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Berkeley Honda

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Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
I use Berkeley Honda, and am pleased enough with the service I get. It seems pricey, but the service people have always been lovely and accommodating. I boycotted during the strike, but was very glad when the strike was over and I could go back. NC

Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
whatever you do, don't go tot berkeley honda! i bought my honda civic last year & the transimission went out...under warranty, took it to berkeley honda for repair, they were willing to replace the transmission at no cost to me (covered under warranty), but wanted to charge me more than 3x's the cost of replacing the motor mounts. they quoted me over priced parts and over 200 labor for each. i called my mechanic for advice. he explained that since they were replacing the transimission, there should be no additional labor required as the trans sits on the mounts so once it's taken from the car, the mounts are easliy accessible. i explained to berkeley honda that they could leave the old mounts in my car and i'd pay a mechanic to replace them b/c of the explanation above. they tried to give me a bargain by offering to charge me for 2 rather than 4 mounts and i held my ground and they put them all in at no additional cost to me. afterward i discovered that the mounts were covered under my warranty as well. honda owner

Jim Doten Honda

Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord (June 2004)
The Doten Honda service department has been consistently awesome with me and my CR-V. The staff goes out of its way to accommodate my schedule, and the service liaisons (I don't know what their actual title is) are unswervingly friendly and helpful. Plus I've never had a problem with a repair; I think the mechanics are probably pretty skilled too. Sarah
Re: Mechanic for 1988 Honda Accord (June 2004)
Although I had a bias against car dealers and was reluctant to get my car serviced at one, I was referred to Jim Doten's Honda when I first moved to town and I was so impressed I've stayed there ever since. They have excellent customer service (Chuck and Bill, especially), they're honest (they've told me *not* to spend money on certain repairs), communicative, and always on time. Collectively, our family has owned five Hondas and Jim Doten's has repaired all five efficiently and well. Additionally, I subscribe to a Bay area consumer's report newsletter and noticed recently that in their ranking of local mechanics Jim Doten's came out near the top. I recommend them highly! A satisfied customer
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