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Diversity in K-12 Schools

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Diverse private school for Hispanic daughter

April 2010

We are looking for a k-8 private school in the Berkeley area. Our daughter is adopted from Guatemala and therefore diversity and other Hispanic students being part of the student body are both top priorities. A bilingual program is a plus but not necessary. Any recommendations for good schools which are k-8? Curious to hear other parents experiences and recommendations. Thank you very much.

I suggest you look at Archway School, a k-8 private school located in both Oakland and Berkeley. Diversity is reprensented in both its faculty and student body and children thrive and grow under the guideance of some of the best teachers in the east bay. (FYI- the spanish teacher is a native speaker and spanish begins in the lower grades). If your child is entering k-4 contact their Oakland campus at 510-547-4747, and contact their Berkeley Campus at 510-849-4747 if entering 5-8. I think you will find the Archway community a good fit. a happy Archway School parent
My two children (half hispanic) are at Black Pine Circle (BPC) and we could not be happier. Diversity at the school has increased dramatically in the past few years. Spanish is begun in kindergarten and integrated into the curriculum. BPC is a wonderful K-8 school, strong academics, lots of art and music (strings are begun in kindergarten), with a strong parent community. Check it out. BPC parent
We have been very pleased with The Berkeley School (formerly Berkeley Montessori) for the diversity of the students and their families and their support of adoptive families. Our two girls were adopted from Cambodia and both have felt the support of students, faculty and staff and the sense that their cultures are celebrated and honored. Throughout the years, the girls brought presentations of Cambodian culture and holidays and their adoption stories to the classroom.

While there is no bilingual program, Spanish is integrated at the Early Childhood Center and in all levels of elementary and middle school. There are TBS families whose first language is Spanish (among many languages represented in the school community). Finally, the flexibility of the progressive education at TBS gives teachers the opportunity to spend time exploring a particular culture and issues that develop around adoption and family. We have been very lucky to have a teacher for the past three years who is also an adoptee.

The Berkeley School is a respectful community where differences are celebrated - I hope you'll give them a look. Catherine

Hi, If your top priority is diversity and/or the presence of other Hispanic students, I'm afraid you will be disappointed with the local private schools. A few private schools are still conducting tours - please visit and you'll see what I mean. At best, you might see one or two Hispanic kids for every 30 or so students at some of the bigger private schools.

Where you will find diversity is in your local public schools. Possibly a parochial school. Good luck! Mom of 3

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