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Marchus School (Concord, CA)

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March 2009

Re: A Kinder, Gentler High School???
Our daughter had a horrible time at OIS too, in 7th and 8th grade. We ended up pulling her out. At the suggestion of her IEP team, we transferred her to Marchus School in Concord. Marchus is a highly- regarded, counseling-enriched public school for kids with emotional or social difficulties that made regular school difficult for them. A substantial number of kids there have difficulty picking up on social cues. Our daughter has a fabulous teacher and access to her school psychologist onsite whenever she needs to talk with her. She is thriving there, regaining her confidence, and maturing well. If you think you might be interested about whether Marchus could help your daughter, call school psychologist Christi Norton at 925-602-3434. You're welcome to mention I suggested you call. Nancy

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