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August 2001

Can anyone recommend a good guitar craftsperson to repair a prized 30 year old Guild acoustic guitar? I need to replace my tuning pegs and am looking for someone skilled who knows how to treat a valued instrument well. Thanks. Dayna Macy

For a good time talk to John Mello in Kensington (510-528-1080). He's a master luthier who can do anything with guitars. I've been going to him for over 10 years. He's not cheap and he's pretty busy but he does truly superior quality work. Jon
We have a friend John Mello --- 437 Colusa who makes fine guitars. I wonder if he repairs them. 528-1080 If not, I am sure he can recommend someone trustworthy. Sherry
Professional guitarists take their guitars to Chris Berkov. He is very good, and very busy. He is at 925-228-7321, in Martinez. Bay
I would highly recommend Gryphon Stinged Instruments (650/493-2131) in Palo Alto. They are THE BEST this area has to offer. Good Luck. Camille
John Mello is a luthier in Kensington. See for contact info lynn
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