Robert with a signed blank check for him to fill out when the repairs are finished. I also drive a Subaru and service it at Action Auto:

2040 17th Street
(between Kansas St & Vermont St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 487-1210
He can understand a budget, and limit repairs for cost, but will clearly explain the potential consequences. He will never let you do anything unsafe. He will fix things other mechanics have screwed up, and not chastise you for ''cheating on him'' out of convenience. :)

When I first started going to him, I met a guy who had his car up from San Jose, and I couldn't understand that. But after 15 years with Robert, I do now. I've lived in Marin, SF and Berkeley in that time, and I use Robert b/c he's the best and most honest mechanic I've ever met. Good luck, Car runs well

All Mercedes

Re: Mechanic for 2001 Mercedes (Sept 2005)
I highly recommend All Mercedes in Oakland. I'd previously taken the car to Mercedes of Pleasanton to get it serviced and to have the A/C looked at as it wasn't working. They told me that even with my extended warranty that the repair for the A/C alone would cost me almost $700 (condenser had a hole in it) - and they made it sound like the warranty company was doing me a favor as they wouldn't typically cover the 'problem'. As an alternative, they recommended that I file a claim with my auto insurer under the comprehensive coverage as it appeared the 'hole' was due to a stone hitting the condenser.

A friend recommended All Mercedes to me so I took the car to them. Long story short, neither they nor the insurance company found a hole in the condenser - they even let the car run for six hours in an attempt to locate a leak existed. The problem was resolved with the replacement of a different part and this repair was covered by the warranty. I only had to pay my deductible. Everyone was very helpful and thorough, and I'm told that even without the warranty, their prices are very reasonable. They use Mercedes parts but charge less on the labor. Their website is Lurdys

Auto Europa

[Editor Note: There is a another auto shop on the same street. Steven Lukacsy's Auto Europa shop is at the VERY END of the street.]

March 2006

I can't say enough good things about Auto Europa. We bought our '72 Mercedes 280SE 4.5 V8 from a UC Berkeley Family, and when the time came, we stupidly took it to another shop to get some work done near Sacramento. Needless to say, afterwards, we ended up bringing it to Steven.
Auto Europa on Cleveland in Albany/Berkeley. 510/528-3196 -Steven Lukacsy
Steven is Great, had worked on our 72 280SE 4.5 for over twenty years prior to us owning it. We had the heads done elsewhere stupidly, and when it didn't come out right, we found one of Steven's old invoices precariously placed in the car and called him up. Once we told him the color of the car (light blue) he instantly replied with the Previous Owner's name and told us we weren't allowed to have anyone else touch it in a humorous manner. He did an extensive inspection and replaced some electrical connectors, did the FI trigger points, and re-set the timing and idle back to where it should be, and the car runs better than my new F-250.... Needless to say, our previous shop did a shotty job, and even told us our wiring harness was trash. Thankfully Steven didn't have any hard feelings about us getting the heads done elsewhere, and did a great job for a reasonable price for us, which is important on a college student budget. He'll even meet you at the train station if you need him to! Bradley

May 2004

Exceptional Mercedes mechanic in Albany. Auto Europa is owned and operated by Steven Lukacsy. He has been servicing Mercedes exclusively for 35 years! His work is flawless and reasonably priced. I HIGHLY recommend him for your Merc. Can't say enough about him really - 510/528-3196 He's on Cleveland Ave. next to the highway... David

Benner Auto Repair

Re: Big, Old Dodge Engine needs an honest mechanic! (March 2005)
Try Mike Benner at Benner Auto Repair, Inc. in Oakland @ 510-832- 1244. I've been taking my cars there for years and there's usually at least 2 or 3 old American cars in the shop. If they don't work on rv's perhaps they'll be able to refer you. They've been in business at least 50 years. Good Luck! Paula
Re: Big, Old Dodge Engine needs an honest mechanic! (March 2005)
I take my '79 Cutlass Salon Oldsmobile to Benner Auto Repair, 488 25th St in Oakland, 832-1244. Been there for years, very stable and content mechanics, reasonable rates,and I trust them. If they can help you, they'd know who can.

Berkeley Audi Volkswagen

From: MM

A couple of digests ago, someone wanted info on VW repair. I used to go to Roger Ramirez (Berkeley Audi Volkswagen, on San Pablo) and still think he's great. But last time I needed work done ASAP (got towed off the Bay Bridge....), Roger was completely booked. He recommended Karmakanix on 10th Street (548-4494). I believe the owner's name is Steve (he WAS memorable, it's just post-baby brain cell loss on my part.) Anyway, he rents space at Charlie's Garage, and I highly recommend him. He is more like a car physician than mechanic, does a complete check-up the first time you come in, prioritizes repairs, takes your budget into account, tells you more than you can absorb about the inner workings of your car... I believe he works on Audis, too.

