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Carondelet High School (Concord, CA)

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Nov 2013

I am considering Carondolet High School for my incoming freshman daughter next year. I am considering it only as she has had so many social issues at her jr high: mean girls, too preoccupied with boys, too shy to make friends, etc. I am hoping that it's small size and all girls set up for first 2 years, will help her ''start fresh'' with a new group of girls all coming in from different schools. I am very concerned however as I have read many negative things about the school being very ''clickish'' and unfair. It is also Catholic, which we aren't, and pre-dominately white, which she isn't. Does anyone have any experince, insights into this? anon

I really wanted my daughter to go to a school like Bentley or College Prep because they are smaller and different than your average high school, but because of the cost of tuition, it was impossible for us to send her there. We opted for Carondelet. Although I think it is a decent school, if I had it to do all over again, I would not send my daughter there.

The school is very clickish and the boy thing is big! They may not have classes with them until junior year, but the girls are over there all the time, as are the boys at Carondelet. The invitations to the dances like, homecoming, prom and ball are over the top. Those that get an invitation are happy, and those that don't feel very left out. There is more, but you get the idea. aw

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