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Olinda Elementary School

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Oct 2007

Re: Kindergarten options in west contra costa unified
Hi. My son is currently a Kindergartener at Olinda Elem. in WCCUSD and came in as a transfer student. The process is not hard and the brief paperwork is available for download on the district's website. The transfer application is due on Jan. 31 and you will hear sometime in March. You can only request one school, though--i.e., you cannot give them a ranked list of several preferences. Kensington is hard to get into, I don't know about Madera or the other schools in El Cerrito, but Olinda in El Sobrante was no problem to come into as a transfer student. In investigating schools, I looked at what was available on the web and went to PTA meetings and other school events. I talked to parents and teachers, asked questions, etc. The basic reading and math curricula are going to be the same district-wide, but try to find out what else the teachers/parents are able to provide to supplement it. The school might be rundown, but if it has a very active and well- funded PTA, there could be a great sense of community as well as all kinds of enrichment classes, etc. Try not to judge by the physical building--what's going on inside, and the parent participation level, is more important. I found I was welcomed at PTA meetings as a parent of a prospective student. Sorry, I don't have any specific information about Wilson Elem. Good luck! WCCUSD Mom

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