Broadway Volkswagen

Re: Honda of Oakland Service Center? (Sept 2005)
This month we have had the following experience at Broadway VW Service. Our 96 Jetta runs fine, but the engine light was on intermittently. With 64k miles, we figured the car was telling us it was sad we had not given it the 60k service. So we broke down and took it in. The engine light was mentioned as the reason for the service. Around noon, I received a call that the front brakes needed replacement. I agreed to let them do it. The expense for the 60k service and the brakes came in just under $1000. Ouch. At 3 p.m., he called me to tell me it was ready to pick up. ''And, by the way, did you know your engine light was on?'' HUH? That's why I brought it in. Well, it would take us a few hours to diagnose that. We can't do it today. You'll have to bring it back in and pay $150 for diagnosis. Then we can tell you how much it would be to fix it. That's unfortunate. But unfortunately, that's not the end of the story. I pick up the car only to hear -- for the first time in 9 years of owning the car -- a very noticeable rattle in the muffler at low rpms. After a few phone calls, I bring it in about 1 week later. Yep. There's a rattle. It's probably a broken baffle in the tail pipe. BUT IT'S NOT OUR FAULT. But it never made that sound until you had it. I see. Well. Your muffler is old. It's not our fault. I would take it to a muffler shop to save some money. Or we could do the repair. That's is what happened to me in August-September 2005 at Broadway VW. By the way, we also had our Honda Odyssey serviced this summer. There were no problems. People were very professional and nice. Their new facility is very clean and comfortable. Free bagels and coffee! Mike
Aug 2001
I cannot recommend Broadway Volkswagen. We have had nothing but problems with them. They were O.K. when our car was under warranty, but after that we found them to be difficult to work with, they often did not diagnose the problem properly, overlooked things, Broadway repeatedly underestimated the hours needed to complete the job and would not stand behind their estimate, they diagnosed an electrical problem after 4 hours "looking for the problem", estimated that it would take 2 hours to fix (it took 4) and then only fixed one of two shorts in the system. It was so bad that we were ready to sell our 1996 Passat wagon just so we never had to deal with them again. However, we found Germany's Best on College ... Kristi

Car Care Automotive

Re: Mechanic for Oldsmobile Alero (July 2004)
Car Care Automotive at 2504 MacArthur Blvd. in the Dimond area of Oakland. Alberto is honest and professional. (510) 530-0690 Kathleen

Carlson's Garage

Re: Honda repair shop for oil changes, etc. (June 2005)
Try Carlson's Garage--they are really nice guys and always do a great job on our 2 hondas. The shop is at Parker and Shattuck, right behind the Viking Trader furniture shop. Sometimes information doesn't list them, I don't know why. The # is 845-6772 Julie

Charlie's Garage


try ron at charlie's garage in berkeley (near san pablo and dwight). we have gone to him for years with our 84 toyota tercel. he's honest, straightforward, and helps us prioritize when we couldn't afford to do everything at once.

from: Susan

we have taken our cars to charlie's garage in berkeley: 2503 tenth near dwight (off of san pablo). phone 849-0859. the owner is ron. they have worked on a honda, a datsun and two toyotas over the years for us. they are very honest and reliable. they have helped us prioritize when we couldn't afford to do all of the work at once. they improvised a bolt type system for our car seat to be tethered and they've gotten us used parts on ocassion. they don't try to oversell. they are very patient explaining things to non mechanic types. i'd highly recommend them.

Dan Chin's Chevron

From: Jeanette

I've been to the Ford Dealership on Broadway to have some item replaced on my Ford Tempo. I'm afraid I can't recall what the work was--it was a recall. They did a good job. But, I have to admit I much prefer the Chevron Station on Shattuck and Francisco in Berkeley. The full name is Dan Chin's Chevron (across from the Kentucky Fried Chicken). I started using their services about 10 years ago when I needed some work done on my Datsun 210. Since then I have changed cars. I have a 1988 Ford Temp and these guys have always done a great job. What I am most pleased about is their honesty. If you do not need work done, they will tell you so. They are open from 7:30 in the morning until 7:00 pm at night. I generally leave the car very early and then walk in to work. They don't have a lot of storage space, so they tend to work on the cars as quickly as possible. They will also have you come on a different day if they have too much work. Their labour costs are a little pricey, but I feel they are worth it. Frankly, they are the only folks I trust my cars to. Hope this helps. Jeantte

Henry Chin

Continental Imports

Re: Mechanic for Jaguar (August 2005)
I've used Continental Imports in Oakland a couple of times and have been pretty happy with them. They're at 2215 International Blvd. near the 23rd Ave. exit off 880. Nancy

Diablo Services

Re: Looking 4 good mechanic in Walnut Creek for Dodge Caravan Tom at Diablo Services in Lafayette is the owner of a great car repair shop. He's across from the Lafayette Park Hotel. We have used him for 20+ years, he is honest, fair and reasonable and if you have a problem he can usually fit you in within a day or two if not that day. His number is 284-2120. I wouldn't go to anyone else. anon

Dublin Volkswagen

Re: Mechanic for 94 Jetta (July 2004)
We take our 2003 Passat to the VW Dealership in Dublin. They give first class service and we recommend them, however I don't know how their prices compare to other places. They are always courteous and pleasant to deal with. We purchased our car from there. Our car is still under warranty, so I don't know if that makes a difference in service level.

