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Wood Rose Academy (Concord, CA)

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June 2003

Re: Catholic Schools in Concord or Walnut Creek
If you are looking for a wonderful Catholic environment in Concord, I suggest you look at Wood Rose Academy ( The school does not have its own church so it can't call itself a Catholic school, but its guiding principles are based on John Paul II and a wonderful philospophy called ''the gift of self''. Please go to the website and read more about it. It is an absolutely wonderful philosophy.

I found this school when I was contemplating St. Francis myself about 6 years ago. The school iteslf is only 7 years old but is growing by leaps and bounds each year. It started with 20 students and is now up to 80. The class size averages 13 (as compared to 30+ for St. Francis)!! The price is also reasonable in comparison to St. Francis/Queen of All Saints. Even though they don't have their own church, they attend first Friday Mass at Queen of all Saints.

The teachers, administration and board are wonderful and caring. Most of the board members also have children attending and all parents are encouraged to participate in classroom teaching and volunteering. aralday

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