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Campolindo High School (Moraga, CA)

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March 2009

Re: A Kinder, Gentler High School???
Hi, Campolindo has a lot to offer but I wouldn't place your daughter there because it's not a kinder, gentler school. It's the conventional, high achieving school in the public school treadmill mode. I would think a smaller, alternative school would have more of what you are looking for. Mine is not a judgemental call against Campolindo because Campolindo is a fantastic school in many ways, it just doesn't have what you're looking for and there's hopefully a better fit elsewhere. All the best to you!

My two oldest daughters graduated from Campolindo high school. My third daughter currently attends Campo. I will never forget the day my middle daughter came home from school, about a week or two after school had started for her as a freshman at Campo. She said ''mom, I can't believe what happens at this school. Anyone can be friends with anyone. Yeah, there are people who hang out with certain people but people can be in band and be cool, people can be in sports and be cool and people can be really smart and be cool. Everyone just mixes with everyone no matter what group they're in. I didn't know this could happen in high school mom.'' Enough said. We have had very good social experiences with the ''kids'' at Campo. I hope this helps Jody
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