Dynamic Auto Trends

RE: Acura mechanic, not a dealer (Aug 2002)
Acura Mechanic: this is a recommendation to an old post from someone looking for an inexpensive Acura mechanic. A family friend named Jeff Go fixes my Acura Legend and my brother-in- law's Honda. You can reach him at 510/435-4266. His business is called Dynamic Auto Trends. He does good work and won't do anything you don't need. He knows a lot about where to get good used parts and where to buy new parts wholesale. Christina

European Auto Salvage Yard (EASY)

November 2001

We have a 1996 Mercedes E300D (diesel) and want a recommendation for a reliable and preferably not too expensive mechanic. We live in Oakland and would prefer a mechanic nearby but are willing to travel a reasonable distance for a good mechanic. miho

The EASY (European Auto Salvage Yard) in Emeryville used to have a great mechanic for Mercedez diesels. If they're still there they're the best around. Nancy

Ed's Best Auto Service

From: Sharon

I highly recommend Ed Ciurlizza owner of Ed's Best Auto Service at 1931 Addison, 843-8221. Ed is an honest and reliable mechanic. He has worked on my Jeep and Ford van but I'm sure he repairs both foreign and American cars. Give him a call, walking distance to campus!

German Auto Salvage

Re: Looking for good and honest VW mechanic (Nov 2005)
I used to have a 90 VW GTI (just sold it last year) and for years took it to Walter at German Auto Salvage in Berkeley. I tried several other mechanics before finding him. Definitely the most knowledgeable and honest and an all around nice guy, too. Good luck! Elizabeth

Germany's Best

After a bad experience with the dealer, we found Germany's Best on College and they have been fabulous. They only work on German cars and they really know what they're doing. Once your car is off warranty I suggest you give them a try and avoid Dirito and Broadway at all costs! Kristi (8/01)
I would like to recommend Germany's Best at 5291 College in Oakland, (510) 658-8948, near Broadway. They have done excellent work on my husband's 1975 BMW 2002 & my 1980 528i. They work only on German cars (ie. VW, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi) and were recommended to us by a friend who also drives BMWs. Of the several German car mechanics we have used locally, we are most satisfied with Germany's Best. They have excellent prices on parts, new and used, and though they have steeper than we prefer labor charges, the work is top notch and not one problem has ever been overlooked. In the end, we feel the labor charges are worth it. My husband does much of the work himself on both cars, but has relied on Germany's Best for the finer work requiring more specialized tools than he has. Holliday

Sid Guthrie

RE: Oil Change (July 2003)
I know a great car fixer who is relatively inexpensive, really nice, trustworthy and knows what he's doing. He and his partner have a fairly small business and can't do major car repair, but I trust him completely. If he can't fix your car, he'll send you to Patti's Auto Care (RUN BY A WOMAN, YES!), or elsewhere. His name is Sid Guthrie & phone: 549-1403. They do oil changes, spark plugs and general auto care. Toby
Re: Independent shop for Nissan service (May 2002)
I know of a great, reputable, inexpensive, mechanic that works on all kinds of cars. I've used them for years. It is a small shop (just 2 guys). The guy's name is Sid and the telephone number is: 549-1403. Toby
From: Toby

For Toyota repair, try Sid Guthrie, a local mechanic, 549-1403. He has worked on our cars for years (and also several friends). Although he can't do everything, he'll tell you when he can't fix something and recommend a place to take it. He's also very inexpensive. He's very good and trustworthy, but doesn't have a big, fancy shop.

Jeff Hagan

Re: Mechanic for Subaru Outback (Aug 2002)
Looking For A Good Mechanic? Try Jeff Hagan in Oakland. You can reach him on 510-504-8304. Although he is a Volvo mechanic he does work on other makes of cars and bikes. He worked on our Volvo last week doing various jobs including the brakes front & back. Not only was the work excellent and the price was very reasonable, he was also very professional. Jane & Myles

Holland Car Service

Re: Big, Old Dodge Engine needs an honest mechanic! (March 2005)
Dear Dodge owner, I would recommend Holland car service on San Pablo in Berkeley, near University. Their phone #845-7944. They have dealt w/ our '65 Chevy 3/4 ton pick-up for years. They're friendly, not too busy and they open @ 6 a.m.! Good luck. CB
Re: Good mechanic for Jeep Grand Cherokee (May 2004)
The guys at Holland Service (on San Pablo, opposite Lucky Dog, next to Jack in the Box) fix American cars. They worked on my Jeep Cherokee now and then for years and are the only people I'd want to work on my Chevy Van now that its out from under the Dealer's warranty

Holland has the old-fashioned combination of honesty and competence you are looking for. They recently did a repair on my cooling system that the dealer would have used to replaced the engine (less labor, more cost to me).

