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FAME Charter School (San Leandro & Fremont, CA)

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May 2013

I can't find much information out there about the FAME Charter School system. We were planning on homeschooling our 3rd grader through Hickman this coming year, but may end up living in El Cerrito, which is Contra Costa instead of Alameda. This means we would no longer be eligible for Hickman, alas. Does anyone have non-religious homeschooling advice for El Cerrito, and or a review of FAME? Thank you! Anon

We were with FAME charter school, as homeschoolers in El Cerrito for several years. We loved our ''teacher'' whom we checked in with once a month, and appreciated the funds they provided -- we mostly used them for piano lessons or other classes. FAME does not have their own classes, as Hickman does, so it is really a different set-up. Feel free to contact me for more info about FAME and homeschooling in general, if you like. lori
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