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Havens Elementary School (Piedmont, CA)

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Feb 2014

Hi. I'm looking for any insight into Havens Elementary in Piedmont. We recently bought a house in that district and I'd love to hear some current opinions. My son has been attending a hippie-dippy private school in Berkeley that does a great job of teaching the children to be kind to each other, so I'd really like to hear about the student culture (bullying, social emotional learning, etc.) at Havens. I would also love to hear about the strengths and weakness of the arts programs. Thank you! M

We have been at Havens Elementary for 11 years now and love it. The community is close and involved and the new principal is very pro-active in terms of the social climate. The fact that the parents know each other pretty well helps create a climate where kids feel that they will be held accountable for their actions. Bullying is pretty rare and usually confined to verbal slights and is addressed quickly. love havens
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