The guys at Holland also explain things well, and will give you the ''best'' option and a ''most affordable'' option to choose between if you ask. They have been clear about times when a quick fix ''might'' solve a problem...and might not.

My only hesitation in recommending them is that they might get too busy to see me on 24 hour's notice.... but I'm willing to take that chance. Phone #845-7944. Heather

Hustead's Car Repair

April 2005

Does any one have experience with Hustead's Car Repair on Durant? An insurance company has them on a list of pre-selected shops for collision repairs. I would love to hear any feedback about Hustead's. Thanks!

I used Hustead's a couple of months ago, to fix a few items of body damage, all minor. They did a good job, finished on time and were very helpful about lining up a car rental for the three or four days that they kept may car. I would use them again. Ann

Inca Chevron

For the person looking for a good American car mechanic I would like to recommend Inca Chevron at the corner of Ashby and Telegraph Ave. They do great work and they do the work right the first time. I am almost certain they work on foreign cars also. Their phone number is 843-4776. Ben

Karden Automotive

RE: Quality, independent Acura shop? (April 2003)
85% of most dealership income is from service. Most charge flat rates per service done. This can translate to rates equivalent to well into the hundreds of dollars per hour. Even before moving to Concord we used to go to Karden Automotive in Walnut Creek (925.939.6769) Their service has been excellent and the cost reasonable. A friend with a Lexus was quoted $800 plus to do her brakes and Karden did the job for $440. Previous to Karden we used Oakland Auto Works on Macarthur, service was very good, but prices were 3/4ths the rate charged by the dealers and that was too much for our budget. jon

Kenny's Auto Repair

Re: Trustworthy mechanic to inspect Mazda I'm purchasing (July 2005)
We used to take our Mazda to Ken Lam at Kenny's Auto Repair. His phone is 510-623-1705 and his address is 41463 Albrae Street (at least, it was 5 years ago when we lived in Fremont). We always felt he did honest work for a reasonable price. Erin

Hugh Killroy

I recently bought a used Volvo from someone on this parents list and he was very pleased with his mechanic, Hugh Killroy. Hugh specializes in Volvos and is at: 3137 Magnolia St. in Oakland, phone: 654-0751. I haven't personally gone there, but the previous owners of our car were quite pleased with him. Since he wasn't already listed on the web site, I thought I'd share his info with everyone.

Kraft Automotive

Re: Good mechanic for Jeep Grand Cherokee (May 2004)
Kraft Automotive, 1345 Grand Ave, Piedmont, CA is wonderful place with wonderful service. They work on all vehicles, have been around forever and it is owned by a woman!!!! They provide transportation to Bart or to your house or work after you drop off your vehicle. It is just such a wonderful experience to have NICE mechanics and people who genuinely care about you! Debra Kraft is the owner and is just so great. I would highly recommend going here. jenn

Lukes and Shoreman

From: irivera
In regards to a good V.W. mechanic- I've gone to Luke's and Shorman in Albany for 13 years. They're great- but rather pricey. I've tried about 5 different shops ( to try to cut cost)- I was ripped off at one, my car ran worse after another, my last attempt to save some money ended with me suing a shop on Shattuck Avenue- a piece of metal somehow slipped into a cylinder head when their mechanic removed the spark plugs-ruined the engine. If you have and old VW-" Bauer VW" in Berkeley is supposed to be good.

M Service

Re: BMW Repair shop (Oct 2006)
M Service in Walnut Creek is the best. They only work on Mercedes and BMW's, and they know EXACTLY what they are doing. Meticulous and totally efficient. Even though I live in Berkeley, it was easiest overall for my car to be serviced there, because they could diagnose problems immediately, fix them once and only once, and get the job done when they said they would. (I never had to wait for parts, even though my BMW was old, unlike my husband's experience at the Audi dealer where everything needed to be ordered from Germany.) They will drop you off and pick you up at the BART station, too, and they are friendly and just overall GREAT to deal with. Fran
Re: BMW maintenance/repair (May 2005)
I take my 1990 BMW to M Service in Walnut Creek. They are a total pleasure to deal with. I never have to wait for parts, they are thorough, and they explain everything. Plus, they know BMWs inside and out. When my windshield wipers began acting strangely and the door locks refused to work, they told me over the phone that it was a particular fuse and to come right in. I drove up, they popped in the new fuse and I was able to leave 5 min. later, problem solved and no charge. I live in Berkeley, but find them perfectly convenient because they will take you to and from BART, or you can leave your car the night before and pick it up after they have closed if you authorize them to charge your credit card. I tried Import Motors on Telegraph once (for a new battery) and wasn't happy because they told me my car was ready when it wasn't, after I had waited in a loooong line to pick it up. What I saved in driving time was more than wasted in wait time. Fran

