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About Private Schools in San Francisco

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Nov 2003

I'd like the following information for my relatives who are moving to the area. The best private schools in SF:
- French American School
- Convent Elementary School (is this Co-ed and is it focused on religious ed?)
- Presidio Hill School
- Hamlin
- katherine Delmar Burke Are they any other schools that you know of that are mixed and good as well? Frankie

In response to ''the best SF private schools'': There are a lot of schools not on your list, e.g., Synergy, SF Day School, Brandeis, etc. There are also a lot of excellent schools nearby SF, like Marin Country Day and Nueva (school for gifted students where my kids go). ''Best'' only works when looking at the individual child -- the best school for one may be a bust for another. Your relatives have to decide on gender, religious affiliation, progressive vs. traditional, school size, etc. that best matches their child's temperment and learning style. Then, there are numerous websites and books that can help them pinpoint what schools to pursue. wbrown
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