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MacGregor High School

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Jan 2004

MacGregor is Albany's Continuation High School. The day goes from 8:30 - 1pm. Homework is not required, but kids can earn extra credit if they do homework. The school runs on a 6 week grading schedule, so kids that have fallen behind can catch up. The majority of the kids at MacGregor are male and the total number of students is about 40-45.

My son has only been at MacGregor a few weeks. He says it is boring. In math, assignments are written on the board for the different levels (Algebra, Geometry, etc.) and the kids are supposed to do them. There is no instruction, but if a kid is stuck they are supposed to ask for help--structured independent study. I'm not sure how his other courses are taught. Hope this helps, Nina


My 22 year old nephew went from Albany High to MacGregor. He is now attending college. It took him a few years out of high school to realize that his personal goals required a higher education. One of his teachers at MacGregor inspired him to work towards becoming a high school history teacher. While I've never spoken to my nephew in detail about his experiences at MacGregor, he has left me with the impression that he felt more connection to his teachers and classmates at MacGregor than he did with those at Albany High.

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