Marshall's Motors, Milvia Street, Berkeley

This is a family business that I have used a few times because of the proximity to my workplace. I like them a lot, they seem fair and very helpful to me, always explaining the procedures in great detail. I never feel like I'm being railroaded like what can happen at auto repair shops when women go alone. They are very friendly and helped me out of some serious jams. Lena

Marty's Metrix

We use Marty's Metrix, in Oakland. He is a wonderful mechanic - honest, friendly and dependable. He works on most Japanese and European model cars (not Italian, though). His number is 465-5698; located near Lake Merritt off of East 12th.
Adriane (1/00)


Re: Good Toyota mechanic in the East Bay? (Jan 2007)
We have been very happy with Mekatron in Concord. They only do Japanese cars, and we take my husband's Acura and my Sienna to them. They are consistently ranked very highly in the consumer surveys, and both Michael and Ian are very helpful and trustworthy. Their information can be found at Claire

Metric Motion

Re: A Toyota mechanic--Larry at Metric Motion does fine work, he's fast, he's honest; and, speaking as a woman customer, I never felt intimidated or talked down to. His address is 1085 Eastshore Hwy, his phone is 524-0663. Evan Meyer at Automotive Repair is also an excellent and honest mechanic. He will really take the time to explain what's happening to my car in plain language. He is at 2020 Addison, phone 849-1390.
From: John

Re: Toyota repairs

I'd recommend Larry Hickock/Metric Motion, 1085 East Shore Highway, 524-0663. Good, honest, etc.

Motor City

From; Tahani

I really like Alan at Motor City, Shattuck & Prince (843-4521). This place came recommended in some newsgroup, I can't remember which; it's been a while.

From: a dad

Re: Mechanic for Jeep
We have two mechanics that we think the world of -- they are both honest and very reliable. I don't know if they service Jeeps, but it's worth a try. 2) Motor City (ask for Alan), 3058 Shattuck, Berkeley (also near Ashby), 843-4521.

Oakland Accura

RE: Quality, independent Acura shop? (April 2003)
The Oakland Accura service dept people are very pleasant but too busy for my tastes. The kinds of trouble I had with their repairs seemed to be the kinds of things that happen when you rush. I've had to go back twice to get things fixed once, right, on several occasions. An example is when they replaced a recall part under the dash, they accidently disconected the ventilation system. No air at all. When they fixed that, they left the heater something or other jammed open, so that for monthes I thought that I had to get the air conditioning refilled, but actually, the heater was just on constantly along with the air con..... Also when I told them that some of the dashboard lights were out, chiefly, the radio ones, they claimed that those buttons didn't light up period, an outright lie. Most aggravatingly, after every service they would mail a 2 page survey about whether you were happy with their service and if you didn't fill it out, they'd keep sending them and eventually start calling. They will drop you off and pick you up, wash your car, and give you coffee and tea, but I'd rather the work was done correctly. Natalie


Re: Mechanic for '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee (July 2002)
We have a '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee and previously had a 1988 model. I used to take my previous jeep to a local mechanic specializing in these cars, but I spent a lot of money for them to fix a problem they were never quite able to diagnose, albeit with very good intentions on their part. I then took my old jeep to the Connell dealership on Broadway in Oakland. Ken Norris is one of the service managers there and he knew exactly what was wrong with my car and fixed it. Since I've had my second jeep, I've been bringing it there for service and for the most part have felt that they have done excellent work on my car and I don't feel they've led me to do unnecessary work. I'm not sure if they'll be cheaper than your corner gas station mechanic, but I do feel they offer very good customer service, they are trust worthy and stand by their work. Good luck. Hannah
April 2002

Why are we so vulnerable when it comes to car repairs? Can anybody recommend an honest, reliable not to mention good mechanic that specializes in Isuzus? I have a '99 Isuzu Trooper which needs a diagnostic look-over and most likely repairs. Does anybody out there have an Isuzu Trooper and, if so, where do you go for mechanical work?? Thanks for any input/suggestions. Liz

I have a '94 Isuzu Trooper and have had it serviced at O'Connell in Oakland since purchasing it 8 years ago. The service I have received has been ok - not great. The fees for service seem on the high side to me, typical of dealerships. Cathy

Pat's Garage

RE: Acura mechanic, not a dealer (Aug 2002)
I would highly recommend Pat's Garage in SF (right under Bay bridge). TOTALLY worth the trip. They are the most wonderful people and treat you like family. The only work on Honda/Acura and are experts. Most of the work they do for us involves dropping of f the car at 8am and taking it home after lunch. I have a lot of happy friends who have discovered Pat's as well. Hadley

Patti and Steve's

I have been asked to post the following message: Patti (of Patti and Steve's Auto Care in Albany), is no longer associated with this business. She has asked me to let people know that she will be opening another business soon. Sherry
Patty and Steve's in Albany is fantastic. It is both environmentallly friendly (certified as a 'green' auto repair shop) and kid friendly (they have a small toy room full of second hand toys), their work is first rate, and their prices are very reasonable (as these things go). Donna & Eric
We have a great honda mechanic: Patti and Steve's on Eastshore in Albany. 526-3906. The are very honest, reliable and reasonably priced! Sherry
For Honda work, I recommend Patti and Steve's Auto Care, 510-526-3906. Steve knew what the problem was with our 1985 4-wheel drive wagon, and had fixed the problem on the same model before. It was obscure enough that no one else we had taken it to could figure out what to do other than balance the wheels. They also were able to find the part (the 4 wheel drive shaft) at 1/3 the price of a new one, and it would have been very expensive otherwise. Susan

Porboys German Automotive Service

Re: Local VW repair shop? (June 2006)
After having a terrible experience at _____ (I'm not kidding, almost $4,000 in repairs over 4 visits and problems still not solved, but nice guys) I went to Porboys German Automotive Service in Oakland. What a difference! Joe and Dave are amazing mechanics who delved into research about my unusual car problem and fixed it -- only $395 later. Joe (the owner) spent almost 30 minutes talking with me about my VW Golf diesel, he called me with more information, and when I picked it up Dave gave me a lot more advice about taking care of it (I'd bought it used and the previous owners had done little upkeep). Incredibly knowledgeable, professional, honest, good people -- and absolutely top-notch mechanics. They're 2 blocks from the Fruitvale BART. 3640 E. 9th Street, Oakland. 510.437.9400
Huge fan of trustworthy, expert car care!

Quality Tech

Feb 2005
I'd like to recommend my mechanic, Bruce at Quality Tech. Bruce and his crew are some of the hardest working mechanics I've ever met. He takes time out to explain what is wrong with your car. He doesn't talk down to women. If he doesn't get it right the first time, he'll fix it for free.

Bruce is one of the last great mechanics around. Quality Tech's # is 453-6298.

I've had a problem with the car's computer before. It sounds like you are having the same problem. A good mechanic will check to see if the computer is having a problem or if it is a real problem. If it is the computer, they'll take out the chip and the problem is solved.

By the way, Bruce works with all kinds of cars, new and old. bk

Re: Saab in need of a major servicing (April 2004)
Until last year, I owned a 1991 Saab 900 (recently traded for a 9-5!). I go to Quality Tech, 1235 - 16th Ave (near 12th Street) in Oakland (510) 532-2355. Bruce is the guy who owns the shop and he used to own Saabs, so knows quite a bit about them. I have found him to be honest -- and willing to tell me what *really* needed to be fixed for the car to run versus what would be a good idea if I could manage it. My car had 170,000 miles on it when I finally gave it up, and ran great thanks to Bruce's fixes -- I only gave it up because it was a 2-door and was difficult with a new baby. Quality Tech gets VERY busy at times, so be prepared to be patient, and the earlier in the day you can drop off your car, the faster it will get looked at. Lisa
I'd love to recommend my mechanic Bruce Vong for your automotive needs. He's the best! You tell him what you want, and he'll tell you what to buy. He's got a strong bias towards Hondas, so I just want to put that out upfront. He's seen every brand of car I've brought to him and in my opinion, he's right.

He'll tell you what years were good years for the make/model, how much to pay, and suggestions of places to look for cars.

He charges $70 for an inspection and he is extremely meticulous. This helps you out in the bargining process because he'll tell you how much the repairs cost and what to counter offer on the asking price.

If you choose to use his services for your car you have purchased, if he misses something the first time, he fixes it free.

Bruce's shop is called Quality Tech and they are in Oakland. 1235 16th Ave. Phone 532-2355 Very happy with my mechanic

Quality Tune-up

RE: Oil Change (July 2003)
Quality Tune-up, 10069 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, 527-0247. I've been going there for years -- first with my very old car, and then with a brand new car. I'm female, mechanically clueless, and mechanic-phobic, but I have always been thoroughly satisfied with them. About $22 I think? You can't make an appointment though, so you have to go when there isn't a long wait.

Rob's Automotive

Re: Super-competant Volvo repair service? (April 2005)
Hi, Both my mom and I own Volvo's and we each use different places. My 245 wagon is a 1978 [no computer in engine] therefore gets the ''old fashioned'' mechanic treatment at Rob's Automotive in El Cerrito. My mom's is a 96 wagon with all the fancy computer tech inside and she uses McKevits in Berkeley. We each love the work that is done and the outstanding customer service at both places. Rob's charges about 40% less per hour than McKevits and isn't as super fast, but he is thorough, fair and very cool. My car needs certain things that are harder to find nowadays and they always come up with creative and as inexpensive as possible, ways to take care of my baby. My mom originally started with Rob, but she needs her car for work, so she needs super fast work done and loved the free loaner rental car that McKevits has offered her each time they've had her car. And, yes there is more, Rob explains every single detail of why my car is behaving a certain way, how he is going to fix it. He explains all of this with a thoroughness that often leaves my head swimming and eyes blurred. Hope this helps you take care of the best cars in the entire world. Volvo !!!!!! patricia

Saab Replay

Re: Saab in need of a major servicing (April 2004)
I've been happy with Saab Replay on Carelton in Berkeley--540-1120. They did a good job on my 1993 Saab and it wasn't expensive. They just fixed what was broken, and didn't ask me if I wanted to do lots of extras. I used to go to Specialized Saab, but they switched ownership and the new owners weren't as good--they were way over their estimate, and even raised the price by $200 in between the time i called to see what the final bill was and when I came to pick up the car an hour later --So stick with the crew at Saab Replay and you'll be in good hands. Sarah
August 2001

We are looking for a shop in Berkeley/Oakland/Lamorinda that services Saabs - trying to avoid the (often unnecesarily) expensive dealership prices. Any suggestions? Karolyn

Saab Replay on Carlton near San Pablo in Berkeley. The guys there just love Saabs --Daniel
Saab Replay off of San Pablo on Carleton in Berkeley. Their phone number is: 510. 540.1120. Ben Rono is the owner and the one I know the most but he is not around as much as he used to be. I have been going to them for the last 5 years and wouldn't think about going anywhere else in the area. -Danny Blitz

Sam Sipkins

October 2002

I have been scrolling through past recommendations for a good, reliable garage to service (and take good care) of an Old Porsche. I used to go to Luke's and Shoreman on San Pablo in Albany but they have closed their shop this summer. Any recommendations ? Thanks ! Laure

Porsche Mechanic My husband has been very pleased with Sam Sipkins in Oakland. He specializes in four-cylinder air-cooled engines. Sam's number is (510) 632-8232 (my husband just recited that to me from memory...) Embarrassed Porsche Wife

Small Car Repair

From: MB

We have used Small Car Repair 841-5755 for three Totyotas now. They are fast, efficient, and inexpensive. They are also honest, and gave me some very good advice about getting rid of an old but beloved car. Ask for Gus or Aaron.


Re: Where to take my Passat with McNevin gone (June 2006)
I can happily recommend Sonnen in Marin County. We had purchased our Passat at McNevin. One night at 9:30pm about 40miles before the bumper to bumper was about to expire the clutch stopped working. My husband managed to make it to McNevin, only to discover that they had gone out of buniess (though that was not clearly marked at the afterhours dropoff... good thing he didn't drop our key in the slot.) He then had the car towed to Sonnen. We were happy to find that they were open (Yes, they are open until midnight) and were very pleasant to work with. In fact when VW tried to deny the claim saying it was due to normal wear and tear ''our'' repair manager went to bat for us, took the car apart to figure out what had happened and was able to convince them that they needed to cover it since the clutch plate doesn't shatter with normal wear and tear... it was a factory defect. They would have given us a loaner car for free during all of this but they had run out due to the recent flooding in San Anselmo. We have been back several times for other minor things (new wiper blades, etc.) and have always received excellent service... better than McNevin's ever was.
VW customer


Sept 2003

Has anyone used SOS Auto Service for SAAB repair? If so, what was your experience? Thanks in advance, Beth

From: James

I've had my Subaru serviced at SOS since about 1984. (Yes, amazingly enough, I still own the very same one. It almost of legal drinking age.) In all these years, I've never had a bad experience with them. Jean, the owner and lead mechanic, has always given me cogent explanations of what was wrong with the car, was willing to discuss the repair options with me, and met his time and cost estimates. At times, he suggested repairing other mechanical problems that he noticed while working on it, but I never felt that he was applying pressure or trying to exaggerate their severity. When the car was newer, he seemed inclined to make suggestions for getting it back into top running condition. He eventually became accepting of my guiding philosophy, which was to fix and maintain that which was necessary, but to accept its inexorable decline into a wheezing, rattling, but running heap.

Sunset 76 Auto Service

Re: Mechanic for 2001 Mercedes (Sept 2005)
I highly recommend Sunset 76 Auto Service in San Francisco for Mercedes repairs. My brother, Louis is the owner and is a mechanic as well. He is very honest, gives excellent customer service and has over 25 years of experience. The mechanics are very experienced with Mercedes and BMW. You can save a lot of money by going to this shop rather than to the dealer (very expensive). Give them a try, trust me you won't be sorry... They have frequent promotions as well even though their prices are already very reasonable. I own a BMW and my brother has always worked on it rather than the dealership. I can't tell you how much money I have saved by not going to the dealership and basically getting ripped off by them! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions or call Louis directly at (415) 753-9635.. Randa


From: Deborah

I can highly recommend Taymuree on Broadway at 41st--655-8182 They mostly do foreign cars, but we also bring them our Jeep. Very trustworthy and reliable--they've told us not to do certain repairs because they weren't really necessary, even though they could have made more money by telling us to do them. Also, they've been very helpful while shopping for a used car in terms of checking it out.

From: Al, Melanie

To the person looking for a Honda mechanic: go to Taymuree auto on Broadway in Oakland, a little way south of 51st. The first time I met the brothers who run it, one of them drove to my house to start my car for me, adjusted some wiring, which fixed a problem I'd been having for weeks, and then refused to charge me anything. Very smart move on his part--I've been going back ever since, and have only good things to say about the work they've done on my car.

Walnut Creek Autopros

I can recommend Walnut Creek Autopros (925-933-1050; 1520 Third Ave.) without hesitation. The proprietor's name is Mike Chu. We've been going to Mike for 8+ years. Prior to this we took our cars to Berkeley Minicar but we needed a new place to service acuras. We (and many of our friends) now use him exclusively. Mike's prices are reasonable, the quality of his work is excellent, he's trustworthy, and he will review in detail (sometimes in excruciating detail) the work a car needs before initiating service. He will also not hesitate to tell us when he feels a certain part or repair is unnecessary or overkill. DF

Walnut Creek Toyota

Re: Mechanic for 1991 MR2 (Feb 2005)
I have always been leery of dealership service shops, but I am sold on Walnut Creek Toyota. They are open until midnight Monday through Friday, and until 5 both Saturday and Sunday -- hours that are a real help to working people. They are near BART and also run a shuttle van to locations within 10 miles or so. (They have taken me to Orinda.) The service staff is nice, and honest: they have dissuaded me from doing work I suggested but they thought was unnecessary. Leslie

Walsh Brothers

D.H. Walsh

Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (April 2007)
D.H. Walsh in Albany/Berkeley on Solano Ave (@ Marin) has been our mechanic for the last 10 years. We've been servicing our Volvos there and have been very satisfied. Michael had worked for Dave Walsh for many years. When Dave passed away a few years ago, Michael bought the shop and continued working there. He fits you into his schedule on short notice, he always tells you what and why something needs to be done, and he doesn't do more than necessary. And he his a very nice guy with great humour. His phone: 525-5994 V70 & S70 Owner

Wise Auto Tech

Re: Reliable shop for late-model Nissans (June 2004)
We've been taking out Nissans (older ande new) to Wise Auto Tech on San Pablo a few blocks south of University. They're reasonable in cost (about 1/2 of other mechanics and for replacing a clutch a few years ago), finish in a timely mannor, give rides to BART, even will tow for free withing 5 miles if a car dies (like that clutch!). Mike

Wrights Auto Service

RE: Toyotos
I have taken my last two cars to Wrights Auto Service on Ashby near College. I think they are great. I have never felt like they were taking advantage of me. In fact, they explain everything they are doing and why. The number is 841-2740.


From: Richard

My wife and I have been taking our cars to YAS for many years, and think highly of their work and service, good, reasonable and honest. They used to be right on Milvia at Kittridge. Unfortunately, they lost their lease last year and had to move down to 2720 San Pablo Ave @ Pardee, a few blocks north of Ashby. We still bring our cars there all the time. The owner's name is Bruce. Phone no. is: 841-8801.

Al Yuen

Re: Local VW repair shop? (June 2006)
Al Yuen's always been dependable. He's great with female car owners. He doesn't talk down to you and gives you an honest assessment of what's wrong with your car. I have a 98 VW Jetta that he services and I'm completely satisfied. He does all kinds of cars. 893-4204. cheryl

76 Station College & Claremont

Re: Mechanic for 1995 Land Rover Discovery (Nov 2005)
We have a 1995 Land Rover Discovery and use the 76 station at College and Claremont. They are cheaper than the dealership (who isn't ?) but I don't know if you would call them inexpensive. They have worked on our LR for the past 3 years with very good service. They have been very upfront about the cost of the work BEFORE they do the work. They also seem to have no problems acquiring the LR parts. - anon
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